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  1. Armed Police - Yes or No

    Me too. If our Police want to review that situation then that has to be their right. I would be very against it being something forced on them but politicians or some press fuelled outcry. Pepper Spray is a prohibited weapon in the Firearms Act. You would face proscecution as a firearm. Potentially a mandatory 5 year sentence.
  2. Armed Police - Yes or No

    Absolutely. If the guy stood in the shop waving the knife about you can be sure the ARV would be there before anyone went in. There are better arguments for arming the police. Look at how the attack on Westminster Bridge/ Parliament was stopped.
  3. Armed Police - Yes or No

    How so? Only if an armed officer was immediately present and could have stopped the assailant could this have ended differently. As he sat there quietly to be arrested there was no need for an armed officer. Sure there are times when they are needed but does that mean you want your local bobby/ traffic officer armed?
  4. Armed Police - Yes or No

    Hi Duff I have no issue with any Airsofter wanting to own a Firearm. Actually to the contrary, find a club, get trained and enjoy! At that point though there becomes a very real line between a real firearm and playing a skirmish. I do think there is a potential for people who skirmish to think they have some kind of empathy with people who do this stuff for real and Ive seen in the past that people can become quite Gung Ho over potential violence. The reality of the situation is some kid with a plastic gun (like above), or some desparate bloke, drunk or high and unable to deal with the breakup of a relationship threatening himself or anyone that comes near with a knife. In the USA both of those situations have ended up with fatalities. In the UK both of those situations have ended up with the perpetrator being arrested alive and getting the help they need. There is a time that peace has to be established by people skilled in violence. I'm just glad that in the UK thats in the hands of a public servent who doesnt feel its needed day to day and can call "highly trained" people when the need arises. (Dont get me started on training gaffs here) I do rue the fact that we dont have 100,000 armed police to secure London like the French did after Charlie Hebdo. Its just not possible with the 2500 authorised firearms officers available to London.
  5. Armed Police - Yes or No

    Yes sure thats why its in the General Discussion category. A general discussion, on an issue ultimately to be decided on an individual Officer basis, who themselves would be forced to make a life or death decision, which experience of airsoft does not give anyone any peculiar insight into.
  6. Armed Police - Yes or No

    No one. Think you need to read my post again. Not sure how it could be miscontrue. Big difference in playing airsoft to having your life on the line and having to make a life or death decision. Ultimely this is a decision for the police and individual officers.
  7. Armed Police - Yes or No

    I think most of the food groups have been covered here already. I have been trained by and with Police Firearms Officers and can only say that they have a huge weight of responsibility in a force that will throw them to the lions if in a split second, life or death call, they make the wrong judgement. I can fully understand why the majority of cops just aren’t interested! My Dad did armed security overseas and always felt that because he was armed anyone attempting anything where they might come across security would also be armed. I think you would see an escalation similarly in the UK if Police were generally to be armed. Lastly, let me say as a Firearms Instructor of some years experience, not everybody is suitable for a Firearm. Moreover, far fewer people have the ability to pull the trigger on a living target when that moment comes. You can only hope that in that situation you behave in the way you are trained. Nobody that has not been in a life or death situation can be sure how they will perform in that moment. All the Airsoft in the world is no preparation.
  8. The simple question remains how far is too far. Taking the earlier worst case scenario, no let’s add that the armed attacker gets shot dead by police and they are then motivated to jump the hoops of the guys internet history. What covers you? You have sought to check his age? You have sought to check he wants it as part of his regular skirmishing hobby? You have sought reference to his UKARA number? You have a copy of his passport? You have a copy of his Drivers Licence?
  9. Spartac AR Platform First I mpressions

    My lad has run a Cyma Colt CQBR since we started in January. He had dropped it in the mud, cracked the rear sling attachment plate, but I took it apart last weekend and it’s holding up really well.replaced the sling plate with a metal one now. Shoots 50-60m and was running 320fps out of the box. I’d say that was stonking good value. Cyma don’t seem to innovate, rather than copy TM or G&G and they build down to a price certainly. However this has been a good first purchase.
  10. Financially, the hobby is lethal!
  11. Tommikka dont get hung up on this but as these guns really are toys. Yes you can hurt with them, blind with them but they aren’t really leathal. Ultimately you can upgrade these to the levels of an Airgun. Realistically it would be simpler if they were treated legally as airguns! Its the appearance of them that dragged them into the VCRA, not the power, That came from successive Governments that have bred a culture of fear regarding anything firearms since 1919. I regularly buy and sell Firearms and frankly there is less angst evident dealing in these than transactions over a RIF.
  12. Illegal to sell. Illegal to make. Illegal to import but not illegal to own. UKARA is only a Defence for the seller. So it’s illegal to sell anyway if you want to get up tight about it. There is no case law. The RIF is not recorded, has no serial number and would be tough to trace. You as an individual have no way of checking UKARA Number. You must do do what you feel is right to protect the sport but if you sell in good faith to an adult who says they are a skirmisher with a UKARA Number I cannot seriously imagine the CPS being remotely interested in your prosecution. The fact you want a copy of his Passport is admirable. Has absolutely nothing to add to your defence.
  13. ISo these were really one of my big motivations for Airsoft. Love anything that goes "BANG!" I have the Dynatex BFG Timed and the Impact versions. The Timed Grenade has a tonne of uses and the Impact has different scenarios where it should be useful but the first time I used one in skirmish i pulled out the Impact and it landed in soft mud which cost me a trip to respawn. Was gutted as I landed it within 5m of pretty much the whole enemy team! I have had a few kills with the Timed Grenade now and I love it. I managed to buy a Tornado Grenade which is a whole lot of fun and has a Burst Function too but this is too fiddly to rearm in the field. I will end up buying another Timed BFG! Only issue it that they need to be thrown underarm at my regular site so you dont get the range.
  14. Airsoft Events Uk Directory

    Brilliant! Thats me set for summer.
  15. Buddy you are looking for a defence to cover your bum selling a toy gun. You are not the Police. You could have my name, my email address, a physical address for delivery if you are posting and my UKARA number. Copy documents you could "jog on"