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  1. A bb can and will get through that gap in the top of the nose as it did to me a couple years ago. Lower profile goggles should fit the mask better, also try bending the mask on the sides (hard to describe, the cheek pieces) inwards which seemed to have fix the gap for me. You could try sticking something in the nose bit to close the gap also, or wear a hat or something that stops the goggles being pushed up your face.
  2. Full CTSFO inspired loadout - should be wearing it tomorrow at Battle Lakes (if the weather is too hot then I will swap to MTP probably).
  3. bought a TM VSR 10 and had them install the upgrade parts in it, they shipped me the gun in good time along with the packaging and parts replaced. Very nice and they give you points for buying stuff which you can use for discounts on other products. Haven't had an issue with them.
  4. I have the same setup as you, epic liner and FMA H-nape does the trick (I have MICH 2001 though) but I just ordered a team wendy cam fit to increase comfort.
  5. The best strap you could get is probably a team Wendy cam fit system which will run you well over £100. You can also get H-nape or x-nape (honestly repros of these are fine but repro occ dials are shit). FMA does an 'upgraded strap system' which is essentially a worm dial, haven't tried it but that might be an option. Since you don't have much stuff of real weight on your helmet a H-nape and better padding should do.
  6. I really hope this hasn't made them unwilling to host another night event, sadly I couldn't go due to health reasons (didn't book anyway). It's a shame, maybe they should make it so people have to deposit or increase the deposit amount if they already do before booking.

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    WTB: Team wendy camfit M/L (size1) preferably in FG or black but may take CB. Must ship to UK!


    , Surrey

  8. If you are using it for airsoft i'd say get night vision first if you don't have it. Also, assuming you are in the UK this site would good to check out https://www.scottcountry.co.uk/ Also, not sure but thermal monocular/binoculars might be ITAR restricted so might not be exported from the US. Not entirely sure on thermals.
  9. Normally if they have the documents ect with them then thats a good sign. No repro also reproduces the documents especially that anti-fog wipe. Also, most of the time people take the gear out the packaging to take pics. Not out of the ordinary and not suspicious really. He's also selling other real gear.
  10. Go for T1 replica, you can then put on a scope cap (I prefer butler creek) and then put a lexan disc inside which you can buy on ebay (pictured below): Also, to stick your pressure plate on the gun just use velcro with sticky side, it doesn't make a mess or leave residue from my experience.
  11. that sounds awful, hopefully your vision is fine!
  12. People are crazy not wearing full seal goggles. Even full seal goggles aren't particularly safe, this happened when wearing revision desert locust. A BB ricocheted off my half facemask through into my goggles. Luckily it hit below my eye. Wear good eye protection always (better yet, full face)! especially in CQB.
  13. My new mich2001 brain bucket setup with real PVS14 Helmet: -Emerson Mich2001 -Team wendy epic liner -FMA h-nape -Contour camera -Wilcox lanyard and 3 hole shroud -norotos dual dove tail and INVG -PVS14 (gen2+) -Wilcox amber filter -comtac IPSC z tactical -arc rail adapters -Reflective flag patch -550 paracord -counterweight took me many of hours to finish building but I like the result. Might swap the H-nape to a team wendy camfit when funds allow it.
  14. A bit more expensive but you can find the blasters on socom tactical https://www.socomtactical.net/airsoft-accessories/ammo-and-gas/0.2g-airsoft-bbs/asg-blaster-tracer-0.20g-3000-bottle https://www.socomtactical.net/airsoft-accessories/ammo-and-gas/0-25-airsoft-bbs/asg-blaster-tracer-0.25g-3000-bottle
  15. I don't get why people bother replying if they don't add anything of importance or to genuinely help the person. I use Blaster Tracer BBs (by ASG) and they are pretty good, had no issues with them and relatively cheap.
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