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  1. Cheers for that 225mm is about 8.85inches which throws my idea out of the window Looks like i might have to fork out for a RS Magpul Remington stock then.
  2. Hhhmm i wouldn't trust a reviews website that gets it wrong. In the same page he reviews the "APS CAM870SF Shell Ejecting Zombie Hunter CQB CO2 Airsoft Shotgun" and says (and i quote) "Meanwhile, the magazine holds up to four shells and a single CO2 cartridge at any given time". Yes it holds 4 shells but it does NOT hold an CO2 cartridges in the gun, in MK1 and 3 CAM 870 the shells hold CO2, in MK2s the bolt holds a charge of CO2. Yes, Mr Airsoftology has reivewed it too, even without sound i can only bet he is harping on about how great it is. I think he's ok as an Airsoft Youtube Celeb but frankly you could give him an airsoft gun made out of turds and he would tell you its better than anything TM or Krytac ever made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcXbEen_-8Y Trust me we are trying to steer you away from bad products as we have tried and we have tested them already and know, we aren't trying to be arseholes about (it come across like that) but the adage old saying stands, buy nice or buy twice. You'll buy this gun, get totally out gunned (even in CQB) buy players running around with Combat Machines or Nuprol Defenders et al. You either hate the sport and quit it before you had a chance to enjoy it or you'll go out and get the CYMA M4 AEG for £95 which is about as low as you can go. If you had saved up and not spent the £40 of so on the Cyma shotgun, you would have had £140 to spend and get a nicer Nuprol or Combat Machine. If you're heart is dead set on this CYMA shotgun then go for it, just avoid any shops with "BB" in their name such as Just BB Guns or BB Guns for Less et al. However i'll say it now "I told you so!"
  3. Quick two questions from you guys 1) Does anyone know where i can get just the stock for the Amoeba? 2) Could someone measure that action length? This is the length from the centre of the bolt just behind the trigger guard to the centre of the bolt in front of the magwell. It should either be 6.5inches (short action) or 7.35inches (long action). Image below for reference: Reason i ask is i like the look of the Amoeba Stock, looks very similar to the Magpul Remington 700 stock except that stock is £300+ from Brownells and only accepts a tapered barrel wheres the Amoeba accepts bull barrels by the look of it and i want to transplant another bolt rifle into it. TIA
  4. As you have mentioned, Yes your dad can buy you a two toned IF or if he has UKARA a RIF (assuming he is over 18). He must gift that IF or RIF to you, no exchange of money, for example he bought it for your birthday. If he somehow manages to procure a RIF (say in black), there is no need for you to two tone it unless that's what you are after. As someone else mentioned above about the CYMA CM.352L. CYMA only really make one kind of gun that's decent and that's their AK AEGs. Tri shotguns like those are very hit and miss, more miss if anything. Only shotgun i would trust are the TM ones and if you want actual fun the CAM 870 ones, i have an SAI CAM 870, yes its fun watching 12 BBs + the plastic wad + the paper cap and the faces of the target when i shoot it at them, then manually loading the next shell as the spent one flies out of the gun (in a shell catcher, them shells are expensive).
  5. If you live North West London probably your actual closest site is Red1 The School in Kings Langley. They have a 3 storey school building and a wood land site off of it as well. And Reforger Airsoft too
