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  1. MagpieAirsoft

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Purrfect. Some cool stuff on here recently.
  2. Echo that. Non infantry role, but guard training, CCS once a year and things like exercise and it was all straight forward enough and posed no issues. Probably get more than enough hands-on time with the weapon, save the cash IMO.
  3. MagpieAirsoft

    Tight strike systems holster

    Wilk give it a try. Just hope I don't have to use it between now and (hopefully) then.
  4. MagpieAirsoft

    Tight strike systems holster

    I left it in for a few days, but you think longer than that?
  5. MagpieAirsoft

    Tight strike systems holster

    Normally, I would love slipping into something so tight, but I have an ASG polymer holster for my 1911, and its ridiculously tight to unholster the gun. I tried heating up the holster to soften it the leaving the gun in. This seemed to have helped, but then after a week or two it has just gone back to how it was. Any tips on solving this, or is a different holster the solution?
  6. MagpieAirsoft

    you're all so keen

    Perhaps this isn't the place for you then. Each to their own. If people want to do it then fine. I think you would be surprised how many people have been in the forces on here, but probably don't bang on about it.
  7. MagpieAirsoft

    Magazines for my Ares AR 016.

    On the back of that I opened up my hexmag today and there was indeed a lot of silicone oil in there. Cleaned them out as I was also a bit concerned that these may have caused issues by making the bbs dirty and jam them in the barrel. About 10 minutes per mag to do.
  8. MagpieAirsoft

    Hi guys wanting help

    Like I said though, I would hope that someone with more experience would confirm things and what you should do.
  9. MagpieAirsoft

    Proper battery disposal

    My local halfords has a battery recycling box for disposing of your old batteries. Not sure if a lipo could be put in. Doesn't have any restrictions that I could see.
  10. MagpieAirsoft

    Hi guys wanting help

    Ah ok. The inner barrel has a rubber bucking that is pressed down into the barrel by the nub in the hop unit. This imparts the backspin on the BB as it is fired. As the bucking is rubber, I would imagine it would be a good idea to replace it at 10 years old as it may have hardened etc. Bucking and nub are not expensive. As for the gearbox, I imagine the grease would have dried up and so personally would clean this off and relube. I will be honest I am not sure on what you would need exactly, but I think proper gun oil is a no no. My advice is based purely on what I would think would happen, and knowledge of grease in bearings on mountain bike components tac. I am sure someone with more technical knowledge will be able to give better more in-depth advice soon.
  11. MagpieAirsoft

    Hi guys wanting help

    No expert but I would imagine the gearbox would benefit from a clean and lube. Bucking and nub replacement, barrel clean. Are the batteries 10 years old? Perhaps new batteries as I imagine they are probably fubared.
  12. MagpieAirsoft

    Flecktarn Webbing & Clothing Clearout

    Do you still have the cap for sale?
  13. MagpieAirsoft

    Magazines for my Ares AR 016.

    Interesting. I haven't experienced that, and having just watched the video, am contemplating cleaning mine just in case. However, for me, the video also shows the VFC QRS as a strong winner imo, so why not those for the Ares?
  14. MagpieAirsoft

    Magazines for my Ares AR 016.

    I really like these, https://outdoorandtactical.co.uk/product/hexmag-style-120rd-m4m16-magazine-mid-cap-bk/?v=79cba1185463
  15. MagpieAirsoft

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    A Flecktarn shirt, trousers and watch cap for a change of camo.