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  1. Yes it was eventually diagnosed as a dud motor and once replaced the gearbox came back to life...funny that. Its been running 11.1 lipo's all year and not a problem.
  2. Northman

    whats all the hate for riot shields?

    I have no issue so long as it’s real deal and not a piece of f**king card board with a bit of string to hold it up. Real stuff is heavyish and someone who has purchased it is obviously committed to that role.
  3. Northman

    Want to get into Airsoft But...

    I have friends based in the same area so check out these sites: Reforger Tech Brigade Urban Assault The Gaol (straight up the A1 and turn left) Most alternate their days so you can always get 2-3 games in a month.
  4. I've re-adjusted it and it still wouldn't cycle and I think the motors f*cked now ...I've put some images below because I may just be missing something obvious. I was thinking that the angle on the new tappet place below needs to be smoothed so the sector gear can rotate better, as it is effectively hitting a right angle once it cycles...so could be forcing the tappet plate against the gearbox. Thoughts? Another theory I have is that before the whole thing died I had replaced the spring to get the 340 fps as I mentioned in my first post, but now I have added the sorbo to adjust the AOE will I need to clip the spring as it might be getting fully compressed. Again any thoughts on this? I've reshimmed as you've suggested but still had the problem in the video above and I've adjusted the motor height and still had the same problems - may have knackered the motor now too... ops!
  5. Ok I've started again from scratch and the results are as per the video below... WARNING May make you cringe...
  6. Hi! I got a completely new piston with full metal teeth rack and it also has number 2-3 removed and was sure to clean the gearbox of debris beforehand, I found a small piece of plastic from the piston in the gear teeth! Yes that's part of the reason I went for it as it saved me the job of grinding down 2 and 3. The AOE was way out though so I had to install the SORBO which makes both teeth flush or as they should be. On Reshimming I followed a guide and started on the bevel gear and worked my way up, checking and reducing lateral/vertical movement - but - not by too much. However, the gears were not spinning as freely as they were in the demo video though so I may need to start over from scratch. One thing I have just remembered (I was tired last night!) is that there was a small gap at the cylinder end between both parts of the gearbox - it just wouldn't close completely shut for some reason - but I'm only talking a fraction of a millimetre. I'll get a video up tonight as well as some pictures as like I said it just grinds to a halt in the fully cocked position. Again thanks for you help guys!
  7. Hey I'm back with new parts and new problems! So I spent some money on new parts below; ASG V3 Ultimate Cylinder Head ASG Ultimate Cylinder MAD BULL Blase Orange Polymer Piston - Full metal teeth rack Shim set ASH V3 Ultimate Tappet plate A new bearing spring guide SORBO pad from AirLabs This has enabled me to fix AOE as well as well as upgrade certain parts that were worn as well as reshim the gears. The problem is once I've put it all back together I test fire it and get either nothing or only about 2-3 shots off before it locks with the spring fully compressed. Maybe I've over shimmed it? Ugh I'm drawing a line tonight and will have another crack tomorrow but just wanted to drop an update in here.
  8. Further to my last post I've looked into the AOE and it doesn't look too great, here are the results! I've done a bit of reading into it and the teeth need to be as flat as possible against each other to distribute the load and minimise wear on other components, so I'm going to get a spacer (sorbo) to hopefully rectify the problem. I'm also going to get a new piston with steel teeth, piston head upgrade and a new cylinder. Gears turn fine so there doesn't appear to be a need to re-shim though I will remember the test for the future! I'll let you know how I get on!
  9. I must admit I followed a youtube video for a V3 disassembly and can't remember the guy doing any work on AOE. And from trawling the internet for damage caused by bad AOE it seems to be consistent with what's happened. I'm going to check when I get in tonight and maybe buy a SORBO pad if required and obviously a new piston with reinforced teeth. I am still using the shims that were in it from before thinking that it should be fine! I will do this test also tonight and add a pack of new shims to the order if required. I'll let you know how I get on but thanks for the help guys!
