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  1. _stylian_

    VFC HK417 HPA Setup

    Hasn't this already been sold and bought twice in 6 months on here. Any issues with it??
  2. Ordered over Easter weekend, got dispatched Tuesday, arrived today (naturally missed the UPS driver so got to go to the pick up point)
  3. Currently got some tech work with them. Will let you know on that one (email replies are tardy to say the least) The in person shop is small but well kitted Prices he offers for second hand aren't great but he's open about that but if you've got busted kit or really expensive kit you may struggle to shift it's not a bad idea to talk to him
  4. _stylian_


    Just ordered some hard to get bits. From emailed question, to reply, to order, to shipping notification, took about 45 minutes. Impressed. Prices are mixed but their postage is fair
  5. It'll still chill. Called the latent heat of vapourisation. Having your mags and gas warm helps a bit (store inside rather than in a cold shed before game day)
  6. Plates help with draw for sure As for myself, just in hospital, though have an interest in PHEM and do event days. It's rare to come across a fat doctor below the age of 40, especially in the non office areas like theaters. Just too active. I'd say it's 50:50 being actual gym fit and skinny fat. Ward nurses and GPs are much to be desired though on that front!
  7. Well this has gone off topic!
  8. 'Fun' fact from that tragedy. The bus bombing happened outside the royal college of GPs. Who had a conference on. So in minutes you had dozens of doctors triaging patients and doing their best to keep people alive. Almost certainly saved lives by them being there
  9. True that. But yeah, you rarely see an obese anaesthetist Ha. None on the crash team or transfer team here. Though I do get the crash team porter to grab the bag sometimes It's all of a muchness. Do I - need- to train with plates? No. But it helps.
  10. Got it one. If I'm on the crash bleep and I'm called out of building, our response bag is about 10kg and the furthest I've had to run is a quarter mile. I also have to carry the response bag in transfers. In hospital I don't take the bag as each area should have a crash trolley, but I'm expected to be able to sprint to any part of the hospital HEMS/MERIT are expected to be able to run an 8 minute mile with full kit over terrain I believe
  11. That would be an anaesthetist then (I get to play with all the cool toys at work too!)
  12. Ha, in a roundabout way, yeah, actually
  13. Valid points. (and my job can involve me sprinting a quarter mile with a 10kg backpack on, then perform said job expected of me)
  14. It works at Bravo One because of the CCTV and Filmsim nature of it (refs with cameras as 'TV crews' etc) - I guess it is a bit like LARP, it's still honour based. If I remember correctly, it lets them take a hit and be 'wounded' so medics can revive, so they get on the floor and stop fighting.
  15. That's what a plain carrier is for, or just go to somewhere crossfitters are, they've seen weirder
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