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  1. it doesn't look like it wants to stay folded on top, sadly. Makes me wish I had an active UKARA though
  2. That's glorious. I always wanted a Sheriff SPAS-12. What's the receiver made from? The Sheriff SPAS always seemed a bit too... angular in the heat shield and stock though. the TM one really nailed it
  3. Since the AA-12 is open-bolt (i think), could instead of a lock open device have something on the mag follower that blocks the trigger so it stops shooting with the bolt closed after the last shot? Sorry, I'm sure you've got loads of ideas... it's just Maruzen shotguns and the tinkering of were very much my thing
  4. Interesting project... the M1100 gas system is pretty much bulletproof. A weak spot is is the fake bolt. I had a few snap at the attaching point to the blowback mechanism when putting high pressure gas through it, but it'd be straightforward to fab up a flat AA-12 shaped bolt out of steel or alu.
  5. Western Arms? Prime? Sheriff? What is this? 2008? Reminds me of my old 1911 build before Hicapas dominated the market
  6. There's an airsoft M79 on Thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3334987 You could use that for inspiration, make a narrower version, hook up two triggers and put stacked barrels on the front. It even has an extractor. Make sure whatever stops the gun from opening too far is something like a steel insert so when you break it open enthusiastically it doesn't snap in half I also wouldn't worry about using plastic, my friend has an O/U I think it's a Beretta which just has a horrible black paint/coating finish instead of bluing Edit: oh the M79 has a t
  7. Yeah I just tried. there's just the hold for the bolt that attaches the stock to the body, sadly. I might try shooting right handed, my stance is better and it's less painful
  8. good idea, but i think i'd have to replace the entire stock with lead... my gun weighs like half my friend's Beretta over/under. can't even remember the make/model of mine. it's got a wood stock but plastic pump grip at the front
  9. I inherited the thing so I had to get a section 2 for it and my friends drag me clay shooting quite often. I'm right handed but shoot left handed so although my stance sucks I get better scores shooting left handed. I might try a bunch of 21 grams next time. Every other gun I tried, like my friend's over/under is heavy and has a soft recoil pad but mine weighs nothing and has a solid plastic cap on the stock. bleeh
  10. Aha! yes they look familiar. They were quite expensive last time I looked and the only gun I can use destroys my shoulder so maybe the lighter cartridges would be better. I use whatever cartridges my friends use and apparently they like the heavier ones. My friend's wife uses a 20 gauge I believe which would be way better for me
  11. Is that a Lyalvale Express by any chance? I got given a box years ago for some reason but never used them
  12. that spring Skorpion was an absolute beast. it'd throw .25g's for miles. dunno what kind of witchcraft they put in those things
  13. sadly it doesn't fit on my Maruzen 870, but those guns aren't proper scale afaik. Also, the screws on this mount are at different levels unlike an 870 which look to be about the same level as one another, albeit different sizes
  14. I was after a "real steel" optic and was given this Qwik Point on a random shotgun mount (I'm guessing an Automatic 5?). It's interesting, albeit a bit rubbish. It might look cool on my retro M16 AEG, or I might use it as a spotting scope for my camera
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