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  1. Got a ninja line. Works perfectly. Lesson learnt
  2. Good DIY job I use FMA fan goggles, cost about 18 quid. Once you take the foam layer off the edging, work like a treat with a bit of anti fog
  3. He's a registered retailer. Do check the prices offered etc, they can be pretty low sometimes though Nick is upfront about this
  4. Chances are he got one from a rip off merchant, some stores have them at the 420 mark. Throw in the silencer etc. Still, nuts price, I've seem at 450 s/h but will have several mags, sling, rail covers and a mosfet
  5. Was just about to post this from his prefired ad. What a muppet.
  6. Yeah, it's almost certainly a tolerance issue, it will connect to the supplied ASA but the qd sleeve just won't lock on the tippmann. A borrowed ninja line connects perfectly fine Got a refund so no loss to me
  7. Another problem Got this remote line https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4500psi-Paintball-Microbore-Air-Fill-Station-Charging-Adaptor-42-Line-Hose/123462649872?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Taken then ASA adapter off, trying to connect the female QD to my Tippmann. The clip doesn't want to go back into place and lock. Practically shat myself when I gassed up the gun and sent the line flying into my face. Any advice? Do I have a subtly wrong sized QD? Or just crap Chinese tolerances?
  8. After utterly failing to find a local tech (over 9 contacted) that matched what I wanted: ie good comms, experience, portfolio, decided to speak to Luke at Negative Airsoft. Very good conversation. Refused to touch my AEP but got a good vibe for my NBB upgrade and repair
  9. I'm happy to post out, not much for pistols. (should have got a 2for1 when I ordered a mouth guard off you)
  10. Well I've clearly fucked it up. I've stripped a hop unit screw, and now my power and hop are all over the place. Also, just don't have the time or the will to work on the mags. Waiting on Gary Fox to reply to me, will try Negative Airsoft next. No one seems to work on both AEPs and NBBs
  11. As a no fuss sidearm for a sniper, it's a decent buy. Fibre optic sights, metal top slide, improved gas routing and future CO2 mags are nice. But Nov has shite customer service and is egomaniacal so would rather not support him
  12. Airsoft Imports buys and I think he does part ex
  13. Sweated more than Jimmy Saville in a children's hospital over the weekend. Strongly regret my choice of plate carrier over a chest rig
  14. Got no traction in the tech subgroup so posting here Anyone got any tech recommendations, specifically for work on AEPs and an Mk23 NBB. I'm cheesed off with the techs I've used: not doing work asked for, double or triple the lead time quoted, no itemised receipts, and absolutely shocking comms West Mids preferred so I can drop off and test at pick up, though I'll take any decent tech in the UK
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