  6. Currently use: TM BioHazard ALBERT W Model 01P Pistol - Basically a TM M9A1 in tarted up Resident Evil logos and Engravings. Shoots as expected of a TM, straight, far, crisp snappy kick back and gas efficient. Previously used and now spare: TM M92FS - This was a work horse, i fell on it, rolled in mud with it, used in hot, cold, wet and windy weather. Had to replace the slide once after i cracked the sights off due to falling on concrete during game, but internals are all the same and stock, always shot straight and true. As a bonus its mags also work in the ALBERT W Model. Wall Piece - TM Glock 34 - Was bought to go with a Kryptek Typhon grey/black loadout for CQB, fitted with a GunsModify SAI slide, RMR Sights, RS Streamlight TLR1-HR, loads of gold blingy bits to go with the SAI Gold/Black colour scheme and also a Guarder lower that has been stippled. I dont know how nice and straight it shoots but i can assume it does as the internals (apart from the Blowback unit) are all stock TM. Previously owned guns either sold or in the case of one of them given away (trust me, you didn't want it, it was shit!) TM MK23 SOCOM - Bought on whim, got all the bells and whistles, DTD Holster, TDC hop etc, never used or skirmished, but it shot damned straight though as TM as always. Would have kept it but couldn't justify it Armourer Works DS2011 SAI - Lovely looking gun, had the black/gold bling to go with my HPA'd SAI M4, just what i was looking for right! WRONG! I bought this originally to replace my ageing TM M92FS mentioned above, big mistake. Performance, accuracy and range was shocking, shots were going all sorts of directions with hardly any range despite adjusting the hop, meanwhile my older, battle worn TM M92FS was shooting straight like a dream. I used the AW DS2011 for about an hour before ditching it and going back to my TM M92FS. Sold it shortly afterwards. KSC M93R - I had two of these, planned to use them to dual wield and i did, well made, nice tight tolerances, mags that never leaked, average range and grouping. Cons, HEAVY, no holsters available other than crappy universal ones. Very picky about BBs, they either had to be absolutely f**king perfect (good brands like G&G and ASG Blasters were not good enough) or Japanese spec BBs which are slightly smaller. Oh and Gas hungry, sold them as well. WE M9 Samurai Edge - My first pistol when i started airsoft (oh back in the days), my mate told me "dont get WE, they're shit, get TM pistols instead". I wanted an RE themed pistol and a Samurai Edge from Kendo's Gun Shop in Raccoon City was what i wanted. Except the TM version was like £160 and the WE one was £120, no brainer right, i should have spent the extra £40 and gotten the TM. Nope, like an idiot i bought the WE one. Range - RUBBISH, Grouping - RUBBISH, hop up - RUBBISH and propriety, Quality of parts - RUBBISH, Recoil - Ok but i didn't know better, then i got and TM and then the WEs recoil got demoted to - RUBBISH, Gas Mags - RUBBISH, CO2 Mags - RUBBISH. Im sure you can see a trend about this gun, yeah it was plain GARBAGE! I hated it so much that i gave it away, yeah just like that, gave it away, it wasnt worth my time even making a classified ad to sell. I gave it to a mate and he has it now and i dont care. Thankfully though i now do have an RE theme'd M9 but its the ALBERT W model made by Blue Umbrella, not Kendo . On another note I am of course now aware that TM do the TM Hi Capa Gold Match which would match in colour my HPA'd SAI M4. I went to a shop and handled the Gold Match, nice gun and i am sure shoots dead straight, but by then i was used to the weight of the TM M9 which are heavier (as TM added weight in the grips) and my muscle memory was more attuned to the controls and handling of M9s. Because of the grief caused to me by AW and especially WE I created this lovely "how to choose an airsoft pistol" diagram:
  7. Shizbazki


