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  1. HKRiceBucket

    Osprey style suppressor?

    I'll take a look thanks
  2. HKRiceBucket

    Osprey style suppressor?

    Yeah saw the helix stuff. Their rails do look lovely too 😁
  3. HKRiceBucket

    Osprey style suppressor?

    hmm...as much as I love that design type. Don't think I can justify it. Will just have to give it a miss unless I ever managed to come across a second hand one 😆
  4. HKRiceBucket

    Osprey style suppressor?

    Hi, Was wondering if anyone knows alternative clones that mimics osprey kind of style suppressor that doesn't cost silly money for what is basically just a mock accessory? Everywhere I come across seems to want at least £50 + which seems rather extortionate unless I missed the lecture about what makes it special cos I haven't noticed aside from the looks. 😨 Thanks
  5. HKRiceBucket

    Motor upgrade straight swap upgrade or?

    Well I had my eyes on a prommy barrel as it seems a lot of people rate it. However would like to hear how you get on with your current build.👍
  6. HKRiceBucket

    Motor upgrade straight swap upgrade or?

    Cool thanks for the suggestion. Will try that out 👍
  7. Basically I'm looking to get a specna arms as a base and replacing the spring, inner barrel and also install a flat hop/r hop (undecided yet on what type of hop) My question would be if I toy with the idea of changing stock motor would there be anything else I may need to do or would it be ok just to do a straight swap without any potential issues? (I know that for a lot there is a phrase of "don't fix what's not broken", but I enjoy tinkering and generally like to learn more about what makes things "tick" 😝) Thanks
  8. HKRiceBucket

    Armor Works Hi Capa vs TM Hi Capa

    Hi guys, Haven't really found a lot of information in regards to these. I know generally TM are the benchmark most companies aim for as an out of the box reliability/accuracy etc. With that in mind I'm just wondering what pro's that some people who has an AW Hi Capa seemed to find over TM? Considering they are in the same price bracket as TM's I'm just curious to know why people would go for AW over TM. AW's are generally aesthetically pretty cool at least in my opinion but not sure if I can't justify the means if there's nothing outstanding about them except for the visual appeal in comparison to TM? 🤷‍♂️ (Apologies if this is not meant to be in technical. Not entirely sure)
  9. HKRiceBucket


    👍 feel free to drop pm for Saturday. Don't want to hijack the thread anymore than I already have 😁
  10. HKRiceBucket


    Yeah tactical only does Saturday's as far as I recall. Will let you know how the place goes.
  11. HKRiceBucket


    Yeah. Faygate too far for my mate. So I'm doing both mornings in Tactical and Dogtag. Sleep is for the weak! Lol. God I'm going to feel so tired this weekend 😂
  12. HKRiceBucket


    Hi! I'm relatively new myself. If you are going to be turning up to Croydon which I'm assuming tactical airsoft in feather bed lane I'll be there this Sat with a mate. Feel free to drop me a message if you booked yourself in and want to link up at site.
  13. HKRiceBucket

    London Airsofters

    I was under the impression it used to be in Whitechapel and is relocating somewhere else? At least that's what the website stated?
  14. HKRiceBucket

    How do headshots feel without helmet?

    And what 😂 I can live with arm leg shots etc but head and crown jewels is definitely not something I want to try my luck with. I vote for you to take the experiment in my stead lol
  15. HKRiceBucket

    How do headshots feel without helmet?

    Haven't got lucky being shot in finger yet but got shot by a sniper (assumption due to single shot) relatively close distance in the thigh which stung like hell but went away equally as fast