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  1. Hi guys, I have a secutor magazine that has a particular part fall out on me and was wondering how I go about slotting it back in? It's the white cyclinder thing that looks like an 0-ring inside the metal frame but it seems a bit of a nightmare to wedge back in as it seems slightly bigger than the opening for me to slot in? Is that part actually important? or fixable without breaking the piece? Thanks
  2. Lol stop it. I'm pissing myself laughing here at work as it is. 😂 New pew pew always good. Must show and tell I say 😝
  3. It's the only way I can keep myself sane while I can't go to any skirmishes temporarily 😝 Lol shhhhhhhh I'm trying to be good 😂
  4. Third time buying RIF from SWAS. This time custom order as one of the items was out of stock. Ordered, paid, delivered and packaged well without a hiccup. Cannot fault the service. The guys even made sure I got the invoice I needed when it was clearly out of normal business hours for them. Props to them. Just can't recommend them enough and will definitely be ordering again soon!
  5. I did say I have self control issues 🤣I'll calm down now....I promise...ahem *cough* 😇😝
  6. Cool thanks. I'll have a serious think about this then
  7. Had it checked out recently at Surplus store just in case. They seemed to think it was fine or at least neither of us noticed anything that needed work on?
  8. Yeah I tend to really baby my collections 😂
  9. HKRiceBucket

    TM M92F

    Make/brand: Tokyo Marui Any accessories included: only the items included in the original packaging Just seeing how much it would be worth if I were to decide to sell it. More or less almost brand new and only used once. Just been sitting at home as decoration. Anyone have any idea how much it'll go between for? Pictures:
  10. First time ordering from SWAS. Ordered an AEG. Arrived super quick. Communications and customer service is top notch with a personal touch. There was a hiccup with the order which I believe being no fault of the seller himself. He quickly rectified by posting next day delivery for the missing piece that I needed urgently. Top man. Honestly cannot fault the service and will definitely be looking to place future orders. 👍
  11. Excited to watch the RAF flyover! 

  12. Just installed the new foregrip. Not to everyone's taste but I like the skeletonised look 😎
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