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    Becoming an ics fanboi lol
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  1. So with a bolt recoil off the menu as they aren't supposed to be great.  Ics mars or a g&g tr model. Will admit the mars looks nicely different in a subtle way

    1. Georgeturner2001


      Are you after a recoil then? If so don't go with either the G and G or mars as that's just the simulated bolt bolt reciprocating back and forth, adds a nice sound but there's no 'recoil' there!

    2. ghostwalker


      Recoil would be good. But Tm are out of my price range and I'm also trying to support the local shop who don't stock Tm or kwa :(

    3. jcheeseright


      if your local shop don't stock the items you're after then they don't support you... why would you compromise on the product you want based upon a store's available stock?