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  1. CTSFO inspired but not going for 100% accuracy.
  2. Get G&G, they're lightweight (which assuming since you are 14 might be a good thing), won't break easily and perform well (and relatively cheap). You are 14 so you will most likely have to wear a full face mask at every sight you go to so you'd need a riser for your sights anyway so the iron sights aren't really an issue. Wish you the best of luck
  3. bought my MCX from them and it arrived promptly and came with a sheet showing the fps they tested it at, good prices too
  4. At first I wasn't basing my kit off of CTSFO but now i'm leaning towards their style, but it will never be the exact same, just more of an inspiration.
  5. Work in progress (yes I know the camera and scope is blocked, too lazy to fix it atm): Shoutout to NoobyNico for helping me find night vision equipment
  6. It's a wilcox three hole shroud but you can get repro ones made by FMA, it did not come with the helmet (the helmet is an oper8 helmet that I got from socom tactical). https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/fma-wilcox-3-hole-night-vision-mount-black Edit: not sure when you say helmet mount if you mean the adapter or the night vision mount but the night vision mount is an FMA INVG and the adapter is a norotos dual dovetail (they are expensive though and can only be found on facebook groups).
  7. You can get the impact proof S10 gasmasks, they can withstand any impact from airsoft guns close range.
  8. https://www.weapon762.com/nvg-mount/711-mars-tech-l4g24-style-nvg-mount.html?search_query=nvg+mount&results=25#/9-color-black This is the only repro I've found that isn't FMA (the chinese ones you see on ebay) Other than that you can get a real one from facebook groups but they are like 300+ euros
  9. Anyone know where I can get a good quality J arm or norotos dual dove tail mount? The J arm needs to be structurally strong, doesn't have to be wilcox (metal construction preferred) has to ship to the UK and can be either dovetail or bayonet style. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am Danny from Surrey, i've been airsoft for probably 8-9 years now and I only just thought "hmm.. I wonder if theirs a UK airsoft forum" and so here I am.
  11. Where did you get the mounts for your NVG? saw you had one in a picture you posted.


    Many thanks

  12. Anyone know where I can purchase some NVG mounts? I looked on ebay and all that I could find are ones from china. This is for real NVGs and NOT replicas. Thanks
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