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  1. Confused.com... Sniper's firing at 175ish fps with .43s, which means that according to our fps calculation app, it ought to be firing .20s at around 250. But it's not, it's firing them at about 320. It used to fire at around 400 with .20s, so it seems that fitting an R-hop has reduced my fps by about 80... Not good. Methinks it might not be in right... It's overhopping .30s ridiculously, but isn't lifting .43s. Snipers can honestly just fuck off. Waaaaaayyy too much hassle.

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    2. Finius


      Step 1: Chuck out your bag of shite.

      Step 2: Buy a VSR.

      Step 3: Inner peace.

    3. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      If the hop is blocking the barrel too much and it's an RHop, then it's wrong. It should go into the barrel by less than half a mm, if you look down my barrel, you can't even see the RHop, it's flush with the barrel.

    4. Airsoft-Ed


      Yeah, I know Liam. Gonna have to take another look at it sometime. Need to get some sandpaper methinks...

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