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  1. Sniper rifle got a TDC mod, the wheel however is pretty loose and would be easy to adjust unintentionally especially with the camo wrap on it.

    There is a small soft spring underneath the wheel surrounding the screw. If I unscrewed the TDC wheel and put a stronger spring underneath, should that solve the problem?

    Alternatively, can I just take the wheel and screw out and just replace with an allen key grub screw? 

    1. clumpyedge


      I'd probably go with the grub screw having said that could you put a bit of PTFE tape on the thread of the one you have now so its harder to turn?

    2. Asomodai


      @clumpyedge Yeah I will try some PFTE first, though I will probably go with an M4 Grub screw as I carry an Allen key with me at all times whilst skirmishing anyway (If my DMR locks up on semi I have a hole in the side of the receiver so I can poke something in and catch the cut off lever.)

    3. clumpyedge


      In fairness once set you shouldn't need too much messing about in the field 

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