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    Bought this Dye I5 mask for £160. Used 4 times and it's a great mask but the profile is too large for sniping hence the sale. The is a bb scratch on the lens from being sniped, it is not noticeable from inside the mask though check pink circle in images. Must collect Text me for more info I am rubbish at checking the forums.


    Rotherham, State - GB

  2. Cheeky! Got this last week used it once so far but its a monster!
  3. 100% get that dude. I think over time I'll have multiples anyway.... Got the bug now 😂
  4. So in my last thread somebody suggest that I purchase the dye i4 due to its reliability in the field and ease of use. I went on to ask the difference between the Dyei4 and the Dyei5 but most people seemed to think it was a go pro holder and a higher price tag 😂🤣 I went to my local store and tried on the Dyei4 (which is grade A eye/facepro BTW) with the intension of buying it but my curiosity peaked and just had to look at the Dyei5 too. After spending and hour with a member of staff I think I know all the pros and cons of both and wanted to share. Dyei4 vs Dyei5:- Size: The dye i4 was a dead comfy mask but was slightly smaller than the Dyei5 from top to bottom. From what I could see if you have a larger or longer head then the Dyei5 would be the obvious choice if not the Dyei4 will suit you just fine. Lens: Both of these full face masks take the same lens meaning the is no price or clarity difference between them. However the Dyei4 wins on this part for me due to the lens being much easier to change in the Dyei4 than the Dyei5. (I will say however the lens felt slightly more rigid in the i5 to the i4 but hardly enough to matter) Protection: both masks are made from the same material with the same lenses as stated above. Neither mask wins on protection but both and grade A in protection anyway. Foam: Now this was a nice supprise and unexpected. After almost buying the Dyei4 I had a question for the shop assistant. "What happens if the foam breaks or gets dirty" to which he explained. "You cut out the old foam, then glue in a new foam." I didn't really react to this as it's the awnser I expected but then he said "Unlike the Dyei5 where the foam just pops out" 😦 The foam on the Dye i5 comes on a rail of plastic that takes seconds to swap out... Hands down the Dyei5 wins on foam! Strap: Another huge difference came in the strap, while the Dyei4 comes with your run of the mil strap the Dyei5 has a fairly unique strap in the form of a strap you put over your head then a dial you crack until it fits snug. So that is all the differences I could spot guys apart from the go pro mount. I hope this wasn't unneeded there just seemed to be some confusion about what the differences were and I figure this would help. Jeb
  5. Zerofuxx

    Squad PC

    Looks decent but I think it's very demanding too
  6. Zerofuxx

    Squad PC

    Hey guys have any of you checked out squad on pc? It's currently in early access but looks very polished and has a very positive score on steam. It's a milsim shooter much like escape from tarkov with an emphasis on squad based communication. My question is if you have played it then would you recommend it and if you haven't are you going to now? https://youtu.be/dETZx3a1OFE
  7. Zerofuxx


    Black lagoon is amazing with its attention to detail when it comes to guns tbh
  8. That's always good to know. The Rasta is cool but would stick out like a sore thumb haha. Also I've been looking at the difference and it's surprisingly a few bits have changed. 1. More secure lens (but they take the same lens) 2.go Pro mount 3. Quick release foam (no gluing needed) 4. Ratchet strap The i5 is hella sexy tbh but I'll be going to show to look at both and let you know if it's worth the extra £60
  9. Damn dude it's like £100 everywhere else!!! Bargain! You seen the dye i5s any cheaper by chance? Also can't find it on that site at £55 got a link?
  10. Great amount of information here mate greatly appreciate it!!! I would absolutely love the dyei4 but it is very expensive. Might just have to save up and get it. (That is if i'm looking at the correct model haha) Also is the dyei5 much different?
  11. I see. Tbh restricted vision is better than blind like I play currently 😂 I'm a little worried about the lense now though. Other sites do say it's 420fps at 5 foot but I dunno if that changes anything. I do want full face though I'm pretty sure of that.
  12. Don't know if this makes a difference I am very new but other sites say its rated 420fps at 5feet?? Thanks for the advice thus far.
  13. Okay I'm glad I asked about this then because it has really good reviews on YouTube and I would have bought it based on that. As for wanting a helmet I 100% want one because at my first ever game I got clocked in the for head by a BAR at 10feet (somebody no following rules) AND other suggestions the main thing for me is a run hot as hell and I know most Goggles will steam up but I literally could see nothing last game I played haha
  14. Glad you guys had a laugh with this one link should work now lol
  15. So I like the idea of this Helmet it looks sturdy and breathable and tbh breathable is super important for me because damn I run hot! But before I buy it as anyone heard any horror stories or anything bad about it? Would love some advice Link is playing silly bollocks http://OAREA Tactical Protective PJ Helmet G4 system GS Masks with Goggles For Military Airsoft Paintball Army WarGame Hunting https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07K6H45SD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_t1S5CbMC5FGM4
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