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  1. Yes I would be happy with a gun shooting 360fps as it's not illegal. I wouldn't order one if my field limit was below 360fps though. I don't need to be aware of any retailers that don't list fps. I am capable of asking if I want to know. Have done so, and have not ordered as a result on the past. Whilst you might think you are being clever, it's only in his latest post that the OP stated the shop had said it would be sub 350.
  2. In that case it's been mis sold as they said sub 350 fps.
  3. If my site limit is lower then I would do my homework. And ask the retailer to downgrade if it was needed. UK legal limit is not 350. Do buyers not have to take any responsibility on buying what actually suits their needs?
  4. But it's not the responsibility of the retailer to decide which sites they could be used at. As long as it's under the legal limit, which it is, then that's the responsibility covered regarding the fps.
  5. Although its within the legal limit, so not sure why the seller would agree to sort anything out. Unless they told you it was below 350fps
  6. . I wont tell you how much I got mine for then Haha Haha 😉
  7. Not legit as in it's not a genuine Sig Romeo3. However it's a perfectly serviceable sight for airsoft. Has the power saving mode, motion control to turn back on, and even has the locking quick detach lever like the real thing. Very happy with it.
  8. .Thanks guys. Good to hear thoughts
  9. Too much really. Coyote pouches, mag pouch, dump pouch, utility pouch and radio pouch. Swedish m90 trousers, black g2 trousers, olive green ubacs
  10. My shoulder. It's been dislocated on three separate occasions, including some ligament damage. Been waking up numerous times during the night over the past week in pain and severely limited movement. Think its my rotator cuff muscle, but can't get an appointment at the docs for another week. Icing it and taking ibuprofen to see if it helps. But fuck me, its painful.
  11. Was wondering if anyone was using one of these and had thoughts they could share. I am looking for something lightweight to compliment my shooters belt.
  12. I ran a mishmash at my local 3 day event a few weeks ago. both using an FRV shooters belt equipped with fast mag pouches, osprey pistol mag pouch, WAS universal holster, Osprey grenade pouch
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