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  1. This is an airsoft forum.  Not a forum for airguns. They are not compatible.

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    2. Marc.RG1


      Ahh no for airguns i mean not for the sell of airsoft.. one of my locals does not sell airsoft is just a firearms shop, so airguns and RS firearms..

      but yeah i get things on airgun sells could be more slightly more restricted, but thats the same with most things really isnt it, a lot of things are either too restricted or not enough, finding the happy medium is always the goal, its just very rarely easily reached..

      I must admit i enjoy and do most forms shooting, airsoft, airguns, RS target and clay shooting, and ill carry on doing so while the law and health lets me, well what i have of health.. i dont hunt though i am too much of a softie for that lol

      All the best, marc..

    3. proffrink


      Even that is pretty much unacceptably poor abiding by VCRA, but I know a lot of physical shops will just let you buy it (airsoft is guilty of this too).


      Sales on air guns are restricted, but air gun shop owners are just flaunting the law by not doing checks. 'RIF' covers airsoft, air guns and everything else so yeh. Here we all are doing our 3 games just to get something that shoots 350fps and anyone can walk into or order an airgun online that shoots way hotter, uses metal BBs and looks just as real as anything airsoft conjures up. Perhaps now you see the contrast :S

    4. Marc.RG1


      Oh yeah i totally agree with you mate, i have had this conversation on our forum and in gun shops and gun clubs sites etc many times, i have always said to people i would totally agree to more restrictions on the sells of airguns, a lot more so with full power air rifles, even to the point i would be ok if they decided to licence them all. As you know theres flaws in most shooting sports and hobbies one way or another.. lol i think we could talk for weeks about them all in different categories.. personally i think we have to accept what we have right now, things could certainly be better but they could be a heck of a lot worse to, in all shooting sports and hobbies..

      ATB, Marc..

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