    I second Tackle on getting a genuine Blackhawk Hokster. I bought a cheap Chinese clone of a Blackhawk Holster for an M9 and it kept dripping mags and the gun could just be pulled out with a little force. Got a real steel one and never had the mag issue and the gun is locked firmly in holster too.
  8. Been there twice in a month. Website is awful but better than what it used to be (think early 2000s myspace) Front of the store has tactical clothing and gear, back of the store (away from the public window) is where the magic happens. Its basically their stock room but more or less opened to customers to browse, pick up and buy. Its also one of those niche stores where if your looking for a certain part they might have it, a bit like Firesupport. Staff are friendly and their technician Jon knows his stuff.
  9. Things i regret buying WE M9 Samurai Edge - Awful, Awful, Awful performance pistol. Hated it so much in the end i gave it away for free to a mate. EMG AW DS2011 SAI - Looked pretty, shit performance, accuracy would have been a foreign concept for this pistol G&G M14 EBR - Lovely looking AEG, spent loads on upgrades, WEIGHED A MOTHERF**KING TONNE, played one or two skirmishes with it before selling it to a mate, who never used it and one day sadly got burgled and all his Airsoft stuff stolen. GHK M4 Mod1 - Dont get me wrong, this was a great gun and performed well, just wish i bought the TM MWS instead first because it performs better IMO Revision Desert Locusts - Supposed to be anti fog etc etc, shipped from the US at great expense. Fogged within 15 minutes of use, it was bulky and so i got rid of it. Glad i discovered Dye i4 masks now. Emerson Multicam clothing - Unless you have a small bum its an uncomfortable fit, no gusset meant that vaulting over fallen logs etc was a no go. Also poor workmanship, my mum (a fashion machinist who's work for several high profile designers) was shocked at the poor quality of stitching and finishing on the hems and how they use only overstitching or lock stitching to hold various panels together especially in places where high stresses would be applied to them. 5.11 stuff is far better for only a little bit more cost. Buying a series of CIRAS vests before realising you have to carry that shit and its heavy, chest rigs FTW
  10. Wow talk about resurrection of an old thread 💀 DLA is the first site i played Airsoft at and was the one that got me hooked. Its also my UKARA registration site. Other than the Facebook fiasco that happened a few months ago which i didn't follow. From my experiences I have found the site run more or less like any other site, they got their regulars, they got their newbies and if anything they are welcoming to new people. Yeah the actual skirmish is small but they have managed to cram many things into one small area, it also means less yomping around the place to get to various points. The site is owned and family run, the owner and wife often man the desk and his grandson works at Airsoft Zone and marshals games. Ill be honest in my experiences with them they have been nothing but friendly and welcoming. He once gave a rental (freely) a to a mate of mine who turned up with his own AEG that more less immediately broke (it was an ancient L1A1 SLR) and he needed a gun or would waste a day. What i do know is that the owner is also a no bullshit sort of guy and might rub people up the wrong way because of it. He sacked the site caterer/cook over a phone call when he discovered several badly cook burger patties in the bins at the end of a game day. He's also not afraid to use the ban hammer, he once banned a player when he found out that that player bought a GBB pistol (from the site shop) on behalf of someone without UKARA who had paid him to do so, even revoked that persons UKARA. I haven't been for around 6 to 8 months but plan on going later this year just to show face and also keep my UKARA intact.
  11. His words not mine "When AFUK add an additional ban on top of a pre existing ban, what a bunch of mincers! All I did was manufactured marketing for one of my companies, what a cancerous forum that is, avoid at all costs, nothing but try hards." He then basically got rinsed by the people on the UK Airsoft Community. And they did so without the restraint we used on here.
  12. Looks like our man is still salty about it.
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    Make: GHK Gun/Model: M4 Mod 1 Accessories: See list below Condition: Used FPS: 330FPS on .20g BBs (via Adjustable Nozzle) RPS: Around 13 to 15 RPS gas dependant Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £700 Postage: £25 via Parcel Force 48express (this is a heavy package, 7kgs in total). Collection: Collection in person can be made in either Leyton or Enfield Location: North East London (Leyton) Pictures: For sale is my nearly GHK M4 Mod 1 which I bought around August 2018 from Evike in the US as no where else had it in stock. Its been to two skirmishes, the last one it didn’t even go into battle, it was just range tested. I have plenty of accessories, spares and other miscellaneous bits, pieces and parts (see below) Internally the rifle has the following upgrades: PTS EPS-C Stock GHK Enhanced buffer and Spring Butterfly Charging handle Magpul QD single sling point (under buffer tube) FG Airsoft Adjustable FPS nozzle Magpul MIAD pistol Grip Unknown third-party dust cover Anti-Roll Pins BCM trigger guard TNT APS-X Hop up chamber TNT 275mm barrel 2 x G&P Keymod rail ergonomic covers Comes with the following: GHK M4 Mod 1 Gas Blowback Rifle 5 x GHK PMAG (Green Gas) Manual Original Box GHK Stock GHK Pistol Grip GHK Stock Buffer and Spring FG Airsoft light weight fast buffer (and spacers) GHK buffer plate GHK charging handle Spare GHK Bolt + plastic holding part GHK dust cover GHK trigger guard 2 x GHK trigger unit pins 2 x less than 1 joule nozzles 2 x 1 joule nozzles 2 x more than 1 joule nozzle Spare GHK hop up rubber + 2 nubs GHK hop up chamber Original inner barrel 2 x TNT APS-X hop up rubbers Lees Precision rubber O-Ring spares set Keymod Picatinny rails (1 long and 1 short) 5 x Spare GHK Magazine springs 5 x Spare GHK Magazine Spring holders 5 x Spare GHK Magazine BB followers Loads of GHK BB feed lips Magazine valve tools 5 x Magazine HPA valve taps 5 x Magazine base plates adapted for the HPA taps HPA connector and line Loads of GHK Magazine gas routers 2 x Tan GHK Magazine baseplates 2 x GHK speed loader adapter Condition: The GBBR is in great condition externally and internally has little wear, it probably only had less than 1000BBs through me. The only significant scratch on the GBBR is a deliberate one, under the Keymod rail near the hop up adjustment is a scratched in “+” symbol so that when adjusting the hop up, I knew what way to rotate the hop to add more hop. I think the price is fair at £700, the GBBR alone brand new is £455 at its cheapest, if you can find it. Plus all the additional spare, bits, parts and accessories. This will allow you to get up and running instantly. I will not split the package. Not interested in swaps as I more or less have all the guns I ever want/need and frankly need the cash for other financial commitments. I will be sending this GBBR via Parcel Force 48 hour Express service with insurance, the package all weighs 7Kgs and Parcel Force are the only public courier that allows the transportation of RIFs. Also the Mags will be de-gassed so if and when you get it, please re gas them ASAP then let the mags stand at room temp before testing to allow the seals to seal properly.


