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  1. Sorry for the health problems, EDS is no fun, let along a fucked neck I find DMR needs you to move more than you realise in airsoft due to natural range of our gear. Support gunning might be better, though need to be smart to avoid weight.
  2. So now dealt with Nick a few times. Had no issues other than slow comms (largely due to him setting up a new airsoft field). Tech work on my Glock 18c AEP was affordable and under warranty. Sometimes runs deals if you pay attention to his Facebook page. Will point out when you can get better stuff elsewhere (ie mini lipos for AEPs)
  3. Ah didn't catch that about the courier. Dodgy as fuck
  4. Obviously this is a scam, but I'm trying to figure out how it works?
  5. I dont get why the airsoft Community don't routinely include the fees in the sale price.
  6. Ace1arms make solid repros. Good to know the unbranded Trijicon RMR is shit, i had a suspicion they might be
  7. I think it detects backwards polarity before you start. Clever bit of kit, in theory idiot resistant (nothing is proof as I so well demonstrated)
  8. I figured it out, turns out looking at kit after a night shift is a bad idea. The imax charger has the port for the balance charger built into it
  9. It's a jst xh. I think I'm being a numpty and can use the 4 pin I have for the 3 pin on the lipo. Will check tomorrow
  10. As above. Just bought an imax b6 charger. Came with a 4 pin balanced charger cable for lipos. But I need a 3 pin one for my mini 2 cell lipos I can't for the life of me find one online. I can find extentions. I can find adaptors. But no cable Anyone know where I can get one afforably?
  11. I've been in comms with their tech over the last year. Seems like a free cannon, won't listen or respond to itemised queries (I was willing to drop a lot of money on a HPAed MCX but he wasn't having any of it). Gave up in the end.
  12. Keep it simple. Cool dry place, lube the bits that need lubing. Clean down rest with rubbing alcohol. You can get fancier like vacuum packing or wrapping in grease paper, but some air flow is needed for the rubber integrity
  13. http://www.usedairsoft.co.uk/rif-s/electric-powered/new-vfc-cybergun-sig-sauer-mcx_i14973 Some crack being smoked here seeing as you can buy new for £380 in the UK, and sometimes for a lot less imported if there's a flash sale on Redwolf or Shootclub
  14. _stylian_

    VFC HK417 HPA Setup

    Hasn't this already been sold and bought twice in 6 months on here. Any issues with it??
  15. Ordered over Easter weekend, got dispatched Tuesday, arrived today (naturally missed the UPS driver so got to go to the pick up point)
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