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  1. I was thinking the same. Im quite firmiliar with the G&G TGM series of guns and this seemed like their Pneumatic Blowback ones. The ones with the weakened gearbox for the blowback to work.
  2. Heat is needed! My MTR 16 G Edition castle nut would not move for love nor money. Heat gun for a few minutes warmed it up enough that the glue melted and witha wrench i was able to get it off without damaging too much.
  3. Hi I do have the original Glock 22 slide. Just not the original lower since that suffered the crap screw hole at the front. Do you think I would be better off parting them and selling them separately?
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Accessory/Make: Magpul BAD lever (replica/clone) Condition: Used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £15 Location: North East London (Leyton) Made from black annodised aluminium Fitted once to a TM MWS and tested at home. Didn’t work with me so it was removed and stored. Dont why the advert says as new, clearly its used.


  5. Time Left: 4 days and 8 hours

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    Accessory/Make: Nuprol Scout Light replica (Nuprol Torch NX600S – Black) Condition: Used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £30 Location: North East London (Leyton) Nuprol Torch NX600S – Black for sale Never skirmished Missing push button tail cap. Dont why the advert says as new, clearly its used.


  6. Shizbazki

    TM MWS Parts

    Time Left: 4 days and 7 hours

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    Accessory/Make: TM MWS Parts Condition: Used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £50 Location: North East London (Leyton) For sale are parts of a TM MWS, namely Outer barrel plus triangle front sight RIS/RAS handguards TM stock TM foregrip in tan The various nuts, bolts for the front rail Stock TM bolt stop Several sized Angry Gun rail spacers Dont why the advert says as new, clearly its used.


  7. I am having a bit of a dilemma 😩 I cant put a logical price a on a TM based Salient Arms Glock 34 which I built some years ago. I want to keep it as its a bit of a trophy gun, but I have never used it, instead preferring to use my M9s over it. I am wondering what the price would be, if its decently high enough I'll sell it, if not ill keep it. The original gun was a TM Glock 22 GBBR, transplanted on to it is a GunsModify Glock 34 slide with Salient Arms International trades. The hop, rubber bucking and inner barrel are stock, those parts were just transplanted o
  8. I have got the MTR16 G EDITION and I was planning on making it a DMR like rifle, i already have the joules up to my field DMR limits, I just need a decent magnified optic. I was originally planning on a Vortex 1-4 x 24 CROSSFIRE with a cantilever mount. However as the Crossfire II scope retails for north of £220, with other commitments that's a hard swallow. I have seen that Vision King has a similar scope such as their 1-8 x 24 scope which retails for £140. Now don't get me wrong I like to spend decent dollar on decent optics (already owning a R
  9. So the moral of this! If you own an OLight, don't stick it in your mouth or pretend to be giving a blowie 🤪
  10. Hi all so I just briefly read the reddit page and most replies to the Threads. I own several OLight torches which are as follows: Olight Perun 2 3 x Warrior M2R OPEN i5T EOS All except the OPEN and i5T EOS use the 18650 battery which are 3.7v Lithium Ion batteries. I carry a Warrior M2R on my Police duty belt for work and have found it to be very good and very bright. For those of you that don't know OLights have an in torch charging feature where there is a metal magnetic pad on the back of the torch that snaps to a charging cable. That
  11. Time Left: 1 day and 15 hours