    Leyton, London

  14. Shizbazki

    THE TM MWS thread

    My Recent TM MWS skirmishing experience yesterday on 03-03-19 at The Plantation Airsoft, Billericay, Essex. I must say that often when i take guns out for their first outing i'm always a bit apprehensive of how they will perform because whilst i can tech and chrono at home, i have no way to test range and accuracy. My GHK M4 Mod1 and Ares WA2000 are recent prime examples of this when on their first outing they really failed to impress me with their range despite the amount of money i had sank into hop up and barrel upgrades hoping that they would hit the mark. So recently as some of you may know i got hold of this TM MWS second hand, it had already had some some changes (i put the gold on it, it was stock when i got it), i didn't like the 7" RIS rail (too short), didn't like the fact that the inner barrel extended through the flash hider and whilst the pistol grip and stock were Magpul inspired, they weren't REAL Magpul (PTS i think). BEFORE SO i put a barrel extender on it to lengthen the outer barrel by 2 inches so that the flash hider would clear the inner barrel, but this necessitated a 9inch RIS rail which i bought from Wolf Armouries, i went to my GHK M4 Mod 1 and removed the Vortex Optics StrikeFire Red dot sight, the real steel Magpul pistol grip and Magpul MOE stock and put it on the MWS. Had a small issue with the BCG not locking back (see pages 31 to 33 of this thread) but between me and Nathan the Tech at Airsoft Zone we deduced that it must be the BCG and magazine springs, he also kindly installed a lightweight bolt catch in my MWS which i brought into the shop with me. Stretching the magazine springs out solved the issue. AFTER Now she was battle ready or so i hoped as i had not tested the accuracy or range of my TM MWS, i was hoping that it would be like how my TM M92FS wow'd me the first time i used it where the BB seem to travel for miles out ranging even AEGs. First skirmish day at The Plantation Airsoft, Billericay. (MUDDY AF due to recent rain) I'm apprehensive to say the least, i have brought the MWS but also my trusty SAI M4 HPA gun as i know that one works. Mags are loaded and gassed. Take the MWS to the range, hop is set to completely off, using .25g BBs and fired the first shot. OMG! BB flew decently far, with hop off? Adjusted the hop, a little of backward and forwarding and i got it just right. BBs flew for miles straight, i was IMPRESSED! I played the first half of the day with the TM and loved it, more so than when i used the GHK M4 MOD1. I knew i could pull the trigger and the MWS would reliably work whereas the GHK was pull the trigger and please work?! My only complaint is that i had to adjust my game style, no more burst autoing every where or i would have no more ammo, i had to go back to the safe zone twice in two staggered games to re gas and reload but i was much happier using the TM MWS. It did make me wonder, why did i buy the GHK, when i wanted a GBBR the TM MWS was on my potentials list but i dismissed it since it would mean that if i wanted to install a keymod rail, i would have to buy a rail, a barrel spacer, get rid of that triangle sight etc etc. But i still would have saved money if i didn't buy the GHK, i am now strongly considering selling the GHK as its surplus to needs. To the future, i'm probably going to leave the MWS like this because "IT WORKS". I know there's this magical brass nub thingy but I don't want to fiddle removing the hop and stuff otherwise the TM hop fairy dust might be blown away. I might just buy some more Magpuls for the mags and possibly get a Gold BCG but that's it really.
  15. Shizbazki

    THE TM MWS thread

    By the power of Grayskull
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