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  1. Picked up this G&P dbal for cheap (£95 second hand), was a pig to install but its up and ready, might update this post with pics through night vision later on. Now to buy a new torch and dual pressure pad!
  2. Just bought gel cups for my Peltor Comtacs! so comfy, very happy with my setup I think the comfort side of it is pretty much done now!
  3. Beautiful M4 I bought from @NoobyNico for my bday
  4. Haha, I have an MCX but wanted to try out a new gun I got for this round
  5. Nah vengeance is a police training builidng in Reading. It was going to open sooner but I believe a film company took over it for a bit.
  6. F***ing finally, the area needs more CQB sites, all the ones around me closed down last year (woodland sites are not my thing). Also hopefully UCAP vengeance and this site opens soon! Hopefully in time for summer.
  7. Building a helmet for my brother, so laborious but pretty fun.

  8. I just really don't get why you would want magnified mono/binocular attached to your helmet, why not just have it on ur gun or handheld??? What benefit does it have being on your helmet? None of those Night vision mounts are going to be compatible with any magnified scope you find, you'd have to do some DIY to get it to work but will look super janky. Also good night vision mounts aren't cheap, if you get the fake ones they break easy (I know from experience). Also, strapping magnified optics to your eye is a good way to get disorientated and headaches. I highly recommend just getting fake night vision and using magnified scope (or magnifier on ur gun) or hand held binoculars.
  9. My new genuine peltor comtac XPI's with boom mic arrived! (was an absolute pig to install but I got it done) They are such good quality, way better sound than the shitty z tactical knock off's (save your money and get real instead)
  10. No they don't have magnification, they're strictly for looks. If magnification is what you want then why not just have hand held binoculars or a magnifier attached to your gun??? Are you going for looks or functionality?? doesn't make any sense, sorry.
  11. I don't really know what you are asking for, are you wanting a weapon mounted night vision, helmet mounted or hand held?? Please don't waste money on a fake PVS14, they have a shitty screen inside and is not the same technology. Also if you are going for weapon mounted night vision then get a dedicated night vision scope (and not those cheap digital knock offs, you won't see for shit especially at range) that's gen2 but if you really have to gen1 should be ok for airsoft. Night vision is NOT cheap so be prepared to spend money. The mount you linked is a wilcox l4 G24 and is definetely the plastic version, unless you are going to mount dummy nods on them, don't buy. Get a metal FMA one at least, and you still need a dovetail J arm (which is £200 by wilcox, no replicas from what I see) or a bayonet J arm (£40-50) with a replica wilcox bayonet to dovetail shoe to interface with the device. Also if you are head mounting, don't get a magnified night vision otherwise ur gonna have a tough time moving around with them. You have to make sure your night vision can mount onto the J arm, then the J arm has to interace with the mount and the mount has to fit onto the shroud, and shroud to helmet. So there's a lot of research that needs to be done. And from my experience, even if you get dovetail they don't always fit together. If you want a cheap Gen1 setup that will function then I recommend the following minimum: -Pulsar Challenger x1 Gen1 monocular (this is a good starter nod as it has the same mounts as PVS14) -A real issued J arm (not a cheap fake one, real ones are roughly £40-50) -A real norotos Rhino mount (an FMA one should be alright too) -A good quality metal shroud (FMA do some good metal shrouds) Once you have all this it should look something like this (credits to @NoobyNico)
  12. If you live in SE I can let you know when I and others play!
  13. I was at reading last year and I heard my teammates behind me screaming and running away, I turn around only to find a grenade next to my feet and... well I couldn't here for 30 mins. I now wear hearing protection and turns out that grenade was a friendly one that they botched but didn't think to let me know.
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