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  1. Stuck an SLD High Torque 22TPA motor in my stock ICS L85 (Which had the anaemic ICS Infinity 2000 in it.) ROF is a little bit better, the response has improved a fair bit and it doesn't sound like a weak old man going number 2 for a change! 

    1. nathan13n


      I was looking at dropping on of these into my srs. How are you finding the motor? You got it from Ak2M4? 

    2. Asomodai


      The motors seems solid enough. Be wary though, the screws that keep the armature in the can had a very long head and I had to dremel into my CYMA P90 gearbox to get the motor to sit low enough. 


      Its not easy to replace the screws either because its partially threaded and longer then most I have seen. 


      This is a torque motor, so great trigger response, but slow rate of fire.


      And yes I got it from there. 

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