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  1. _stylian_

    £30 eBay "Dye" rip off shattered

    Interestingly the FMA fan goggles are pretty good ans have been recommended on here. I use them and never had any issues other than DOA fans
  2. _stylian_

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    CTSFO impression?
  3. _stylian_

    Wolverine MTW - Any one in the UK own one?

    A few guys on Reddit have it, they seem to rate it. I'd be interested to know more, it gets expensive with all the extra though
  4. _stylian_

    N7 Milsim into Cybergun MCX

    Update. The guys who run in E27 advised against it. I'll take their word for it
  5. _stylian_

    N7 Milsim into Cybergun MCX

    Has anyone got any experience installing HPA engines into the MCX? I'm most interested in the N7 Milsim as I want the closed bolt, reliability and no electronics. I'm thinking it should be ok as it's a VFC V2 gearbox (that the engine is designed for)? I'm struggling to find a tech I like that is taking on work right now so may have to do it myself
  6. _stylian_

    Black Friday Deals: Post them!

    Thanks for that, planning a big order from Patrolbase, may hold on then