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  1. Full auto GBB pistols can break fast, AEPs are pain in the ass to owrk on and not that mane of upgrades. Maybe something like this? It is shorter than ARP9, but it is somewhat bulky: https://www.mpa-airsoft.co.uk/products/specna-arms-sa-c18-carbine-replica Also, I think there was a semi-decent AEP MP7? Or was it MP9? One of those should work too.
  2. Neither. Get Classic Army Nemesis from Weapon762 and ask them to downgrade the spring. Will be quite a bit better than both, externally and internally. Not sure about the externals of Platinum Cyma, but internals are Ok, CNC steel 13:1 gears, very basic mosfet (no AB IIRC), hi speed motor, steel tooth piston. Externals of the Edge are ok, internals are ok too. Mosfet is bit more advanced, but Edge suffers from poor compression. Same applies to Specna, they are known as budget brand
  3. Generalizing, I didn't mean to insult anyone
  4. Funny, I would say that the classic look you mentioned is a clusterfuck. You want simple, elegant lines? Take AR15 receiver, add a M-Lok handguard, slap on HK416A buttstock, some Magpull flip up sights and you have it. Clean lines, no unnecessary clutter like fixed front sights or carrying handle
  5. Why not get a dump pouch, simply throwing the empty mag into it, instead of trying to reinsert it?
  6. Look at KJW Hi Capas. Most of models come with railed frame.
  7. There is this magical website called Google. There you can find many cases of broken Hi capa slides. I will admit that it also depends on more factors, i.e. climate of your location. Metal slides work great, as long as you get proper aluminium one, not potmetal, and stronger recoil spring + lightweight BBU to compensate for more weight.
  8. Yep, sample size of one is far more reliable than sample size of hundreds.
  9. And mine broke after 2 weeks of running green gas, didn't even have to take it to game. Slides breaking due to too high pressure gas is well known issue with TM models, you can't deny that fact.
  10. Except for the fact that pretty much all TM pistols are rated for duster gas only, which means they will break over time if used with green gas. I don't think it makes sense to spend 150-170 on TM just to spend another 100 on slide and BBU when stock one breaks, might as well get KJW that is compatible with GG (and CO2 to certain extent) and use the rest of money for upgrading it, making it perform better than TM.
  11. Eh, CO2 requires little bit more maintenance, that's all. But if pistol can take both GG and CO2, then you can just fire off one GG mag after using CO2 and you are good to go. Of course, CO2 increases wear on the parts. With that said, the slide of my TM Hi Capa survived roughly three weeks of target shooting, the area where slide catch locks the slide simply bent, not allowing slide to lock back.
  12. KJW 1911 with CO2 magazines. Fairly reliable and good enough gas efficiency. Can't help but think what's wrong with people who suggest TM for person who is thinking about either GG or CO2.
  13. Hello, I have been looking for upper M4 receiver that does not have forward assist, managed to find this: http://www.aps-concept.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1314 Does anyone have any info on its compatibility with M4 lower receivers and V2 gearboxes from other brands?
  14. Late reply – what about Battleaxe EPM copies?
  15. Genuine gameplay, in-depth reviews and unbiased thoughts. I have been watching Gun Gamers lately, that channel is great.
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