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  1. Couple of staples and mostly super glue, should be enough.
  2. Simple bit of spare velcro to expand the chi-com. Just needs 10 years of being dragged through the woods to look the part.
  3. Airsoft for most seems to be an escapism hobby. For myself, this is both disconnecting from the real world for a short period of time and disconnecting myself by lets say dressing up as if from a different culture and/or time period. It's up to the individual to decide how detached to the real world (and its current issues) their loadouts are and where to draw the line. For example, its common to represent a middle east insurgent, but perhaps putting a black headband on with white writing isn't the best idea, same classic thing comes up with german ww2 loadouts. I don't think a gorka and an AK crosses this line. However, as the world changes, issues change and so that line fluctuates. If it were the 70's and airsoft was a thing, I don't think many people would do VC loadouts. My favorite rif is an AK74 and with it my chi-com kit and russian camos. However, I now feel like that detachment between the real world has shrunk from comfortable to uncomfortable, so I will most likely slip into a more PMC role. I must say that yesterday wasn't the best timing for my Partizan camo suit (ordered a couple months ago) to arrive, delivered to work. 😶
  4. Looks like a kwc co2 1911 tactical and Nuprol delta pioneer. Both about £120ish new. In good condition with the case/bits and bobs should be able to get £200 for the lot.
  5. I use the nuprol/raven extended EU mag in a WEg17 with no issues.
  6. Closer look this evening, looks to be component number 30 missing? Have I got that right, anyone know where to get a new one? Also unsure how to strip this down any further, assistance needed cheers!
  7. Full disclosure, I know close to naff all about gbb pistols. I had a WE glock and that just "worked". Picked up a KWA CZ75 second hand, first few shots through the crono absolutely fine. Second mag in however the slide jammed and gas retention went through the floor, 5 or 6 shots per full mag. Excuse terrible photos but found all this inside the rif. I am guessing this is a failed part, any ideas what this would be? I am happy to strip it down further but will start with questions here. Cheers!
  8. Cheers, saw a lad with a gopped pdw a few weeks ago and scoffed at his weapons inferiority. Not at all, I remember reading your comments and having a play. I tried to flex the grip about but couldn't get it anywhere near to being an issue. Maybe your threads somewhere are a little off?
  9. So for those that may stumble across the thread in the futureverse I have finally come up with a solution. I picked up a cheapo weapon light/surefire clone that had a detachable rail mount. Drilled two holes in the plastic handguard and just direct mounted this on. Pressure pad on the other side of the handguard. Doesn't block irons, foregrip can still be taken off for battery replacement (have not re-wired), no "goppy" rails and didn't cost that much. Will report back when if all falls of in the first game.
  10. I Used this: https://moderncombatsports.co.uk/products/t4e-hdr-50-cal-revolver-polymer-holster The paintball & airsoft Umarex revolvers are pretty much identical so it worked well, only a slight bit of wobble. Failing that go for Kydex.
  11. I picked up an AKS74N Essential recently and had my first game with it on Saturday, absolutely no complaints, great bit of kit. A friend has an older (and a bit more "loved") CM.042 full metal AK and I will say that the E&L feels significantly sturdier. However they both chuck bb's out of the barrel without any issues and probably have similar quality internals with comparable longevity. A side note, I think LCT do 7.62 AKMs with the "N" rail if that's what you are after.
  12. You in this anywhere?


  13. Purchased a lovely E&L. Don't plan on doing anything to it modifications wise, perfect just as it is 🍑
  14. I was on the green/red team. Brown shirt with a green cap and woodland camo trousers. Ah that would be great! It's nice and close to me which is why I was keen to go. Hopefully will be down again in the future!
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