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  1. Arrrgh Mrs has just said she will give me the £400 for a pre owned kwa recoil with a load of mags,batteries and a hard case. Now the guy isn’t answering messages. Much finger gnawing is on

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      lol, fair enough, maybe it was all that messing with my mate's polarstar yesterday has me in a bit of an hpa obsession now lol

    3. MisterG


      I'm lucky, dive shop is 10 mins walk, I just get them to fill the HPA cylinders, I can carry two in a backback.  Might work out more expensive in the long run, but I don't fancy going down the scuba/refill route.

    4. ghostwalker


      The kwa erg is all mine!!! Now i just need a rifle case big enough for all my rifs!

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