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  1. A cheap second hand molle belt A couple of patches and some paracord Now looking at the bits to do a flat hop
  2. So the game on Saturday had snow, hail, rain and sleet set to repeat from 10am to 3pm and the the last hour we finally got some respite. The loadout became a wear whatever is comfy etc, so by the end of the day I was running around dressed like this lol.
  3. Thanks for that. I have a Viper drop leg so hopefully it would work in that if I get one. What sort of FPS are you getting and on what gas? I saw talk of being able to convert the mag to CO2 but this doesn't yet seem to have materialised . Sounds good.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of these. They seem potentially good and something different to the usual suspects on the weekend. Anyone owned one long term who can comment on performance, reliability etc
  5. Having tried it in the house this evening, it feels immediately more comfortable. It feels looser but still holds the Kneepads as stable. Will definitely try it this weekend.
  6. Molle utility pouch Osprey velcro mag pouch for speedloader 2 more elasticated Osprey mag pouches 2 x hexmags for the Predator A couple of patches Some Geoffs BBs Mechanicx gloves A couple of small rail risers.
  7. How do you get on with the Blackhawk Kneepads? After a mornings play it always feels like the straps have worn through to the bone on the back of my legs. I have resorted to wearing my mtb Kneepads under the trousers as a lightweight comfy option
  8. Was rocking some flecktarn last weekend, think I prefer it to the mtp
  9. So I did email them all of the details and they say they have checked several bags and all of theirs are fine. Asked me for photos, but as I used most of them to get rid, I didn't really have a large enough sample to show them, and struggled to show the issues in a photo, and couldn't show the loading issues inwas experiencing. When I explained that, I haven't received another reply.
  10. Seeing as how in Scotland sites are a lot further apart, and most have bio only rules, which I think should be introduced everywhere, or it will become another objection against airsoft the next nearest site to me is almost 100 miles away. Will perhaps try Geoffs, but will be bios.
  11. Myself and a fellow skirmishes both just used bags of Proball 0.25 Bios yesterday and we both agrees we probably wouldn't finish off the bag and just keep them as emergency reserves. They were getting hung up in speed loaders meaning loading midcaps was even more of an inconvenience. We both noticed an approx 10fps drop in our m4s (and my 1911) compared to what we were using before (in my case G&G, can't remember what he said he was using). Also noticed some separation marks on them. I can't explain the fps drop but it was definitely a thing as I checked with some G&Gs and the fps was back. Had a few flyers, and although I didn't have any feeding issues, he did. Also the seal on the bag came away on one side meaning it's no longer scalable. So overall enough niggles/issues that we both decided we wouldn't use them again. Incidentally we both bought from Socom Tactical . Am considering emailing Socom to let them know, in case there is a bad batch out there.
  12. That's cool, that makes sense and it's what I do
  13. The site I play at has the below limits I chrono at 295 with 0.25g Bbs in my Predator, and at 315 with the same in my Co2 1911. All guns are marked with a the wrap if they pass chrono, and there are random checks . It never occurred to me before, but should you chrono with the hop set, or backed off?
  14. A new dump pouch as my cheap eBay job shit the bed on it's first skirmish (luckily long enough for me to realise I want a dump pouch). Some Proball Bbs from SocomTactical for next weekend
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