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  1. Ares go home, you're drunk!




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    2. Druid799


      Problem with all this super dooper mega technology is the person operating it , your average thickaspigshit airsofter ? Now we all know soon as you put us lot with something complicated its all gonna end in tears ! 🤦‍♂️

    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      to be fair though, modified guns with fancy electronics aren't generally difficult to use, they're just difficult to build.


      you plug in the battery, pop in the magazine and pull the trigger same as anything else.


      granted when it stops working then there's a problem, but it's not like current aeg's are immune from that anyway.

    4. ziCk_


      On one hand you finally have some real innovation entering Airsoft that these days is revolving about repackaging and selling mostly the same stuff in different wrapper... on another said innovation comes under ARES brand... it's a toss-up - either it's gonna be fucking amazing and Ares is gonna rebuild their reputation or it's gonna be made out of cheese and impossible to find parts for because it's Ares... I'm pessimist by nature so not really holding my breath but I will give credits where it's due if it exceeds the expectations. 

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