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    Tm hicappa. King arms Bro. G&g rk47 blow back. Bolt br47 pmc high cycle. Tm fn5/7 classic army lmg
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    Mixed but mostly use viper kits
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  1. Madmark

    Gun picture thread

    Well I know what you mean about not getting the option to have it shooting at least 400fps but I actually enjoy being about to still engage targets at close range. I was originally going to upgrade it to 425 FPS but the site I play at has a minimum engagement of 30 mitres and a two second delay for anything shooting over 360 FPS. I actually really love it. Helped me quit smoking .
  2. Madmark

    Help needed G&G GR25 SPR

    Evening people. I have the g&g gr25 spr. Love using it as I like the idea of just using the single shot. I want to upgrade it for better range and accuracy but want to keep it shooting within the site 360 fps limit. Already have a tight bore barrel but I am wondering what else I should upgrade. ? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Madmark

    Gun picture thread

    G&g gr25 spr. Great gun with good range.
  4. Madmark

    Gas shotgun

    Bump £220 collection only.
  5. Madmark

    Gas shotgun

    Bump still for sale.
  6. Madmark

    Gas shotgun

    In fact price drop to £220 collected from Livingston. To many time wasters on here.
  7. Madmark

    Gas shotgun

    Hey mate.... Sorry for the late reply. Did not notice you reply. Yes it's still available mate. Where are you from about and got any questions?
  8. Madmark

    Gas shotgun

    Make: Tokyo mauri Gun/Model: breacher Accessories: full stock. 13 shells. Everything in picture. Condition: used but great condition FPS: 300 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n/n Price/Payment: 220 Pictures: Don't get to use this gun alot so looking to sell it on. The two gas mags leak. Will post with UK mail at your expense or collection from central Scotland. Any questions then please contact me.