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  1. Giraffe

    is dry firing a gbb alright?

    Yeah I only posted because I saw a couple of people weren't sure. I agree with your second point too - running about dry firing isn't a super good habit. 🦒🦒🦒
  2. Giraffe

    is dry firing a gbb alright?

    He was clearly replying to the original topic of dry firing, NOT suggesting we disregard all firearm rules. The "wive's tale" is referring to whether you keep hammers cocked vs dry firing when storing a gun and which is doing more damage in the long term and whether snap caps are useful blah blah blah.
  3. It's a good site, and I'm glad it's still going strong. I was there for the beginning looking after the hire guns and watched it grow. I used to work in the trailer that's now the kitchen kludging hire guns back together There were great regulars and great new people all the time. I might have to stop by one day to say hi.
  4. I'm not sure a new delta ring assembly will help you. The Magpul handguard is likely to be the same common spec as whatever new delta ring/barrel nut you buy, unless you can find one for that very specific handguard.
  5. I think you're right. On closer inspection the handguard does look quite shallow where the nut goes in
  6. Thanks for the pics. It's certainly designed for a nut like yours. Can you tell if the spiked part is too fat to go into the channel, or if it's binding somewhere else? Looks like the previous owner had trouble fitting it too
  7. didn't mean to derail the thread @Gepard I had a quick Google and it seems Cyma do indeed have a weird barrel nut situation. You might be forced to modify the handguards unfortunately. After 15-odd years of airsoft I just assume whatever parts I buy won't fit. I've had parts designed for a single model of gun that still wouldn't fit without breaking out the files
  8. Yours looks slightly different to the linked one. The roll pin on yours is at the rear, presumably with a screw on top. That screw is some kind of tensioning device that presses down on the gas tube. Could it be that getting in the way? Also in your mock up, the barrel nut is rotated off by a few degrees which seems to explain why it doesn't go on. You say you have a gas tube so that must line things up properly once it's on the gun, right? It's a similar story I had with my old ICS M4. It needed a whole new front end just to put new handguards on. @xWebster I used to fix guns at Stormforce. It's a small world!
  9. Are you sure the handguard is meant to go on a spiked barrel nut? Could be that it's meant to fit on older TM style guns with a smooth barrel nut which had tabs to stop the handguard rotating