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  1. First video from Saturday is up. I also got a 13 kill streak (new record I think) so look out for that video too, it'll be up later in the week. Also let me know what you make of the new camera angle:

    1. NickM


      Good vid, nice quality, didn't have any problem with your nose but the peaking to the left of the standing tubes you just get the plastic. I like the idea of the angle but what about the middle of the front of your helmet, ie between the eyes?

    2. Airsoft-Ed


      The shape/size of the camera would mean I had to have it right on the top of my head which I think would be too far out of the way to see anything that well.


      Plus, it puts the camera at more risk of being shot, which I try to avoid.


      Looking around left hand corners is always going to be an issue, but it's better now than it was.

    3. NickM


      Fair enough, didn't know what camera. Its a pretty unique angle, I do think its good for the majority of that vid.

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