  10. Hello! Thank for the response! I checked how the teeth mesh with the gears before and it seemed ok, but I will check again tonight and make sure it's as it should be. Also, the Gearbox is completely standard (not a split gearbox) and I've only swapped parts (Pistonhead, Spring) rather than upgrade at this stage. Its immaculate inside as I did a full service and there is no wear on any other parts. The only bit of debris I found was a small shaving of plastic which appears to have come off the piston teeth, which could have jammed the gears but is not the underlying problem. The wiring is an interesting point as there's very little slack in it currently which makes getting the wiring into its cavity and the gearbox in the receiver, quite time-consuming and maybe I have damaged it in the process? The battery was fully charged but I borrowed another from my cousin just to be sure and I had the same problem.
  11. Yes, it's easy to move - initially, I thought it should be tighter but I searched and watched some vids and sound it is as it should be. Ask away - I really appreciate your help! EDIT - Lubricant I used was the silicon grease that's in the Nurpol kit http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft/1-nuprol-airsoft-maintenance-kit.htm#.WlvLo0ycZPM
  12. Thanks for the quick response and yes it moves under its own weight.
  13. Hello Everyone, I am after a little assistance with my version 3 gearbox as I'm pretty new to working on my own kit but I'm keen to learn, rather than just send it into the tech shop everytime I have an issue. I'll give you a brief run through of the issues I've had with my AK and what I've done to date; Initial Problem - FPS - I purchased the rifle second hand and it was in good condition as the previous owner had hardly used it, I took it apart and this confirmed everything was in a good condition however at my first skirmish it was chrono'd at 220 which dropped to 160-180 at the next skirmish. Initial Solution - Replacement Piston Head & New Spring - I did a compression test which highlighted excessive leakage so I ordered a new piston head which seemed to provide better results as well as a new spring for good measure. This resulted in a consistent 340 FPS which was exactly where I wanted to be - Great! I thought and was feeling pretty good as I'd actually fixed something! That lasted until I took it to a skirmish this weekend... Current Problem - Seized & Piston teeth wear - It lasted one game before gradually getting slower and slower until it completely stopped firing - almost as if the battery was dying - which I thought was the case until I swapped it over and nothing. Luckily I could borrow an AEG so it didnt spoil my day but it was frustrating. I've now had time to take the gearbox apart and I found the spring was fully compressed in the cocked position and after closer inspection, there is no damage apart from wear to the first 3 teeth on the piston which was there before, and some new minor wear along the length of the piston teeth which is more prominent towards the end of the piston - image below. Current Solution - Well that's why I'm here... The guns an ICS and has to be downgraded to be within UK limits so I know it can take an M100 spring and other than the piston no other parts have damage. It was suggested by some people at the skirmish on Saturday that I maybe need to use a stronger battery (I currently run a 9.6V battery but looking to lipo up soon) but the new damage to the piston suggests there's another problem, and I think any increase in power would result in further damage. I'm buying a new piston regardless but just wanted to ask more experienced tech's what their opinion is? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi Guys, I'm returning to the sport and have been in the process of servicing and upgrading my old Type 96 sniper rifle from a blunderbuss to something with a little accuracy. The first step was to service the gun and install at PDI Hop-Up unit which is now done but the problem is one minute it will shoot 350-370 fps and the next it will be around 440fps, which means I can't use it. I'm learning as I go on the tech front but everything seems to be working fine - Am I missing something obvious? Please note I have not tested the rifle in the open yet - just chrono'd in the garage - (so could be the hop up?) The rifle is old and still has the spring from when I stopped playing 5-6 years ago. All help is greatly appreciated!
  15. Northman

    Recommended pistols for snipers?

    Wo1f is bang on with this one. I've tried MK23 and Glock so it really depends on what style of play and the site you will be going to regularly - if its woodland and you will be using a Ghillie then MK23 but if it's urban then go for room clearance. I've just finished overhauling my sniper rifle and I'm looking to purchase an ASG MP7 as a new sidearm as I mostly play at Urban Sites...just need to find a way to holster it now as its a bit large...