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  1. More from my Fugly collection 😉 Enjoy.
  2. Forest Whitaker eye 😂😂😂 I like both of them. But I also have a pug so I like fugly 👍
  3. I’ve got an AUG I could throw In there as well? 😂😂😂 Definitely makes more of a mess.
  4. It’s quick change so won’t be any bother. Thanks again for all the help 👍
  5. You are an absolute star! I presumed it would be that simple but I’m still learning. I haven’t had the need to go inside a gearbox yet as nothing has been wrong. I’m ready to have a go at shimming, but don’t want to open up a gun and make it worse when It’s working fine. Its shooting hot at about 400 FPS so I need to downgrade the spring as well. As you have knowledge in these areas would you say M100 would drop it to about 350? I don’t know what spring is in there now. I’ve had the gearbox out and worked out the quick change system. Again, thank you so much for the detail. I’m very grateful. 👍
  6. Hi, I’ve just stumbled across this while looking for advice. I have just bought one of these as part of a used bundle and want to fit a mosfet to enable me to use a lipo. This looks to be exactly fitting for me! Am I right in thinking this is wired in without opening the gearbox? If so would you be able to give me pointers on how/ where to fit it on the loom? Sorry to open this this old thread but this is just what I am looking for. Thanks in advance 😌
  7. Thank you However, I am interested in the upgrades more than the appraisal side. Thank you, I’m really happy with it. There is an issue with the scar as it cuts out ( I’m going to ask for advice on here) but other than that they all work great 👍 No, thankfully the guy is still playing. He was just moving and only uses WW2 stuff now so these modern guns weren’t being used. Win-win.
  8. Hi all, I have recently collected a bundle of weapons from a selling site for what I think is an absolute steal! I paid £550 for the following items and I believe they are all stock. I also got a ton of extras including magazines optics and holsters etc. I’d be interested in your opinion as to whether I got as good a deal as I think I did? They are all in pristine condition. With the exception of a few minor scuffs on 2 of the guns. If any of you have experience with any of these guns, and could recommend upgrades for them individually that would really help me out. I’ve added some photos as well as not sure on exact models for all of them. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks guys. Especially anything that is deemed necessary. ICS L85A2 Snow wolf AUG Dboys Scar H ASG M40A3 ASG Armalite M15 WE G series gen 4 Tokyo Marui M92F Nuprol Sierra storm (I’m guessing there is no real upgrade for this)?
  9. Freefrag- thank you also. Now the L85 A2 is another one on my list! But again which one? I think I’d probably best save that for a different thread😂 Thank you all for great advice so far. I might stop watching YouTube for a bit and ask the people who know from now on! Posted 1 minute ago Just as another quick point, before I forget, a big advantage to the bolt lock/cut off on the NGRS guns which support it (some don't such as the G36) is that it prevents you from firing when the magazine is empty (I know this is kind of obvious) which guarantees you'll always have a shot ready to fire which eliminates the risk of dry firing and associated disputes which can occur. Another good point, thank you. I love the realism though as well. Let’s face it, that’s what airsoft is mostly about. Plus, I guess you can’t call yourself an airsofter if you’ve never had a TM
  10. Thanks again Davegolf think I may go for TM after all. Feck knows when I’ll get to test it out properly though! At least I’ll have a reliable gun/ 1 guns then. I can fiddle later. Mind you. I must say, all this messing about has kept my mind off this lockdown business. And, I am massively pleased with the paint job I’ve done! I can’t believe how well turned out!! ((If I do say so myself) 😉
  11. Thanks Big Stew. I think I am actually starting to learn that. There’s so much info out there on how to upgrade and what to upgrade. It feels like I shouldn’t be using a stock gun or I’m going to get outclassed. I changed out the barrel, hop up and hop rubber, changed the battery connections to deans as well as S- hopping my G&G and for what I’ve spent and the time I’ve spent, the upgrades don’t seem to have actually accounted to that much so far. I should have just played it for longer I think and upgraded when needed. Ive only skirmished it once and it was actually pretty good pre- upgrades. Glad I haven’t attempted to mess with the gear box. However, I have learned quite a lot for a guy who went to his first outing this year. I also love the recoil and bolt lock element. Plus the gun looks great!
  12. Thank you both, I’ve been really struggling with this. I want every gun possible and I want them all now! In reality, for the minute I can either get a TM or a couple of “lesser” stock guns. Ive never had a TM so I suppose I need to have one to compare everything else to. (Mind you now the SGR 12 has popped into my head so I’m as conflicted as I was before)! 😂 Im new to this forum as well and I must say so far, everyone has been great. I appreciate your input. TM SCAR it will probably be unless I get talked out of it again lol. 👍
  13. Thank you! The scar H is better looking imo, it’s just the magazine compatibility is why I wanted the L. I have actually looked on Taiwan gun. It’s just with my lack of experience, I haven’t got a clue if most models are Lemons or not!! I haven’t owned enough to know. Oh, it’s a good looking Tan/Desert model I’m after too. I mention this as there are massive deviations in finish Compared to black if anyone sees/knows anything. Should have said earlier!
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