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  1. Liking this a lot. A great idea, so lets make sure plenty of us sign up to use it!
  2. Just had an email for this and it might be of use for someone. Genuine Oakley Departure Cargo Pants Khaki Grab an end of line bargain whilst you can, usual RRP is £64.99!!
  3. I usually get my Specs from them, but due to my prescription it'll cost me a bit more. Well worth it though as you only get one pair of eyes!!
  4. I have these too but haven't had the chance to get my prescription added to the inserts. But thanks for your review, it make's me more confident about my purchase!
  5. Suzuki Yamamoto

    Gaming PC

    Just as an alternative, this is from FRANKIEonPCin1080p's YouTube channel. It's pretty good for the price and you can see what he's tested it with and see the results. The website it takes you to in his links is for Gladiator Computers
  6. I have this one on my M4 and it has gone down in price now too! Fantastic bit of kit.
  7. Hi Johntee, there are a fair few of us who are London based. Anytime you're going just post in here to see if anyone wants to team up. Where abouts in London are you based?
  8. Sorry BrightCandle, do you mean Tactical Warfare Airsoft and the site in New Addington? Annerley shut down a while back.
  9. For gaming.... FRANKIEonPCin1080p Jackfrags For Airsoft..... Bodgeups Airsoft Scouthtedoggie Bullet4MyEnemy
  10. I'm using kit made by Condor (available from Military1st) and it has tonnes of room and adaptability. Quality is pretty good as is the price. I was bigger (18 and a half stone) when I started and since losing two stone in weight I've not had to change my chest rig/hydration pack combo. I'd happily recommend Condor as an alternative to Warrior, although I know how good the Warrior kit is.
  11. I think this will be bigger than B51. The previous measurement made by them was just a very rough guess, so don't feel disappointed just yet Brightcandle!!
  12. B51 does have some square footage, but it's the layout that does it in. This new venue should be bigger but no one will know for sure until we get in there. Just glad to see a new site in London as I was beginning to think that no one would ever open another London site!
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