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  1. Epic night vision, epic camo and that gun...... Where do I apply to be your son?
  2. Are you going to the heresey group black event this month? You should!!!!! night vision dedicated event I'll be there!
  3. Damn, this is my dream. One day..... one day... congrats!! white or green tubes?
  4. Went there a few months ago, the chrono and lack of safety is a huge nope from me. No guns were tagged, what's even the point of chronoing? There were so many people on the site that anyone could just slip by without chronoing and no one would be able to tell otherwise. The site is already pushing it with 350fps in a school where each engagement is just a few feet from how densely packed it is. This one reason alone is stopping me from going again. Also, many times in the middle of games I saw people remove their masks right infront of marshalls, nothing said. Secondly, on the day someone was burning stuff right outside the school and causing me and my brother to have to leave early due to it being difficult to breathe in. Also the school was a pain, people standing in hallways and not pushing in, the design is linear so there's no otherway around.. This is the first site I don't see myself ever returning to unless some changes are made, shame because the outdoors was actually enjoyable. TLDR, imo it's very dangerous to play at, definetely recommend full face mask if you plan on going there. I personally cannot see myself recommending this place to anyone at it's current state.
  5. Just make sure there are no gaps around where BBs can richochet up into ur eye.
  6. Time to build another night vision (gonna build a PVS7 this time), I have a problem I know.
  7. Save up some money and get a PVS14 instead, you'll find one for near the same price as the demon if you look hard enough, I had a dipol which uses the same housing as the demon and it was awful in comparison to the PVS14, plus the FLIR mounts are so badly made, the screws strip easily.
  8. Urban sure, gen2 and gen3 will be fine but this isn't what I was saying. I'm telling you if you go into a room with no windows and no light you won't see anything without IR, I challenge you to show me a video of someone doing just this. Night vision isn't magic, it works by amplifying available light ofc.
  9. I wouldn't say gen1 is entirely useless, the only useful application I would see is if you played solely indoors and it's dark. No matter the generation of nvg you need atleast some ambient light source to be able to see whether that be star light, moon light or light pollution. So indoors when it's pitch black (no external light) even gen3 will need to have an ir illuminator. I have friends who also just wear their gen1 just for the look instead of fake nods. It depends on what you are using it for but I could see why someone might want gen1. That being said if the above is what you are solely going to do then maybe you could get one for £100-150 and if you don't like it then that's not a huge investment you made. But with what you said you want to use it for, definitely get gen 2 (or above) and get a good one. My first gen2 was dipol d128 but it has the same housing and lens as the cobra demon and it was God awful, the picture was grainy and the resolution was bad. As you can see, even though it's gen2 it's not the best quality. It amplifies light more but the image was super grainy, I ended up returning it and getting a refund.
  10. Gen 1 is good for indoors / close distance but not the best for long distance and especially for milsim which you will probably see other NVG users. I'll post comparisons between my gen1 pulsar challenger and gen 2 PVS14 below: Left is pulsar challenger gen1 w/out IR with dimly lit room (still able to see with naked eye but still pretty dark), right is PVS14 gen2+ no IR in the same room but it's a bit darker this time Notice the greater field of view in the gen2, its not just the amplification which is an advantage and also the better resolution and the edges of the image aren't warped. If you want to use it for milsims and night games you are probably better off saving up for gen2, I've seen the armasight sirius SD gen2 go for £700 but i've also seen the pulsar challenger go for £100, I got mine for £130 on ebay. So, I mean if you want to just see if you like night vision before going to gen2 and your willing to "waste" £100-200 then go for a second hand gen1 (I recommend pulsar challenger as it has the same mounting as PVS14) but if you know you are going to use it for milsim, then just save up for something better. Just remember though that the night vision itself isn't where the costs end... mounts... illuminators...lasers....peq boxes ect are very expensive also and you can't really cheap out otherwise you will have a bad experience.
  11. My current loadout in action at Sentinel Airsoft Outpost yesterday! Held up great, no aches or anything, really comfy.
  12. Green eyes my friend.. green eyes
  13. A gun dedicated to blinding people, sweet.
  14. my norotos nvg mounts arrived for my budget gen1 build for when I'm too much of a nancy to use my Gen2's. This rhino mount is special because it has vertical height adjustment unlike some others.
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