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  1. Dalsu

    Hey I'm new and need help!

    Okay thanks for all your help, I just have one more question, What should i look for in a gun as a total beginner? Like what should i be looking for in order to make the purchase
  2. Dalsu

    Hey I'm new and need help!

    Would i be better off trying to buy a preowned gun off this forum?
  3. Dalsu

    Hey I'm new and need help!

    150 give or take a couple quid? Do you not get batteries and chargers with the guns?
  4. Dalsu

    Hey I'm new and need help!

    Okay I've just had a look around that website seems good, what would be the best starting gun for me to get though, i see that the bundle has one but I dont necessarily mind buying the gun first then the accessories after so a bundle isn't necessary just the single gun atm or is that gun really good?
  5. Dalsu

    Hey I'm new and need help!

    Thanks for the reply mate! Most of the ones I've seen around that price range aren't two toned, any chance you could link me some that are? I'll take a look at the stickied posts now
  6. Hi guys I just joined today, always been interested in guns and I've finally been able to convince my parents and S/O to let me buy one. Atm I do not have a license and haven't been to tournaments so I understand I'll only be able to buy a two toned electric rifle Basically I'm here to ask for recommendations and links as I'm based in the UK. I don't want to spend too much my budget is around £80 sorry if this is in the wrong area of the forums I'm new to airsoft and this forum. Thanks!