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    ICS CXP-UK1 and UK1R, UK1R SR EBB, M4 EBB, G33 F
    ASG M15 SIR, TM GLK 17 v3
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    Whatevers comfy for the day.....with big pockets helps
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    DJ-ing (Traktor), Airsoft oh and my family of course :)

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  1. 'greg' is the new Grey



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    2. Druid799


      NATO standard you say ? 

      Me and Tackle will have that one totally sewed up ! 😉👍

    3. djben9


      Team Green do have a hungry games event on one of their weekends, it’s a great laugh 

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      The yellow duck outfit was OK in the winter when we first played


      But f*ck me playing in spring a bit later wearing that

      I lost half a stone in just two short games - ffs


      I was running like a tap inside

      my goose/duck was already cooked


      but game for a laugh as per usual


      image an older fart trying to run around with this loadout...


      Image result for duck costume for adults