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  1. Shizbazki

    Regulator usage

    I close off the ASA tap (tank to reg) and the depressurise it by plugging the hose in and out a few times until there is no pressure. After that i leave it on the tank so i dont wear the threads out or the o-ring
  2. Shizbazki

    Ares WA2000 Upgrades!

    TL:DR is a 45 degree sear ok for M150 spring (500FPS)? Also name me a good bucking? So I have recently acquired an ARES WA2000 and while a lovely looking rifle its performance is a bit on the lacking side. Its FPS is about 380FPs on .20g BBs and whilst i know that FPS isnt the end all and be all i would like to up this to most of my sites max FPSs. As for range i cannot tell what its like but looking at the crap bucking put in their by ARES its probably going to be pants at best, i plane to change this anyways. So for those that dont know i have done so of my own research into this gun and found the following was compatible with VSR parts: Inner barrel measured to be 500mm in length, needs to be a bridged window barrel. Hop up bucking Cylinder head Cylinder Piston Piston Spring Spring guide Now i must point out that the trigger is a 45degree trigger, i read in various forums that the 45 degree trigger cannot be exchanged for a 90 degree one so i am stuck with 45 degree and it looks like the Ares one is made of the usual airosft pot metal zinc diecast material when i took it apart the last time. So my plan is to buy a full upgrade set Cylinder head, Cylinder, Piston, Piston Spring, M150 Spring and Spring guide. I am hoping the 45 degree sear can be swapped with a TM compatible steel one for great reliability but will it be ok for an M150 spring? Also what would you recommend as a good bucking, i have heard Maple leaf being thrown around amongst other brands.
  3. Shizbazki

    APS CAM870 barrel diameter

    Inner diameter of the barrel at muzzle end is 17.3mm Inner diameter of the barrel at the breach end is 19.5mm Gun used was an APS CAM 870 SAI MKI using MKi shells.
  4. Shizbazki

    Info about The Mall in Reading?

    Decent-ish site, only been once but unfortunately they dont like me using my shotgun. 12BBs from 1 shot apparently isn't allowed over the 100+ BBs from MOSCARTS Shame really as i think they CAM870 would really shine in The Mall That said a decent site for my Cyclones
  5. Shizbazki

    G&g mp5a5 question

    @Blabla or you could just get a sword fish front end and rail like mine: Got mine from Evike, fits the G&G MP5A5 with some modifications.
  6. Shizbazki

    Filling my HPA Tank - What am I missing?

    @L3wisD Most Dive shops i have been to in London refuse to fill paintball or HPA tanks stating a variety of reasons such as not having the right bits to connect to the tank or insurance. My advice to you for best bang for buck is to get hold of an in date, surface only scuba tank, use that as a refill/reservoir of HPA. I have a 12litre 300 tank which cost me £200 but the smaller you go the less costly it is such as 5 or 7 litre ones, i would recommend a 300 bar one though as it hold more air. http://www.godive.net/go-shoot/charging-cylinders-and-accessories/4-ltr-300-bar-gun-charging-kit/ I would also recommend a 300bar as they nearly always have the DIN connector instead of an A-Clamp, i spoke to a friend who has nearly 25 years scuba diving experience (he has nearly every qualification under the sun for this) who has told me that DIN is far better as a connector. Get a 300 bar tank and get a fill station adapter such as this one: https://moderncombatsports.co.uk/products/fs-guerrilla-air-hp-fill-station-din Depending on how much you shoot it should last you a long time, i am still running the same air for nearly 12 month now though bare in mind i have a 12ltr Point to note that although i note you only live 20 minutes away, it will still be a ball ache to have to pop down the road to them every time you need to top up air. Looking at their ad it looks like what they mean or refer to is if you have you own scuba tank which is nearly always the case.
  7. Shizbazki

    Eotech clones that actually work?

    no it isn't! Fake EoTech clones are just red dot sights that bounce the LED light off the front elements mirrored surface. Real EoTech clones are actually holographic sights and yes the front glass element is clear.
  8. Shizbazki

    Is propane really that much cheaper??

    Or better yet use HPA. A 12 ltr scuba tank lasts me nearly all year. I carry a much small 13Ci 3000PSI tank just for my pistol running a Mancraft Pistol Lanyard.
  9. Shizbazki

    Eotech clones that actually work?

