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  1. Drop my kit off in the garage, empty mags, remove batteries, recharge Lipos, put guns in the airing cupboard to dry if needed, stretch and limber up before smashing the Mrs like a milk float hitting wall 🍆💦💦💦 Then dinner 👌
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    LCT PBS-4 Silencer for AK's - Pimp that AK74UN Condition: Used a couple of times Dimensions: 45mm x 220mm Price: £45+P&P



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    Flecktarn load out as a complete set for £75 + P&P 1 x Flecktarn Fritzsch KG Recce Boonie Hat - XXL £15 1 x KSK Commando Tropics Shirt - XL £35 1 x Flecktarn German issue gloves - L £5 1 x German Rip stop trousers - XXL £20 Other info: The KSK Shirt and Boonie have velcro patches so you can attach morale patches or anything you like.


  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    An ideal accuracy upgrade for any designated marksman or sniper that rocks an SVD. Its unused, set up and ready to go so you can simply drop it in your RIF and away you go. Brand: Red Hornet Airsoft - As seen on Airsoft Action TV Length: 509mm Bore: 6.02mm R-hop Patch Installed: Yes Additional Info: Lapped to a mirror finish the barrel comes with a CYMA Hop unit and Prometheus Blue bucking. Reason for Sale: This was supposed to go in a SVD DMR project but I've sold the rifle as I don't get out much anymore and I had completely forgot I had this. Price: £95+P&P



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    Make: Real Sword Gun/Model: SVD Accessories: Original Real Sword replica Scope, 4 x Magazines, Original Cleaning Rod, Original manual and carry case as shown, SMERSH (SSO) Ammo pouch for 4 x mags Internal Upgrades: Spring has been upgraded to increase power/range and performes very well in terms of consistency and accuracy. #F**kYourSSG 😆 FPS: 470.00 on 0.20g (SEMI ONLY) Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price: £660 + P&P or Pick up available. Delivery Method: Courier or but pick-up preferred. Reason for Sale: I'm focusing on more team based play rather than sniping so its just gathering dust.



  6. Thanks for the reply and insinuation that I’m on day release. From memory I’ve played at two sites where the limits were that high and in both cases it was heavily policed in terms of minimum engagement distance, the LMG that it applied to and the requirement for a side arm. This was some time ago but I have to say it added a new dynamic to the game in that LMGs like your MG42’s, GPMGs and I remember one chap having a .30cal - could actually dominate ground rather than being just another large AEG with a box mag. Thanks for your input 🙃 Edit - a mate just confirmed it was a 400fps hard limit not 400+ as per my previous. 🤗
  7. In a game where there are waves upon waves of snipers thanks to YouTube ‘celebrities’ be prepared for the inevitable salvoes of .48s that will be bouncing off your head if you run a static LMG, like a MG42. It’s only worth doing if your site lets real LMGs run at 400+ FPS and even then you need to have the proper setup and adjust your play to suit.
  8. Weight of fire beats the ability to see. Works well in the dark too. Fuck those NVGs.
  9. Just buy what you want or failing that flip a coin or roll a dice and let fate decide. 🙄
  10. Yeah I know some fantastical accurate AKs but I’m not that fussed - volume works just fine for me! You can try to perfect accuracy and zero in your scope as much as you like in perfect conditions, but come game time there are too many variables. So long as the bbs are going towards the enemy team I’m happy! 😆
  11. If you want to get it as accurate as possible then go for it but remember it’s airsoft at the end of the day and sometimes a little bit of ‘spread’ can help you out! Then again I use AKs so maybe that’s just gone to my head...but I can’t remember the last time I’ve needed to be pin point accurate.
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I'm selling my 'Buzzsaw' which has only been skirmished five times this is a solid bit of kit that gets more attention than any M4 on the skirmish field and has the performance to match! (£1500 new) Open to reasonable offers. USPs: Probably the best airsoft replica of an MG42 due to the construction and functional parts Quick Spring Change gear box Heavy duty stamped steel receiver High quality stained real wood stock & grip Authentic weather resistant parkerized finish CNC machined aluminum custom gearbox w/ 10mm oil-less bushings (PM me for video of removal) Realistic field-break-down for quick barrel swap (PM me for video) Rugged steel barrel, barrel shroud, bipod, sights, and flash hider High quality stained real wood stock & grip Realistic charging handle and trigger with push button safety Reason for Sale: I was going to convert this into an MG3 but I just don't have the time nor do I skirmish as much as I would like anymore. Upgrades: A Lonex Balanced Motor has been installed as I accidentally broke the connector pin off the original motor. P&P: Ideally this would be a collection as the price would increase due to the size/weight of shipping it. I am based not far from 'The Gaol' in Rutland and can potentially bring this to a game day. GMG42 AEG G&G Specifications: Velocity: 330fps* (with 0.20g bb) Weight (approx.): 12kg Receiver: Steel Magazine: 1700 rnd Drum BB's: 6mm Hop Up: Yes, adjustable Battery connector: Deans Recommended battery: 7.4V LiPo



  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Make: ICS Gun/Model: AK74 Accessories: 1 x Scope mount, foregrip, original wood kit that came with it & ICS RAS kit inc stock. 1 x high cap Internal Upgrades: Double Seal Piston head, low friction cylinder, new tappet plate and new motor. All work done by a very well known retailer and been used a 5 times since. FPS: 330.00 on 0.20g Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/N/N Price: £130 for RIF + P&P £20 for Bulle Vest + P&P £150 for the lot + P&P Delivery Method: Courier or Pick up from Oakham. Other Information: It was my first gun and combined with the unused tactical vest it would make an ideal entry level setup for someone new to the sport. As you have both wood and RIS kits you can adjust the look of the RIF to suit your taste.



  14. Sounds drastic but if I had that many RIF's with retailers for repair under warrantee I would be getting a refund and streamlining my collection. Its very easy to get drawn into airsoft and want to buy all sorts of RIFS but you can only use one at a time, and if your like me, you can only get out once a month, so twelve times a year. (OMFG DEPRESSING!) Its something I'm doing at the moment and it also motivates you to fix the issues yourself on the remaining RIFs. If your a collector though with an understanding partner that lets you rack them on the wall of your man-cave then more power to you then - fill ya boots!
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