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  1. Some fast mag pouches (dirt cheap I grey, now resprayed). Dont know why I never got some sooner. Nice quick and easy to use, perhaps fast even. No need for a dump pouch, and no more dumping my mag on the ground instead of fannying around trying to get it back in the osprey pouch.
  2. They can look pretty fucking cool
  3. I was wondering if anyone has ever cut another slot into the rails of a PDW stock to give another position. Anyone give advice on the best way to do it? Is it a silly idea?
  4. Cheers man. Yeah did it when I got in from work. Have applied vinyl (3M stuff) to car parts bike bits etc in the past so that helped.
  5. Nice one! I have used mine several times and its holding up well, no complaints. Glad you have found it useful too.
  6. What adapter did you need for the HRS stock, and did you put the battery in the stock/buffer tube?
  7. Just ordered some fibre sights for my Glock. Fingers crossed.
  8. Fair enough, in that case drop them an email?
  9. Haven't looked myself, but I am sure I heard that they put a kit list up on the website for the different events, so if so, that should answer most of your questions.
  10. He is on Facebook saying shooter belts despatched same day if ordered before 2pm. Chase him up
  11. Well I would be asking for money back. Mine was delivered, however it was a signed for parcel, that the postman just bunged through the cat flap when ineas at work. If I was dishonest I could easily have just said it wasnt delivered. If mine was sent signed for, good chance yours was as well, so ask FRV to track it.
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