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  1. SW0RDF15H

    THE TM MWS thread

    Good suggestion - Unfortunately, not the cause of the issue in this case. The first BB fires fine, it's the follow-up round that falls through once the bolt resets. It seems the nozzle is pushing the BB too far into the chamber so it makes its way past the hop.
  2. SW0RDF15H

    THE TM MWS thread

    I only use Nuprol .25g It takes quite a bit of force to push a BB all the way through the barrel, so the size of the BB doesn't seem to matter. It's when the bolt cycles when firing that I get the subsequent BB pushed too far through that it only takes a tiny bit of force to have it drop from the barrel - but usually no force required - they just roll out regardless when firing. Loosing my mind here!
  3. SW0RDF15H

    THE TM MWS thread

    Well I am really hoping someone can help me with my MWS. I have had this same issue with TWO of the same rifles in as many weeks. After a few hundred rounds, I have BBs falling out of the barrel on most follow-up shots. This is with hop up on FULL, which reduces the frequency a bit. If I lower the hop even a bit, BBs fall out after every shot. The bucking is fine, but I replaced it with a Firefly and the problem still persists. It seems the nozzle pushes the BB too far and almost past the nub. Doesn't seem to happen when I manually charge the handle - only seems to happen after I fire a shot, so the force of the bolt / nozzle returning seems to then push BBs through. THIS IS ON GREEN GAS, which I'm told I should be able to use fine with this rifle. The shop is getting back to me about the first rifle that started doing this - I'm hoping their technician may modify it to make it work properly, but I have to say, TWO rifles with the SAME problem in such a short period of time starts to have me questioning the reliability of these rifles. Has ANYBODY experience ANYTHING like this before with their MWS????? Any help would be very, very much appreciated. Thank you
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