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  1. As in, it stops any pressure points/headaches especially when wearing eye pro where the straps or temples get pressed against your head by the headset. The gel cups form around your goggles and they provide a better seal to stop any loud noises getting in. I don't think it would make it any hotter to wear but I don't get that issue personally.
  2. Good choice, worth the extra costs, also I would recommend gel cups they make wearing headsets so much more comfortable
  3. I have the Xcortech 301 compact super bright and reliable (it's more durable than other tracers, this survives rain no problem), also to recharge in long game days just bring a portable phone charger and charge during breaks but if you have the auto shutoff feature enabled it will last a long time.
  4. parts just arrived from Nighttec (a fantastic company, good prices), bought a x1 objective lens and x2 demist shields
  5. weapon 762 never has the good stuff in stock lol.
  6. Always measure your head circumference before buying helmets as yes they make different sizes and if you don't have a properly fitted helmet it won't be as comfortable. Brands like emerson and FMA usually say in the sales description what range of head circumference they will fit. If you are buying after market straps you will need to measure your head height as well. IMO the helmet looks a bit big but it could just be how you have your pads setup and the shell of the helmet is probably thin. If your helmet fits snug on your head and you don't get any headaches then dw about it.
  7. Tried on my kit before the night vision event
  8. Night vision loadout ready for the blackevent hosted by THG
  9. Epic night vision, epic camo and that gun...... Where do I apply to be your son?
  10. Are you going to the heresey group black event this month? You should!!!!! night vision dedicated event I'll be there!
  11. Damn, this is my dream. One day..... one day... congrats!! white or green tubes?
  12. Went there a few months ago, the chrono and lack of safety is a huge nope from me. No guns were tagged, what's even the point of chronoing? There were so many people on the site that anyone could just slip by without chronoing and no one would be able to tell otherwise. The site is already pushing it with 350fps in a school where each engagement is just a few feet from how densely packed it is. This one reason alone is stopping me from going again. Also, many times in the middle of games I saw people remove their masks right infront of marshalls, nothing said. Secondly, on the day someone was burning stuff right outside the school and causing me and my brother to have to leave early due to it being difficult to breathe in. Also the school was a pain, people standing in hallways and not pushing in, the design is linear so there's no otherway around.. This is the first site I don't see myself ever returning to unless some changes are made, shame because the outdoors was actually enjoyable. TLDR, imo it's very dangerous to play at, definetely recommend full face mask if you plan on going there. I personally cannot see myself recommending this place to anyone at it's current state.
  13. Just make sure there are no gaps around where BBs can richochet up into ur eye.
  14. Time to build another night vision (gonna build a PVS7 this time), I have a problem I know.
  15. Save up some money and get a PVS14 instead, you'll find one for near the same price as the demon if you look hard enough, I had a dipol which uses the same housing as the demon and it was awful in comparison to the PVS14, plus the FLIR mounts are so badly made, the screws strip easily.
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