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  1. Appreciate the offer. Lo and behold the belt has finally arrived. Pleased with the quality and it's going to work great, but despite that I wouldnt buy again from FRV as I dont appreciate having to chase up when I have paid for something.
  2. Yeah, that's exactly my thoughts. If the action scenes had been in a film starring Hollywood a listers, it would have been raved about I think.
  3. I did pay with PayPal. I just find they can be hit and miss in their support. He will argue his website states things may affect delivery. However, messages also show lack of comms and empty promises. Am sure he would refund 8f 8 asked anyway. I know to some it isn't, but 70 quid for a belt is quite a bit of cash to me, so to have that with poor customer service makes the bill harder to swallow. If he had kept me informed I would be disappointed in the delay, but perhaps understanding. To echo sentiments in this thread, part of running a business is treating your customers well, not just taking their cash.
  4. Thought I would post on here, rather than start a new thread, especially as its it's not THAT old. Anyway, I ordered an FRV Tailoring shooters belt at the start of May based on the fact he posted saying 1 week lead time. Still dont have it. Other than a confirmation of order email at the time, I have had no further comms initiated by FRV. I got in touch to ask if lead time was still correct as I hadn't received, and was told it was because he was out of stock of the inner belt webbing, but was getting a delivery and my belt would be sent next week (week beginning 13th May) . I then see he is at Northern Shooting Show and pictures clearly show inner belts of various sizes. Now bearing in mind he has my money, and so a confirmed order this irked me a bit. Then no message and no belt as promised. I am this close to requesting a refund. I have no doubt the belt will be excellent, it's the poor regard for a customer who has already paid, and lack of comms about the lack of materials, and then the failure to deliver within the second time period that makes me feel like that.
  5. I quite enjoyed Operation Red Sea. Think ita on Netflix
  6. It's a plastic blade, and although I know some sites wouldnt as itsnot ultra flexible my local is okay long as you aren't jabbing them into people Check out this mp5 from Dave's Custom Airsoft
  7. Arrived today, many thanks, proud to add them to my collection.
  8. It was not mentioned that the additional lenses didn't fit, but he seems to think I shouldnt have thought they would.
  9. So the seller has replied with this message. Cheeky cunt.
  10. So bought some of these, from a different seller as the originals had gone, and the smoke lens is all scratched, no buggy as I would be using the clear or yellow. Except.... the frame and smoke lens are the large, and the clear and yellow are regular so dont bloody fit! Not happy or impressed. Have messaged with photos and will see the reply. 🤬
  11. Lol, was thinking of doing similar to my Blackhawks, but then moved to trousers with built in knee pads. They look great though.
  12. Nice little care package arrived from G&G this morning
  13. Nothing fancy, but new pistol arrived today
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