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  1. GHK AK105, took me a long time to get it to the way it is, but it's worth it Also have an AS VAL if you're interested in seeing it
  2. GHK AK105 - I got a few cans of paint so naturally I sprayed everything I could It just needs a lot of wear and then it'll be perfect!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm having issues with my GHK AK, I upgraded from the stock hopup to a maple leaf one that is supposed to work with it. When I installed it I completely messed up and ripped the hop rubber, so I replaced it with one that looked as close as I could find https://samoon.com.tw/conversion-kit/c-ak/maple-ghk-hopbarrel The new rubber is this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183448436209 The barrel is a GBB open cut style. I knew it was going to be a powerful hop up, and I usually run 0.30g bbs at around 330 fps, so I didn't expect any problems, but after I've installed it, I found that the hop up needs to be set very high to the point where it massively overhops even 0.40g bbs (It sends 0.20g into space xD) for it to fire, otherwise I run into feeding issues where one shot won't fire and the next will launch a bb about 10cm out the end of the barrel. If anyone knows what I can do to fix this, that would be appreciated. Thankyou in advance Edit: Issue was a stuck hop up nub if anyone was wondering
  4. That has fixed it, thankyou! It just needed a new rubber that was shorter.
  5. Hi guys, I run a LCT AS Val and I'm having some issues, the air seal is near perfect at the gearbox with an m110 spring in and slightly short stroked to get it below 370 fps, and it was working perfectly, I took it apart a while back and had a few issues with it feeding, this caused misfeeds often and very low fps, which could be resolved with different mags or holding the magazines back in some cases. I found a solution that was with the magazines and it fixed it for a long time. I took it apart again much more recently to give it a clean and I'm having much worse problems, this time I can get a very good air seal even through the hop up and barrel, however as soon as I start loading a magazine in, it sounds like it dry fires and the bbs come out at a very low fps, around 100-200 and nothing I've tried such as replacing the hop unit, replacing the nozzle, trying every mag, makes a difference Does anyone know what the issue is? Thanks
  6. Is that the beginning of an SR-3M? ❤️
  7. I've used both a magnifier and an acog clone, and the main thing is, do not buy the really cheap flip up magnifiers, they're awful, don't hold zero at all and wobble back and forth. If mine worked properly, it would be pretty good, my eyesight is fading too and it does help but I find I use it more for spotting as the cheaper eotech fakes and some other types of red dot give off a sort of sunglasses effect making it very hard to follow the bbs when it is flipped up, I almost never even flip it up any more and instead tilt the rifle to look through the scope. I'd say an ACOG type scope is better, I even found it to be helpful in CQB as I was able to dial in shots when people only had part of their arm showing, or a hand showing around a corner. Best thing is probably a 3-4x with a red dot on top of it for anything a little closer
  8. I have yet another question, about importing from Samoon, I can't find a whole lot, what has peoples experiences been with it? I've read you have to tell them to write the UKARA number on the box, is there anything else, such as fees etc. Thanks
  9. Range and accuracy was pretty good out of the box, fps I can’t remember, but likely between 320-340. Practically nothing is stock, but there’s no need to upgrade it, i just wanted to make a high rof build and then I decided to make a DMR...
  10. LCT AS Val, I've tried to make it look weathered, needs a little more effort before it looks how I want it, but close enough. I used photos of the real Vals to get a realistic wear. By far the best RIF I've ever owned
  11. One more question, I'm about to buy this soon and I'm wondering what gas I should get. I've had issues with green gas not being strong enough even in the summer for my pistol, so should I get the different nozzles and stay with black gas? Does black gas have stronger blowback even with a different nozzle?
  12. I have no doubt the stock won't be rock solid as it's made by LCT, I think the AKM one should have a rather easily replaceable stock, I've only read about AK74, PP-19 etc having them replaced so I'd double check from someone else. I have no clue on the S variant though, I'd guess with it attatching at a different point that it wouldn't be possible, but again, get a second opinion.
  13. LCT make some of the sturdiest guns on the market, I don't know if it's the best, some people are E&L fanboys, but I've never tried one so I won't comment. I believe all three of those have the same gearbox, and the externals will be solid too, so it's all really preference and how much you'd like to spend. I haven't seen many RPKs, and I don't think I've ever seen an RPD, so it'll be a head turner My friend has around 5 LCT guns and I have one, neither of us have had any issues with it, compared to king arms, g&g etc, it's massively better (IMO) I've fallen over many times with mine, I've knocked it hard against walls, trees and there's still not even wobble in it. Compare it to my g&g ak, which snapped in half when it fell over from leaning against a wall... xD
  14. I literally just realised it's in dollars and not pounds... I'll probably end up ordering from there then, thanks guys!
  15. I'm still scared aha, I'm just worried about importing it and it taking months to arrive If I add shipping, the price is about the same, so I'll bookmark both sites and I'll come back to it at a later date
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