    Mines not blurry. The edges on mine and everything look like if you shine a laser off a surface and look at that surface. Also the front element is not mirrored, i get no parallax issues or fogging. It is in about the middle but towards the forward end of the upper Reciever Mines and EoTech 552. As for brand and model mines an L3 Communications EoTech 552.
  10. Shizbazki

    TM green gas mod

    I dont know why you want to mod it?? TM guns are able to take green gas especially with the type of weather the UK experiences.
  11. Shizbazki

    Ssg24 vs silverback srs help

    You may have found a listing for a WA2000, but its gonna be out of stock. Yes it can be pushed to 500FPS as it accepts mostly VSR parts.
  12. Shizbazki

    Ssg24 vs silverback srs help

    Or be super different and get an Ares WA 2000 (if you can find them).
  13. Shizbazki

    Ssg24 vs silverback srs help

    Oh god here is this question again SSG24 vs SRS. Mate TBH your gonna get both sides fighting this war until the end of time with both backing their own version as to why this is better or that is better. Each side is essentially justifying why they paid for their's really, TBH the reviews and such are skewed, heck even these so called expert Youtube reviewers are gonna be skewed as well regardless of if its Novritsch, Sniper Buddy Fabi, Kicking Mustang, that Canadian sniper dude, Airsoftology (who only ever sees the positive in anything cos he needs ya money) or whoever always has an agenda. People will hate the SSG24 because its Novritsch's, i bet you any money that if they were given a chances like he was they would take it, Kicking Mustang's KM SRS Special anyone? I'm sure he would do it at the drop of a hat. Unless we have someone who gets 1 SSG24 and 2 SRS guns (one out of the box and the other fully upgraded), without knowing the cost of either, does not know who Novritsch is and does a side by side comparison test of each gun in a gun cradle with the same aiming point, at the same ranges with the same BBs and the same (or close) FPS by joule energy without bias we will never truly know which is better. Until someone does that i will take each persons personal view/opinion as that opinion. I have never played or owned an SRS and probably will never own one (cant justify cost with so many guns already) but i have heard good things about it. Here is my word of advice, choose one, be happy with it, tinker with it be happy with it even more. Although some facts about the SSG24, the waiting times are more like 2 to 3 months not 6 to 8, as for customs, Modify seem to be deliberately undervaluing the SSG24 so that the new owners dont pay too much in customs, so far the average seems to be around £80 to 90 mark. For reference on mine: Ordered 01 February 17, was told due End of April 2017 Received news in March 2017 that he discovered a flaw with the mags and would have them fixed by the time i get mine but this would push delivery to End of May 2017 End of May 2017 i receive my SSG24 with M150 spring in it, no mag issues at all. What i ordered: SSG24 with M150 spring in it 4 extra mags = 5 in total as rifle comes with one 4 extra bottles of .40g Nov BBs = 4 bottles of .40g BBs + 1 x .46g BBs 1 x M140 Spring (got this just in case) Totalled to about $800 or so i think, i only paid £81 in customs which is probably half of what i should have paid, i was expecting £160 in customs and duties. Output energy: Using .20g BBs on M150 with no hop 480FPS Using .20g BBs on M150 with half hop 498FPS Using .20g BBs on M150 with full hop 460FPS I think Skirmish Airsoft Billericay have a max 450FPS with a MED of 30 metres for bolties, Dragons Lair have 500FPS with a MED of 15 metres for bolties hence why at Billericay i only play as assault at their site using my HPA M4. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, i am happy with it and never had to tinker with it.
  14. Shizbazki

    Recommend me a motor and gear set?

    Yeah i know, i could not find a similar one in time and the only one i found the same cost £35. I aint paying £35 for just a small chunk of metal with holes in it. Ill keep my eyes peeled for one as my sling only has a QD attachment to it.
  15. Shizbazki

    Recommend me a motor and gear set?

    @Sitting Duck I reckon there is a pinion to bevel gear issue. When i shimmed the gears starting with pinion to bevel i forgot to anticipate the presence of wires and so shimmed the pinion to bevel gear, then bevel to spur and so on. While without the motor in the gears span smoothly and even moved if you jiggled the gearbox about. But with the motor and wires in the pistol grip i think the wires have pushed the motor up way too far as the motor adjustment screw has to go in quite far before it engages the motor and even then only does half a turn before it feels like the motor has gone too far in. I have tried to run the gun without the motor and physically push the motor with my thumb and it does in my opinion sound better. TBH i have always had a problem with pistol grip floor plates pushing the motor up too far, ill probably take the whole thing apart again on Monday as im super busy over the weekend with other stuff. Oh and the batteries i am using are VP 1000mAh 20c 11.1v LiPos As for the mags, i know they can keep up as my HPA gun runs at 30RPS (but only in 5 round bursts as i am a sensible HPA owner) and the mags feed flawlessly.