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  1. Giraffe

    Hate it with a passion.

    I'd be in bed with all the other womenfolk, but I'm having to come to terms with still being a newbie for having an AR variant lol but seriously f*ck anything that's not a SPAS-12 x
  2. Giraffe

    Hate it with a passion.

    Is this about guns only? Cuz those high-larious patches people seem to love are the worst. Oh is that a North Face patch? Wait but it says "hey f*ck face" instead. Can I give you my number please.
  3. Giraffe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Ahh classic. I have the P7M13 from the same lineup!
  4. Giraffe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    omg they make a gen1 Glock 17?
  5. Giraffe

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    How do these things hold up to the whole flip-cocking thing? I have flashbacks from when a guy at the shooting club handed me a pile of bits and springs in one hand and a Rossi carbine in the other
  6. Yeah I changed my mind. This please. Also an Auto-5, because long recoil!
  7. I'd buy my PTW Colt 604 back and then buy all the spare motors and electronics on the planet so it might last for one game.
  8. Giraffe

    Talk me out of it? (New gun)

    The silver KTW looked really lame and toy-like last time I saw one, and was surprised when I saw the cost... I also tried a springer one (Might have also been KTW) and the lever was stiff enough to be super un-fun
  9. Giraffe

    Revolver lovers?

    I tried to resurrect my old Marushin S&W 686 today but it was a mess of broken springs and stripped threads.
  10. Giraffe

    Wedding invitations.

    The trick is to be a total degenerate so that nobody will invite you to their wedding
  11. Giraffe

    New to the forum

    I remember a McWimbo from the old UKAN forums. That's going back a bit. I also remember getting my first gun from Airsoft Dynamics... after waiting months I figured the best way to buy was to call up and ask what they had in stock and buy that!
  12. Giraffe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I bought another 80's tactical stock... Turns out it doesn't fit a KTW Ithaca. It has the jauntiest pistol grip ever though, almost vertical.
  13. Giraffe

    jazzed up airsoft mag

    I'm interested in the Masterkey... It's the proper job with the mount and everything
  14. Giraffe

    Gun picture thread

    Ooh are we playing "prop the airsoft gun against an American Ford"? Systema GUU5-P Yisssssss nice Mustangs
  15. Giraffe

    Gun picture thread

    aww yiss