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  1. I had a magpul 3 point clone sling what a pile of c..p but fair play if you got a goodun.cheers jack
  2. I've been to the shop at xsite ,good helpful people there so I think I'll give it go for my next skirmish .Anyone know if they get many kids there .cheers jack
  3. Yep that's the 1st one on my list .cheers jack
  4. No not yet but fancy giving it a try .cheers jack
  5. Bit of trek for me but I'll check it out .cheers jack
  6. Hi all I'm looking to try out a few new sites ,I live in maidenhead .I'd like to try somewhere with less kids & a more structured type games ,I haven't got all the gear for a milsim but would like to try one at some point ,any suggestions would be great.cheers jack
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