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    Make: ARES Gun/Model: WA2000 (Gen1) Accessories: See list below Condition: Used FPS: 486 to 494FPS on .20g BBs RPS: Depends on how fast you can move that bolt Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £600 Postage: I would rather collection since this is a very heavy package (over 11kg) Collection: Collection in person can be made in either Leyton or Enfield Location: North East London (Leyton) For sale is my Ares WA2000 Spring powered (bolt action) Bulpup Sniper Rifle. It has never been to any game dates, there was always a plan to do so but it never materialised, this has sat unused since I bought it. As yhou may know the rifle is mostly compatible with TM VSR-10 parts. I have plenty of accessories, spares and other miscellaneous bits, pieces and parts (see below) Internally the rifle has the following upgrades: PDI Precision Palsonite Cylinder Set HD for Marui VSR-10 @ £186.00 PDI 520fps Spring for Marui VSR-10 (13mm Outer Diameter) @ £21.00 PDI 6.03mm Inner, 555mm length inner barrel @ £59.00 – Cut and crowned to 500mm by Firebase. PDI VSR-10 & L96 Piston Sear (2nd Sear) @ £20.00 PDI VSR-10 Hop-Up Rubber (W-Hold Type) @ £6.00 Comes with the following accessories/spares: PDI VSR-10 Hop-Up Rubber (W-Hold Type) @ £6.00 - Spare LayLax(NineBall) Hop Rubber for Marui VSR/L96/Pistols/MWS/Block1 (Purple) @ £13.00 - Spare G&P Scope Rings Unjamming Rod Weird ring and pin (no idea what its for) Dummy magazine 3 x dummy rounds Original Box Original parts included are: 500mm brass inner barrel Cylinder Cylinder head Piston Spring (power unknown, estimated to be an M110 by the look of the service tag) Hop rubber 3rd Sear Condition: Overall, the rifle is great condition, there are no significant scratches, dents or damage to the wood work. Nearly all the metal is unmarred with the exception of the round bit about the WA2000 trades as this spins freely. Oh and did I mention that over the Gen2 Ares WA2000 (which are the current ones you can buy brand new), this is a Gen1 with all the trades. As previously mentioned, she has never been fielded or skirmished, only taken out of its box, a few shots fired before being packed up. It has been taken to a site but only to be test fired after upgrades and I can tell you, when this thing shows up, people notice! This rifle was more a Unicorn Show piece than to be actually used for skirmishing. Though as you can tell with the upgrades there were plans to Skirmish it but they never came to fruition as money ran out and other commitments cropped up leaving this to be placed in storage at home. She has been kept in a cool, dry location in a non smoking, no pet home. Working parts still operate smoothly and are still lubed in the correct places I think the price is fair at £600, most shops sell this well over £600 brand new and without the PDI upgrades. Both the rifle and parts are difficult finds and the upgrades are the best of the bunch being all PDI parts. I will not split the package. Not interested in swaps as I more or less have all the guns I ever want/need and frankly I am slimming down my collection. Also cash is king. Ideally I would prefer collection from either Leyton or Enfield Area. I am willing to post it but buyer pays postage and bare in mind this box weighs over 11kgs. If I do post it will be via Parcel Force 48 hour Express service with insurance as Parcel Force are the only public courier that allows the transportation of RIFs


    Leyton, London - GB

  12. Oh tell me about this. You want to sell something, THEN SELL IT!. Humans have limited time on this here Earth and will make split second snap judgements subconsciously, this includes sales. SH*T photos do not sell your gun or what ever well or you'll get low ball offers at best. Photos that are Dark Poorly exposed Flash glare Grainy Blurry Too much background distraction (think horrific bed sheets) Too much Dutch angles Part of the product your selling has been cropped out or framed poorly No sense of
  13. I have used them several times, decent prices for their stuff. Normally ships next day with Chronopost (subsidiary of DPD) and arrives within a week. They seems to specialise in HPA kit. They are based out of Toulouse in France therefore no import taxes and duties (for now #BREXIT). They don't have a shop front, they appear to be an all online company based out of a closed warehouse, I know this as I looked up their address and it was just that, was thinking of visiting since my Aunt lived less than a 5 min drive from their place. Their custom
  14. I bought some of this stuff from ASDA or TESCOs once: https://www.unibond.co.uk/en/adhesives/multi-purpose-repair/repair_extreme.html It makes a clear, solid yet rubbery glue which i have found seals mags very well. If you need to take apart a mag afterwards you just need to add a bit of heat and voila, you can take it apart again.

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    Accessory/Make: S2 Airsoft Lightning Banjo (for Polarstar Fusion Engines ONLY!) Condition: Brand New Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3 Price/Payment: £20 Location: North East London (Leyton) Pictures: Brand New, in bag, never been used before Bought two of these when I installed my P* FE and thought I needed two, turns out only one is needed, as this was bought from Amped Airsoft all the way in the US, returning it would not have made financial sense. This Banjo would normally replace the most forward of the two banjos on an P* FE making the system far more efficient. Currently my FE fires 308FPS using .25g BBs using only 56PSI, I can full auto practically all day on a 300 bar 48CI tank and finished the day with about 1000PSI remaining in the tank.


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