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  1. Paintball mask is your best bet or contacts. For me, I really struggle with goggles around the ears with glasses.
  2. Time Left: 18 hours and 39 minutes

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    Looking for a MCX. Budget about £300. Happy to discuss if it has upgrades or is broken. Will consider suitable accessories


    Shrewsbury - GB

  3. I've had fast delivery before. Boneyard/special offers can be really good, worth checking. Bit slow to remove sold out items though, makes browsing clunky.

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    Well MB01 converted to HPA with a Mancraft SDIK. Otherwise stock internals. Great bit of kit, air efficient, quite happily sends .2s at 500fps downfield (I use .40s to good effect) 3.5 years old. Serviced last year. Few scuffs to paintwork around the bolt and barrel opening. About 12 to 15 skirmishes. Couple thousand rounds max x4 low cap metal mags, all feed well Mock silencer with barrel shroud. 0.8l/3000psi totemair tank with Ninja LPR regulator, 4.5 yeara old. Olive green molle vtac bag good condition Genuine Hawke Vantage 4x32 mildot scope. There is a scratch to the facing lens but it doesn't affect your vision or dot Price is all in, inc postage and paypal. If pickup/cash, can be negotiated for less Would also consider trade for cybergun MCX, Tippmann m4 or any CQB HPA kit



  5. Basement for chrono and finding major faults. Anything else on gane day, though there's a rifle range 30 mins away from me that has an airsoft shooting gallery
  6. https://www.prefired.com/ads/rare-and-upgraded-gp-salient-arms-gbb-rifle-woc44/ Just because you spent a mint on upgrades doesn't mean this is worth 1.2k!
  7. Good analysis, Rogerborg, makes me feel better.
  8. I have a CTSFO impression. Nothing illegal wearing police kit on private land. Impersonation is all about intent, bit like stolen valour. Do not under any circumstances wear said kit to or from a game though. Buying it can also be tricky: you can legally buy defunct kit (old constabulary like Rutland for example) or import it (I've never had any issues). For AFO kit, you can get the caps readily with no badge. 5.11 gear is pretty standard, or get surplus police issued gear. Surplus vest or new one from Aegis. Appropriate firearm. Done
  9. Weird, I'm ok in my Mechanix gloves down to freezing if walking, bit lower if active Hand warmers are best for a quick heat fix
  10. That looks a lot more interesting and CQB friendly
  11. Be careful with cheap antennas, a lot are POS fakes. The reprogramming is probably for PMR freqs, which makes it much less likely you'll get bollocked for a too powerful a radio without a licence
  12. Emerson actually do a repro of the LEAF gear, or Crye G3s if you prefer that look. It's fairly priced, reasonable quality
  13. The Viper Lazer platform has similarities to the C2rmor lite carrier. For 80% less, it does the job well enough for an impression
  14. Depends on the player. I found it way easier to move over (after trying and hating AEG rifles), but I already used air tanks with remote line, and Tippmanns need no secondary reg
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