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    Several AEGs -m4s, m16, couple of Mp5s. Sniper, gbb pistols, who knows what's next!
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    Several options depending on game type.
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  1. Roger that, will do! (If I can figure out DM on this thing...very new to the site still! I'll give it a shot though - no pun intended, of course 🤣🤣).
  2. Hey Sammie! Welcome back to the madness! I've only just got into airsoft too, but first time round for me lol... bought my first gun just over a year ago and now have a small arsenal 🤣. Just been out at a local site down here in Devon over the last year, but hopefully Boris will tell us we can "go out to play" again soon, and quite fancy trying to get to a few different sites around the country... do a little "Airsoft Tour" of the UK! As for excuses to buy guns and stuff, obviously I wouldn't encourage that kinda behaviour (😉🤣), but if the urge grabs ya and you "need" a gun or some
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