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  1. Its max length is 925mm, my main gun that I use both outdoors and CQB is around that so I wouldn't say its too long for CQB, I think you'll get the best bang for your buck with this gun. I'm a small dude and if I have no issues running that length in tight CQB, you should be good to go. You can always get a pistol for situations where you are really in a cramped spot. I've only heard good things about Specna Arms and i'm eyeing one up for myself rn.
  2. Developing an integrated backup iron sight (IBIS) for the zenitco Perst-4 device: First print (still WIP):
  3. I have multiple laser aiming devices (or PEQs) and use them a lot for night vision purposes, depends what supplementing equipment you have. For my MCX I use a fake PEQ to house the battery. And yeah they're good to simulate the look.
  4. Sotac L4G24 mount arrived today (also an FMA PVS15 came with the mount too):
  5. Just arrived, PVS14 Dual Dovetail Bridge from Nighttec (as the chinese repro wasn't good):
  6. I have a S10 gasmask with ballistic tinted lenses, this is just for pic, I don't actually wear S10 with NVGs. Real team wendy straps and padding inside and proper counterweight at the back helps. It's only slightly heavier than my PVS 7 which I had no issues with.
  7. My dream setup is finally almost complete!!
  8. Yes, taken at night with cloud cover in my back garden, no lights or IR.
  9. Its been a couple months of painfully selling a lot of gear but I finally have my dream setup, dual 14s. Special thanks to @DrAlexanderTobacco for buying my PVS7, helping me make this possible!
  10. The nighty boy complete loadout (the pvs 7 is for sale btw, the night vision on the left).
  11. Used it in a game in December, worked well! Might need to sell them though to complete this next setup!
  12. Tier None Dual PVS14 bridge just arrived, now I need a second bird watching device..
  13. Not sure about the Klesh 2, haven't looked into it much (I would go for IR/White light version). I would buy from ebay, I heard people that buy from the website stores get theirs stopped at customs, I bought mine from ebay and it didn't get stopped.
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