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  1. Shizbazki

    G&G MP5 stuck on full auto

    Nah the ETU is all hidden inside the gearbox. Basically the only way you will really know is if you take the gearbox out of the lower receiver and look inside it then. My guess (and its only a guess) is that you dont have the ETU. Unless you know the feeling of squishy trigger compared to clicky micro switch you won't know the difference. The trigger unit is the bit in red: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/g-and-g-etu-electronic-trigger-unit A normal V2 gearbox trigger unit looks like this: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/keen-sharp-switch-set-and-wiring-v2-front
  2. Shizbazki

    Headset / PTT info?

    Ill refer you to this thread where i jury rigged a Z-Tac BOWMAN 3 headset into a Dye I4
  3. Shizbazki

    G&G MP5 stuck on full auto

    I had the same gun G&G MP5A5, it was part of the TGM range of MP5s they made and it did not come with an ETU built in but a standard trigger trolley as per normal V2 gearboxes. Do you know if it has an ETU? If you have stated it that suddenly started working ok then the chances are that you DO NOT have an ETU, mine did the same a while ago and all i did was give it a whack on the side so that the trigger trolley disengaged. You might find this video of mine interesting where i do strip the gun down to the gearbox.
  4. Shizbazki

    Admin Delete Thread (The "£700 SWAT Loadout" thread)

    Haha porno song, now you mention it i hear it Bow chiccy wowow 😂 Originally came from the PS1 video game Porsche Challenge, it was the main menu theme and had an animated main menu which for me back then was a novel.
  5. Shizbazki

    THE TM MWS thread

    So who do i have to hold responsible for this?! @Wo1f I'm looking at you 🤔 TM MWS, got it second hand with the magpul parts and keymod rail I added the Gold bits so it goes with my SAI M4 HPA gun and bought one more mag. Recoil is great and i am tempted to sell my GHK M4 as IMO this does feel a bit better. No idea how well or accurate it shoots as i don't know what tampering the hop has had but im hoping the TM fairy dust is still there.
  6. Shizbazki

    Have I done anything wrong?

    You have done nothing wrong Yes you can own it No you wont get in the S**t unless you start waving it around your local high street (or any street)
  7. Shizbazki

    dye masks

    I have a Dye i4 mask (as you can see in my profile pic) which is probably the best mask and eye pro i have ever used. I have been through quite a few goggles trying to find the one which works for me and didn't fog up, the best so far has been the Dye. I would recommend the i4 over the i5 as due to the large crank wheel on the back strap of the i5 it may make wearing a helmet difficult where as the i4 its a simple strap. Before i owned the i4 i used to used a pair of Z-Tac Comtac IIs, frankly it was a faff to don the goggles, mesh mask, helmet with headset then have to adjust everything, everytime. I then got the Dye i4 and it was quickly noticed that the Comtacs were very uncomfortable with the i4. I then down graded to the Z-Tac BOWMAN III headset and it was better but that has its own issues. Best solution was to jury rig the whole thing. I broke the Z-Tac BOWMAN IIIs into its base component parts (mic, ear speaker, wires) and basically hot glued it directly into the Dye i4 Mask. Now its just a matter of mask on, connect headset to PTT, helmet on and go! I have attached some pictures showing how i rigged the headset into the mask, normally the ear speaker is tucked under the strap. Also as a tip, if you want to wear the Dye i4 with a helmet you either have to do a lot of modding to the helmet or just ensure that the front lip of the helmet has a material thickness of 2.55mm or less, anything thicker than that ( i think the normal is 6mm) is too much and you'll have to take padding out of the helmet.
  8. Shizbazki

    What the Police are taught...

    That looks like a Blackstones Book. I should point out that during the 6 months of training at Hendon, not one subject covered firearms, we did tonnes on the different Sections of the Theft Act 1968 but never did we once touch on the subject of firearms. It was only a year out of Hendon (so after 18months service) did i go back for my 2 out of 3 continuation training courses that we did anything on firearms, even then it was one afternoon about the subject. Funniest part was at that time (around early 2011) I was part of the Air Training Corps as a member of staff at my local squadron (12F Walthamstow and Leyton) and was one of the shooting leads on the squadron. I ended up teaching that section to the rest of the class as even the person leading the course (a Sergeant) knew little to nothing about firearms, types of firearms, the difference between rifled, smooth bore, bolt action, semi automatic, burst fire etc. Getting into airsoft afterwards has led me to reading up about the different sections of firearms laws especially centred around Airsoft. So as luck would have it when one day i call came out to some kid using his Airsoft gun in his back yard came out i took it, it was his lucky day in that of all the officers to turn up to him it was me and i was able to significantly down play the whole thing so his guns didnt get seized. He wasn't breaking any laws, kept BBs well in his garden, had a decent backstop to prevent ricochets and i was very confident his guns were under FPS limits as all he was doing was chronoing. Most people don't realise but most officers only ever have a working knowledge of most laws, the nitty gritty not so much so often it boils down to common sense approach. It much the same way that people say their "House got robbed", this is a laymans terms of understanding. In the nitty gritty no house can ever be robbed. Period!
  9. Shizbazki

    Admin Delete Thread (The "£700 SWAT Loadout" thread)

    Oh god that video doh 🤣 The dirty microwave next to the deep fat frier The elderly persons incontinence chair gracefully decorated with throw blanket the random junk on the shelf COVORNIA! Its awful "Trust me I'm a Jedi" I shouldn't critique too much. Here's one of my earlier videos where i did a review of the G&G M14 EBR-S. I just cringe because i hear my own voice
  10. Shizbazki

    THE TM MWS thread

    Nah Brownells have always covered me with Import and duties, never had to pay anything additional
  11. Shizbazki

    What's your mag / rounds count?

    For me 5 x PTS mid caps, each one carrying 150bbs (total 750bbs), 4 of them will be immeidately in my chest rig and the 5th being in gun 4 x pistol mags, 3 in pouches, one in gun
  12. Shizbazki

    THE TM MWS thread

    Cheers mate, may my wallet say its prayers
  13. Shizbazki

    THE TM MWS thread

    So I may be in receipt of a TM MWS soon (can't wait) and plan to modify some of the external parts when it arrives. So i wanted to know if the following can be changed? Stock: I want to change the stock to a real steel Magpul MOE SL stock. Has anyone fitted one to their MWS? which did you need to use, the civilian or Mil-Spec size and was it a tight fit? Pistol grip: I want to also change this to a Magpul MOE pistol grip too, again was it a simple fit, does the MWS use only 1 bolt to hold the grip in place. If it did need a little modding what did you have to do? I plan to leave the rest of the internals stock as i find TM works best for me if i dont touch the innards especially the hop but what, if anything do you guys often change first?
  14. Shizbazki

    SWAS Airsoft

    Myself and a few mates are coming down on the 20-01-19. I have managed to procure some Bio BBs But my friends are wondering if they can buy the bio BBs on site?
  15. Shizbazki

    £30 eBay "Dye" rip off shattered

    Haha it was like 2am when i type that weary eyed