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  1. it is the TM recoil specific rail i take it?
  2. I'm just glad that society is so crime free they have time for stuff like this........
  3. Yep and they've started restricting "gun" sites so i cant even surf (Properly) to pass the time
  4. I sold mine so unfortunately I cant help measurement wise
  5. look at component shop https://www.componentshop.co.uk/batteries/airsoft/li-po-packs/74v.html i think i had this one in my VFC scar but its not in stock https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-800mah-25c-continuous-discharge-lipo-battery-giant-power.html mesure the space in the stock and if it fits buy it lol
  6. We've had people out for a game, a dead player was standing talking to me, a marshal with his hand up and a younger player ran up and Moscarted him in the face that was a game out to calm down. We've also banned people, there was a player who we had loads of reports about non hit taking so we test fired him and he turned round and offered out the person that had just shot him, 5 marshals were on him like white on rice, we told him it was a test fire as we has loads of reports about him, he then offered to fight the marshals so it was "pack up and sod off and dont come back"
  7. It should hold out until pressed to imitate the real reloading method ie holding the bolt open
  8. I never used to bother but since going TM recoil I do, other factors out of the equation id say 9 out of 10 hit the spot and the missed one is usually not by much
  9. more like 1 decent sniper to the 15 that turn up with "sniper rifles" in my experience....
  10. TM recoil, they're expensive but there's a reason because they are so good.
  11. Its all TM including the midcaps except the rail which is VFC. The gun is completely stock, gear box has never been opened so all the TM magic dust is still in there
  12. Make/brand: Tokyo Marui HK417 NGRS Any accessories included: VFC 417 short rail 7xMidcap mags I have too many nice Guns that i dont use so I am wondering what the value of the above would be? Pictures:
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