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  1. It's been a long (and I mean years) time since I had the chance to use my old L85 in anger at all. So, I'm planning a complete internal and external RIS rebuild. Now cards on the table, I'm not the best at this sort of thing so, I've had a read around and can't seem to find out. Does anyone know if there was ever an upgrade complete mech box for the ICS L85. Really, I want to put a mosfit on it, new 11.1 LiPo and it will need a lot gearbox work to get that right. In terms of the hop, I customised it years ago to take account of the useless rotary arm thing. I ended up using a filed down arm
  2. I hope it’s ok to post this. After a very long time away from the game (about 7 years) and I was hoping to find out if any of my old mates still played. I used to go by the nickname “Splat” and spent a lot of time playing at the old Ambush Adventures site in Chobham (as well as at their Longmoor mil-sim games) There were a few local teams when I was playing. The Last Chancers, Armadillo Combat Unit (ACU) and The Deadmen to name a few. I know it’s a bit of a long shot but, if you were playing there about 7-10 years ago, it would be awesome to hear from you
  3. The way I see it @EDcase, at least I’ve got time gear up, get my cardio up and get acquainted with the new landscape. It’s not about the waiting, it’s all about using the time 👍 I take the 5.11 philosophy #AlwaysBeReady
  4. I never ditched the kit. Bits of it disappeared over the years but, I couldn’t bring myself to part with it. I know it’s not Airsoft but, I got a Umarex .177 CO2 MP5k PDW for Christmas and have a BSA Ultra SE .22 that have kept me on target as it were. (For some reason, I got some chakra cleansing singing bowls too. I think someone was trying to tell me something 🤣) Truth is, loads of the old stuff will be knackered from being out of use but, I know my way around an AEG so, a bit of silicon and some new LiPo’s and I’ll be laughing (yeah right🤦‍♀️)
  5. Thanks @GAMBLE You’re totally right. You never forget how to make things happen. Heck, if I’m home alone, I still remember to check my corners 🤣 I’ve kept my hand in (or finger on the trigger I guess) through .22 target shooting, some garden plinking and so much CoD it’s left me hungry for the hunt. Hopefully this summer will give us all a chance to get out there and kick some butt
  6. I cut my teeth at Ambush Chobham (run by Charlie James) and I look back on those days so fondly. I dunno if it was the mud (omg it was muddy. In fact, I’m still finding mud years later🤣) the amazing marshals, or the unrelenting pace of every single game but, it just worked so well. It was the first place I ever played and where I learned everything I ever knew about Airsoft. The away days to Longmoor were always an amazing treat, especially the overnight games. I really miss those days. After a few years off, it’s time to find a new site but, in my opinion, Ambush set the b
  7. Thanks @MadShak I’m on the lookout for a new M4 variant, to save me a whole load of disappointment with the (very) old kit. Will have to let me know what you’ve got on the DMs sometime Will check it out @ShamalThanks for the warm welcome 😊
  8. Hey folks. I’m Sammie from Surrey (hence the clever name) and I’m new here. Well, sort of... I first got the Airsoft bug when I was a kid. I dunno what it was but, I’m pretty sure I love the exercise, the adrenaline and the whole atmosphere of a full on day of kicking butt and taking names. (or maybe I just liked getting muddy at Ambush Chobham... who knows) I’d played since being at school, getting more and more into it as I hit my twenties. I loved those days of playing every weekend, rain, sun, sleet or snow. Sadly though, as with many things, I had to duck out. It’s
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