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  1. Everyone screams “UP-GRADE ! UP-GRADE ! YOU MUST UP-GRADE ! “ shortly afterwards you see the same people asking for advice as ‘it don’t work like it’s supposed too ?’ Is it really worth the effort? 🤔

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    2. AK47frizzle


      Well, ye. It is always worth it. But, only if you fundamentally understand how it works inside. I've seen large a negative bias towards people who can't fit simple screws together and then call upgrading trash... too many in front of my very eyes too. It really depends on your own ability and time to spend on it.

    3. Druid799


      BUT equally never over estimate your own abilities ? Been playing long enough to happily say I’ve seen more players spouting about how good techs they are AND then reappear not much later asking for advice or just plain instructions how to fix the what ever as it’s developed a major fault now they’ve ‘up-graded’ it , than players saying “I’ll have a go my self“ and all turned out well ?  

    4. Asomodai


      @Druid799 I would say I was pretty familiar with the XM8 internals. 


      Unfortunately not all XM8 GEN2's are the exact same. The tolerances are way out between the two I have. So much so that I have had to take 3mm off of an air nozzle that fed fine in my black one but not my green one. 


      Even if you are an expert, you need to take into consideration bad tolerances. 

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