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  1. I had a magpul 3 point clone sling what a pile of c..p but fair play if you got a goodun.cheers jack
  2. Fair point Aengus but I didn't mean to sound condescending.I think the best thing would be perhaps an hours supervised tuition before your allowed to play might be more suitable so there fully aware of the dangers because as you rightly point out some are more mature than others.I allso add it's not only kids this should apply to perhaps anyone new to airsoft .cheers jack
  3. Skarra333 it's a secret just to keep everyone frosty .cheers jack
  4. I've been to the shop at xsite ,good helpful people there so I think I'll give it go for my next skirmish .Anyone know if they get many kids there .cheers jack
  5. I remember very well bunking off school with a mate at about 14 ,we met up with his brother who had an air rifle ,to cut a long story short his brother accidently shot him in the eye with it which I can assure you was horrific. As a result my mate returned to school at a later date with a glass eye ,so that's twice I've witnessed someone getting shot in the eye & i truly hope I never see anything of the sort again . Unfortunately this has led me to the opinion kids need complete supervision around any type of gun .cheers jack
  6. As it's an on going case I don't feel it right to argue the toss about wether it was a 2 tone or not but I was only feet away & virtually saw what happened. I can't remember whether any Marshalls had a go about dry fireing on that day but I should imagine if they saw anything they would have interveened. I did however hear them say on numerous occasions to take mags out & dry fire before entering the safe zone .I can't compare safety precautions with lane end because of haven't been yet .I'm sure more precautions will put in place to help prevent this from happening again & if not I won't be going again.I allso think this unfortunate & tragic accident could have happened at most sites as kids will be kids .As I said before I know maidenhead has its faults but I don't think it's a particularly unsafe place to play airsoft but appreciate you may feel differently.Ive got my views on who I think was more to blame but considering what's happened I don't feel right at the mo to post them either.cheer jack
  7. Good point & besides it's easy enough to buy a non 2 tone anyway .I do however think under 16s should be supervised better & should hand in guns before safety zone ,I know it won't stop every one messing about but it would of saved that incident from happening on Sunday & might prevent another .cheers jack
  8. Yep that's the 1st one on my list .cheers jack
  9. No not yet but fancy giving it a try .cheers jack
  10. Another point is they have the owner fixing guns on site so you do hear dry fireing occasionally. I'm not saying no one dry fires occasionally but it's not allowed & you do get reprimanded for it & on occasion kicked off . Maidenhead is not perfect but you name one place where someone doesn't break the rules ,it happens & in this case in led to a tragic accident .I'm not a member at maidenhead & have nothing to gain from posting on here .I just don't want to see a site closed down through the stupidity of a few individuals. Cheers jack
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