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  1. I use Sawflys they are great until you I put a lower mask on but I heat up like a crazy person on meth so this is more than likely me causing this, pretty sure I could fog up mesh glasses seriously though give them a try and if the don't work sell them on, I have found most set-up's are down to personal experience
  2. Thanks Sacarthe back to google to find out as much as possible
  3. I was sure when I was asking about buying it you said this, so you suggest go for the fusion engine if I go HPA or would the JACK be ok?
  4. haven't thought about from this perspective just assumed that they had made it hard an fast but enforcement wise I guess is pretty difficult. cheers for the input Proffrink
  5. Scrolled down and saw the bold writing saying its not AEG Receivers, ah well looking at the drop-in's it is for HPA. is it worth plunging into the HPA world with the new laws or shall I follow the tried and tested AEG upgrade route?
  6. excuse me being thick here proffrink DG? Daytona GUN?
  7. I know what you mean, a Daytona kit would be amazing. I am think more of a drop in kit for example the Wolverine Inferno Gen2 or P* jack
  8. Hi Guys, Ignoring the money factor on this subject. I am looking to bring a 2011 VFC HK416 up-to-date so to speak, my thoughts to do this will be either upgrade the internals and go HPA. I am on the fence about doing both these and anyone's advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. This is the one I have been leaning towards just wanted peace of mind thank you anyone else's comments on ownership of the TM welcome good or bad
  10. As per title, I am looking at getting another M&P but want to hear peoples feedback on the various other brands who make them. I have had the WE and whilst it was ok it did my head in for being unreliable and barely functioning half the time. So what brand have people used and what do you recommend? Please state if you own the pistol and aren't just basing you opinion on YouTube videos, I have watched quite few reviews on YouTube but want to hear what actual owners think.
  11. I Normally wake up the day before then tell the Mrs that I am out shotting fell man children the next day then pray for forgiveness for the fact I didn't tell her sooner.
  12. Great work defiantly up for and have a few people who aren't on the forum up for it as well.
  13. HI Russ, thank you for the reply, definitely keeping an eye out for this site opening there's a group of about 4-5 of us who normal paly with each other "giggedy" so would look at coming down. Pricing seems about right for the type of day and location so seems good to myself similar to what the above people have said have paid around those prices for a skirmish and would pay more if its a well run site with great gameplay. Timings wise, I Like the idea of a later start in the summer months as it will be lighter for longer. Also means, as I am the driver normally, I don't haver to get up at 5:30am lol cheers
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