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    Tokyo Marui MTR16 MWS GBBR
    JG BAR 10 w/ Action Army Upgrades 400fps w/0.43 @3.19 J
    KWA M9 PTP
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    Modern Milsim Loadout with Multicam, MARPAT Digital Woodland and Urban Contractor Styles
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  1. Kayzeroth

    THE TM MWS thread

    you may look for parts on Powair6 , JKArmy, and Rainbow8 webpages. i am from PANAMA city, PANAMA, (Latina America, Where the Panama Canal is, just in case) is a very small country with less tan 5 Million people. anyway the point is that i get the parts either from Europe or Asia, shipped to United States to a P.O Box of a Freight Company that delivers to my country, you may need just to look, there is always an option, pretty sure over there too, and even easier i believe!
  2. Kayzeroth

    THE TM MWS thread

    I am waiting for the arrival of my SixG and the Tan Bucking AND the ORGA LEX05 410mm 6.05 inner barrel, to see what can i get on the MTR16 by mirroring the build from the friendly @Wo1f who was kindly enough to share us his DMR build being able to hop .40's at 70-80 meters. Once i get all the parts i will post a full review with my findings
  3. Kayzeroth

    THE TM MWS thread

    Getting Ready for DMR build on MTR16, just ordered the SixG Nub from Dave, also ordered the ORGA LEX05 410mm barrel, but i have a question... what Rubber should i go with? i have read and i think the Modify Tan is the go, i just want to confirm if is the best option what you guys think? will be posting photos of the Vanilla, and the advance of the build including externals!!
  4. Kayzeroth

    THE TM MWS thread

    sound interesting, what is the lenght? bore? price?
  5. Kayzeroth

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hello guys! Have you heard about the Dytac or Tokyo Arms Inner Barrels? Are they any good? Im looking for a longer inner barrel for DMR build on an MTR16, but those are the only 2 brands on stock from where i have looked into Any suggestions?
  6. Kayzeroth

    THE TM MWS thread

    hello guys, does anyone knows where to get a good 6.01 400mm inner barrel? thanks in advance looking for a "DMR"ish set on a MTR16
  7. Kayzeroth

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hello Guys, Brand new on the forum, reporting in from Panama City, Panama and im enjoying the content here and i need some help to see if you guys can help me just bought a Tokyo Marui MTR16 and im looking forward to build it as a good DMR, as you may know even tho it comes with the 16 inch outer barrel, the inner barrel is just 250mm lenght im looking for 6.01 diameter and 450 or at least 400 mm inner barrel, i was looking for an ORGA who seems the best to work with the MWS set but is getting difficult to find do you guys know any online store that have some of them on stock and ships to USA? thanks in advance for the reply, and i will be posting pics of my MTR very soon!!
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