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  1. Okay, so I'm dying to go to a big airsoft game like the events Stirling airsoft hold. Unfortunately life can hold me back from certain dates they're on. There is a possibility of being able to attend an upcoming "combat mission". Given that up until now I have only been to pick up games, would this be too big a step? On the site it says "Combat missions are usually hard routine, as real as it gets". Me and my friends don't want to be "those guys" that bring the experience down for everybody else because we haven't been to anything like it before.
  2. Depending on how much you want to spend I'd say have a look at the Noveritch sniper rifle, it's supposed to be the best "out of the box sniper rifle on the market".
  3. Relax your arms at your side and raise your hands perpendicular to your body like you're pretending to be a penguin. Raise your shoulders and drop them down. Keep doing this and It'll send blood into your fingers and warm them up.
  4. @Prisce @Adolf Hamster @EDcase Thank you all very much :)
  5. What kind of hop would you recomend? (Ie, brand and type) I've heard there are different shapes of hop that do different things. What kind of motor too? I've never looked into these so I'd have no idea where to start. And are there different kinds of MosFets? What do they do? As you can tell I know nothing of upgrades. XD
  6. Okay, so I have an ICS L85A2 and I love it to bits. So much so that any other rifle seems too boring so I don't think I'll be getting any more assault rifles any time soon. So what I want to do is just upgrade the hell out of this gun and make it as good as I possibly can. My question is this: How shall I upgrade it? what should I prioritise? and how will it affect the gun? The more detail the better. When it comes to upgrading I have no idea what brands types to go for or just what I should be doing in general. Me want gun, me want shoot people far away, me want shoot people fast. Thanks
  7. As you can guess from the title, I'm interested in purchasing a 40 mike and a UGL to go with it. I am aware of the controversy surrounding the product and I think that was just due to the way it was marketed (Ie: videos from creators shooting eachother at a distance of less than 10m). I would be intending to use it as way of clearing larger areas from a long range, the purpose of an actual UGL (I assume, I'm no army fanboy that knows everything). I would be expecting to be aiming up and letting the BBs fall onto my opponents as apposed to shooting them point blank with it. The current sites that I attend allow the use of 40 mikes and I just think that slapping a UGL on the bottom of my L85 would look awesome. Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone have any ideas what shells can be used in a KWC Colt Python? And even better, where I can buy them? Would I possibly be able to use Dan Wesson shells? I don't have anything yet so I don't really know what sizes I'm dealing with so will have no idea what would fit, let alone work.
  9. Invicta is a great site with great people. Couldn't recommend it enough!!
  10. I'm looking at sticking close to home with my loadout opting for a British look. As of yet I'm still turning up to my skirmishes with some outdoor trousers and boots but am hoping to make my first purchases ones that will last me a while and will allow me to attend NATO Milsims in the future. What do you use? (clothing and accessories mainly) Where did you get it? And any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Definitely something to consider... most of the sites I'll be going to would be outdoor/woodland and I'll more than likely expand my collection to include what I won't already have. I have heard of the annoyance with the sight, I think id rather go for a rail converter instead of a SUSAT. Thanks
  12. I'm currently in the exciting stage of getting into airsoft. I've been to a couple of skirmish days a few years back and loved it. Unfortunately I was at the age where I could not drive to the sites that seemed a million miles away nor could I afford the equipment (all I had was a plastic two tone m4 from justbbguns, which wasn't great to say the least). My question is this do I get the L85 82 or L86 A2? I love the look of both guns and I like the play style of the rifleman as well as the support. My logic says that the L86 A2, being an LSW, is a good inbetween but having no decent experience in the support or with either gun leaves me with the question above as well as others. Does the L86 require you to use the bipod all the time or could you still hipfire? (Assuming you have the strength to wield it). Is it possible to use higher capacity mags on the L86 to make it closer to an LMG. Many thanks to any replies, I still have a while to go and 3 game days for my UKARA. Edit: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/krytac-mk-ii-trident-lmg-box-magazine Does this look like it would would work?
  13. Ah that's good, do you use a rail modifier at all? Most people say that 90mm are rather uncommon so is difficult to mount a sight.
  14. What would your opinion be on getting this as a starter AEG? I love the look and how it's different to your normal M4/AR but am concerned about the "skillful" rating... https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/ics-l85-a2-assault-rifle-aeg?pv=3819
  15. Does anyone know what the website means when it says "skillful" on the gun page? (thought I'd ask on a thread for better luck).
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