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  1. I just got myself a retevis speaker mic, and some Howard Leight Impact sports, seems to do the job
  2. This,the whole Stolen Valour thing. Its not actually a crime in the UK to claim to have served, unless doing so benefits you in some way eg financially.
  3. As ex forces, i coukdnt care less if you want to dress up and use insignia to play with toy guns in the woods. I may ask you to rescue some hostages or something if you have SAS badges etc, but it will be piss taking. If you dress up and use insignia, and claim to have served in that regiment etc, even though you didnt, then that offends me. My site, and i suspect most has ex and serving members who play airsoft. At my site the attitude would be same as mine. Dont be a walt and claim to be anything you arent, and its fine by me
  4. All 1/72 scale, brush painted. Havent made one in about a year though
  5. My arp 556, i know its morphed into any m4, but i like how it looks, and it performs brilliantly
  6. Not misheard, but i used to work in I. T. on a contract supporting the Met. Police. It was amazing how many of them didn't know the phonetic alphabet. I loved fucking with them when spelling things by saying things like P for pneumonia, G for gnome, x for xylophone etc. I could hear their brains exploding down the phone line.
  7. Thanks man. Its had a load of internal upgrades too, just need to tune the fps now
  8. My first sniper rifle. Action Army T11
  9. Not my own, but a team mate is working on an airborne loadout. Looks good to me so far
  10. Lookong at one for next gun, but would like to fit an mlok handguard. Does anyone know are they TM spec? Of not, are they compatible with real handguards?
  11. Lad at our site got one and it certainly looks nice. He seems to be having problems with it repeatedly blowing fuses. He isnt using anything strange and hasnt modified it. Could be a one off issue with his gun, but i dont know
  12. No problems. Using an FMA g17l holster as i also have a torch mounted
  13. Yeo, it has exactly the same serial number as the one i got from ali express for 16 quid
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