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  1. Seen that one as well, bit limited for info on this gun, kinda considered even getting a new gearbox but probs not worth it for the price that it's worth
  2. Possibly the issue was already there when I got it, I never realised it until a few weeks back when I was chronoing it in semi and it fired full auto. Then I noticed it fired full auto no matter what position the selector switch is in.
  3. I've Googled it up. No electronics, the krytac version does have a MOSFET, the A&K doesn't, it seems that it's all analogue and done with weights. I would be tempted to dismantle the gearbox and check but it's putting everything back together that could become a pain 😂
  4. Got an A&K vector for a few months now, the gun has an issue where it fires full auto no matter the fire selector position(single, burst or full auto). Took it to a friend to see if he could fix it but no luck, can't find anything online regarding how to disassemble the gearbox etc. Any ideas on what could possibly be? Suspected it could be MOSFET but the gearbox in the A&K is different from the krytac one and doesnt have a MOSFET in it. Thanks in advance

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    Looking for a vision king LPVO +cantilever mount. TIA


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    vsr10 variant kitted with the following. Action army Teflon cylinder. Action army fluted piston M150 spring Action army hop up unit+omega nub 70degree autobot bucking Maple leaf outter barrel Crazy jet barrel. 90 degree cnc S trigger Action army mags x3 Vsr mags x 3


  7. Noobtoobe


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    here is my Tokyo Marui 417 NGRS bought this a few moths ago with the intention of turning it into a DMR however due to work/personal commitments I have lost interest and its been sitting in the box for the last couple of months doing nothing. the gun has been taken to a game day once for chrono'ing and adjusting the Hop, the RIF is literally new with less than 200 rds cycled through it, Sam at KOF can confirm this as the Rif was inspected by him when I bought it. 1-standard tm Mag , no box but if full price meet up ill throw in the VFC short rail as well, the rif is still standard other than dean conversion. Buyer to pay postage any questions let me know.


    Brechin, Angus - GB

  8. My eothech is the opposite, the front lens is cracked but the rear one is ok 😂 Ps:give us a shout if you decide to sell yours as I can use it to make mine functional again 😊
  9. Higher rate of fire: you could get a v2 btc spectre mosfet or a gate titan,these can help with trigger response, and you can program the firing interval with them, however if you want a much higher rate of fire then I think you'll need to go down the dsg route which I have no experience with sorry. Higher fps currently 309: I would probably stick to that spring for the time being, try and get a good quality tight bore barrel like prometheus, Edgi or PDI and good quality bbs when you do so. Getting a decent piston head, piston and cylinder all helps with air seal with then im
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