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  1. Bugger, my completely upgraded MG36 gearbox is perfect, great rate of fire on just a 9.6mah NimH, not much noise considering whats going on inside. 


    Unfortunately shooting at 365 FPS on a weak M95 strength ASG Spring. I think I must have done a decent job on the air seal! 


    Hopefully going for an M90 or M85 wont cause double feed on single shot as its pretty close to doing that already!

    1. heroshark


      maybe a wide bore barrel?


    2. Asomodai


      I may need to go that route. I could cut down my current 400mm barrel, but I had matched it with a 4/5 Cylinder. We'll see how the spring change will do. 


      I would prefer something more efficient then anything and wide bores go against all of that IMO :)

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