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  1. Got a mark back from my first Uni piece of the year. 52/100 - 40 being the pass mark. I literally made it all up and copied the lecturer's references... Someone who actually tried and did it properly got 35/100. Is the system broken beyond repair. Or what?

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      Seriously though, I didn't cite any sources or anything, I just copy and pasted the references from a lecture and only used the slides from that same lecture, to gain an understand for and write 2000 words for the assignment.


      I couldn't have tried any less if I'd wanted to without simply not submitting anything.


      Whereas the other person who got 35, used proper references and citations, actually read up on the subject and actually put effort into it...

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      I would consider myself a smart guy, but not in the way that would allow me to just breeze something like this.


      My type of intelligence is more geared towards figuring people out and taking special considerations into account for given situations, being naturally observant and stuff like that.


      I've still never even taken a book out of the Uni library. How I passed by 12 marks is an absolute miracle.

    4. Suzuki Yamamoto

      Suzuki Yamamoto

      Some people just have a good level of common sense and some don't. I've worked with many students who think they're dead smart but don't have an ounce of common sense and it makes them come across very dumb. I never did the college/uni thing but still ended up in a job where people studied for years just to get something like this, so common sense does count for something. So i'd have to say that you've got very good common sense mate!

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