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    Custom built CQB m4 with high speed systema internals.

    Ares Amoeba Octarms Pro SR16
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    Nothing at the moment just returning to Airsoft after a very long break
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    Not sure yet as iv just relocated to the Cambridgeshire
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    Mountain biking (trails/downhill)

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  1. Cheers @SgtTalbert was my first go at painting a gun I’m not really a fan of painted guns either. though i would give it a go to make it look a bit different.
  2. My Ares SR-16 all painted in a black multicam it’s pretty much finished now just waiting for a shot suppressor to arrive.
  3. Just waiting for some parts to arrive but just finished painting my Ares Amoeba Octarms Pro SR16.
  4. I will definitely be coming to a game I’m just still in the process of getting my kit together.
  5. cheers @Jam Sandwich Do the two site have a busy game day or is it usually a poor turn out?
  6. SWAS would be my local about 15min from my house so would be easy for me. whats it like as I understand it’s a fairly new site is it many open ground any woodland buildings etc ?
  7. Are any of the sites ukara as I need to get that sorted ?
  8. Has anyone ordered anything from SWAS recently? As as I’ve been trying to call them to make an order but can’t get though at all.
  9. It sounds good. Is the site very open or is there some woodland or buildings etc
  10. Thanks @djben9 for the list of sites in the area it’s much appreciated are they all UKARA sites as the SWAS site at RAF Wyton is not going to be I don’t think as I emailed them and the response I got was in so many words saying if I play there they will sell me kit but that then restricts me to only buy from them and I don’t really want that to be the case. @Tackle @djben9 if I get my self sorted in time I will definitely try and make a trip to urban assault. what is the best sort of gun set up for the sites around here as my gun have usually been low FPS high speed for CQB as they where most of the site I played at when I was living in the south west.
  11. Ok thanks UKCYuKarin I will look at the G&G more closely and not so much at the Ares.
  12. I was going to go down the M4/AR15 route as I still have about 30 midcap mags laying about. I did look at the G&G combat machine range but they all have plastic body’s all I remember was when I first got an AEG and the TM plastic M4 body was shocking so I’m a bit unsure about the new plastic body’s. I was looking at the Ares but have never used one before so don’t know much about them
  13. @Prisce I'v Just moved to St Ives in the last 6month. @Tackle I have an old gun which im going to start working on again to get it back up to scratch as i needs some work since it not been used in a long time and partly boken. I will have to make some time and take a trip up to firesupport and have a chat with them. I did come across a site but has anyone been to it at all it called SWAS Airsoft Site at RAF Wyton. https://airsoftsitesukswas.co.uk/ what sort of brand should i be looking for since ive been so out of touch with all the AEG makers i dont know where to start.
  14. Hi All, I’ve been spending some time thinking about getting back into Airsoft after about a 10yr absence. Since all my kit/guns have been sold or given away when I stopped playing. I understand I will need to get a ukara membership before I get any new weapons. I’ve recently moved to Cambridgeshire and was hopping someone would be able to recommend a site to start play at in my local area. Also how are solo players treated and are there often meetup from the forum?
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