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  1. Anyone into RC planes? I'm going to Western Park tomorrow for a model airshow.

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    2. sp00n


      I did fly them, so was I :) I only gave up due to a neck injury and not being able to look up for that long lol I still have my kyosho trainer 50 and kyosho duct fan f16 somewhere

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      I used to fly a ducted fan A10 and a sort of cessna-type thing, both electric. As well as various different gliders. Not done it for a while though, 'cos the club I was a part of decided you have to pass some sort of practical test to get a license or certificate or something and without it, they won't insure me.


      So I've not done anything since then, even though the test will be a piece of piss, I think it's a joke that they suddenly decided to force you to do it,...

    4. sp00n


      Really love the A10's I always was gunna get one lol, then again I never assembled the f16 electric duct fan … I only got it as I was fed up of cleaning caster oil (or what ever the oil in the fuel was) off my trainer. I know what you mean, I had the application pack for my licence/insurance but had to give up before I took my test :(

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