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    ICS CXP-UK1 and UK1R, UK1R SR EBB, M4 EBB, G33 F, ASG M15 SIR, TM GLK 17 v3
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    Whatevers comfy for the day.....with big pockets helps
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    GMA / Team Green Tuddenham, Urban Assault (RAF Upwood), Combat Airsoft Thetford,
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    Fen Edge, Cambs :)
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    DJ-ing (Traktor), Airsoft oh and my family of course :)

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  1. Anyone having issues on chrome with certificate out if date???

    also happens on iPhone......

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    2. Deva


      Not sure what you're hoping to achieve with such comments. Very easy to notice when things go wrong on the odd occasion and not when everything is fine.

    3. proffrink


      Well there was that time where we had the thread going for a while trying to contact you but it was basically impossible for 4 months to get a reply. Maybe a report form for this sort of thing that goes straight to you with an undisclosed email? Would mean none spamming other means of getting to you but also separate it from the mod stuff - I dunno. This way of having to get a few statuses each time there's something wrong has been proven to be sluggish in the past though. We were lucky this time that you showed up.


      It's no secret that you're not interested in posting here anymore, and that's fine and I appreciate that you keep the place running but I'm just not sure if this way works best, and it's been communicated frequently in other places too.

    4. proffrink


      Apologies for being terse though.

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