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  1. All speculation obviously. Law exists already to keep airweapons out of the hands of children. I hope the law is enacted appropriately. Lets remember that this is somebodies terrible tradgedy.
  2. I have not known such a bunch of shysters in my life! The comparison between real steel retailers who will fall over them selves to make you happy and the muppetry on the Airsoft side beggers belief. That said Ive also had some excellent service too. Bullseye Country Sports and Firesupport have both been spot on. You mentioned it once but I think you got away with it! 🙂 I bought a TM SCAR at the weekend. Tested and working beautifully. Took it home. Removed the battery. Later installed it to show my boy. Dead as a DoDo! Returned it to shop within 3 hours. Apparently just a fuse - "I was unlucky". (Flipping tell me about it!!!). Its like Im where Airsoft guns go to die.
  3. Just back from holiday I had another parcel from Airsoft Pro. Ball bearing spring guide and new alloy piston. The M140 Spring is a flat bust, producing only 420fps so I set about that time honoured process of cutting little bits off the M150 spring until it finally im achieving 490 fps with .20's I will now have a play with the various weights of BB's I have acquired and see what flys best. Im having real issues with Airsoft Pro though with my return parts. I ran everything past Radek their Tech Guru befor ordering and was really disappointed that a lot of parts did not fit. Radek admitted he had not really looked at all the parts on my order and If I sent them back I would be refunded in full. By only sending these unsuitable parts back I got the postage down to £13.05 which I didnt think was bad on over £130 of parts. Then it appears that they will only refund postage if I sent the whole consuignment back. 2 weeks later I still dont have a refund for the parts or the postage. I will have to open a Paypal claim I guess.
  4. Hi Brushwood Im out of the country now. Will get back to you when I return. Am certainly flying pretty true to 70 meters.
  5. Bear in mind Christoph’s videos aren’t filmed places where he is running sub 500fps either! I’m a fat old man now. I’d rather be sniping than running back to respawn every 5 minutes but there’s a lot to be said for a good AEG fight. Check the DMR rules where you play. This has the potential to be a very disappointing experience.
  6. That’s why I ordered too. I am nothing but disappointed. 5 months they had my money. Took a Paypal dispute to get to the bottom of it. Frankly as I told Christoph he is a victim of his own success. Ive now left his groups, unsubscribed from everything. Toxic brand to me now. Leave it to the fan boys!
  7. Would clarify “Techy” on these guns as watching a You Tube video and dropping in the components. Requires very, very little nouse.
  8. Ok you have asked this at a time when the wound is pretty raw. I wanted one of these based upon the YouTube thing. This is a crap reason to buy. Placed my order 31st January. Paid via Paypal. Was prepared for a 3 month wait. Come May I was starting to wonder where the SSG was. Sent a number of mails befor it transpired that they wouldnt process the order without my UKARA details. There is nowhere to enter my UKARA details on the order. They say they mailed me on 1st Feb but I had not received it. So I had the mail filters at work scoured. Never hit our servers or filters. Having paid via Paypal I had not set up an account and the "message" only appears in the account. you have to log in and look for it. Chase, chase, chase. Was promised to be on a "Priority List" at the start of June. Weeks went by. I contacted them to cancel my order. Nothing. Got very defensive remarks on the Unofficial SSG24 Facepook page. (Support via mail is very intermittant). Days passed. Escalated my paypal issue to a dispute. A week passed. Oh look a message! No real attempt to resolve. So asked for my money back again. Got a mail from Novritch which blamed me and just pissed me off. So I wrote a very thoughtful mail asking, amongst a number of points, why I hadnt been refunded for 6 months if my order couldnt be processed? Christoph "Novritch" replied and he apologised that the mail had not come to me, that he had parts quality issues yada yada. Finally got my money back. Decided to upgrade my existing £100 Cyma 702 with parts from Airsoft Pro. 500 FPS is easy to achieve. A quality Hop and Barrel. £200 in upgrades and you will compete with the SSG all day. I bought the SSG before my journey into Airsoft had truly got going. I bought it as a "no tinkering required" rifle. Unfortunately the springs and bb recommendations have already changed this year so I would have been forced to open it up on receipt. Every owner tinkers and upgrades. Now I know better and I regret placing the order. Good news when you sell it, you will get most of your money back.
  9. I started out with a Blackhawk assault vest and drop leg kit that I had picked up on my travels buckshee. In my first couple of games I couldnt feel anything. I was in juggernaut mode. Definitely something I will wear for CQB but not in woodland. I rapidly swapped to a lightweight webbing set. Suits me perfectly. I can feel my hits and carry what I need. (I likes grenades) My kid whacked on an Osprey vest and was uncomfortable and hot. I bought him a really cheap Plate Carrier and it was just perfect for him with a few mag pouches and pistol holster. Think of it as Assault Vest light. Protection. Totally secondary in airsoft.
  10. I ordered something for the Masada the other day. Then wanted to add another item same day, Bullseye sorted this with no hassle. Communication was spot on. Then the notification it was being picked/packed, then notification of shipping. Flipping heck i had it next day. Absolutely will be back. This is the kind of service I am used to with real steel and seems to be sadly missing in Airsoft.
  11. Well I have the .40s flying well. Certainly 60–70m. I have put a 200+ rounds through and the action has smoothed out well. i need to experiment with the hop setting a lot more. Was running at 510fps this morning and tantalisingly at 495fps when I had finished but I was unable to confirm this odd shot before the Chrono died.
  12. So I’m hoping that with my mods I can drop to an M140. Same reason, ease of pull. Interesting what I’m finding achievable compared to the Novritch I ordered ( Now cancelled due to order cock up). Results for M150 are pretty much as they advertise. Black steel Cylinder installed. faffing with the scope and camera set up now.
  13. No sweat! Just fitted the steel cylinder. Definitely looks better but not as smooth as the original. May wear in. There are tooling marks on the outside that act like a very, very fine file. Bit of clatter as the nozzle enters the hop up chamber.
  14. Go timed. I have the impact and if the ground is soft it won’t go off. I got right in on a big bunch of the enemy team, dropped in the Chudleigh, nothing, got spotted and shot 30 times. Still sad about that.
  15. Well I bought the Airsoft Pro one and will see this morning what it will hop. I have a selection of BB’s to test. Go BFG. I have so many grenades now it’s clearly a problem. The Dynatex ones are excellent and the aftersales is superb. Nothing like seeing all the little sad faces on a line of blokes filing off to respawn after you snuck up and fragged em!
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