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  1. Not sure if they're compatible but I got some for my WE mp5 Apache from amazon (45 round ones)
  2. Can anyone recommend any rail mounts I can add a sight to? There seem to be various shapes and sizes on Ebay but I dont know which to go for. Thanks
  3. Looks very similar to my KWC Python. Although mine doesn't have the emblem below the cylinder release.
  4. @Asomodai I guess it's lucky my charger does Life as well @Asomodai How are hobykings batteries? My usual sites seem to be limited on their selection of Life batteries. This seemed to be the best I found: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-nano-tech-1500mah-life-3s-9-9v-transmitter-pack-taranis-compatible-1.html
  5. @Lozart Fair enough... I was a bit surprised because it's the same battery I use in my rifle. So a 7.4v 2600mAh 20c LiPo crane battery will be alright?
  6. How come only 7.4v? Would it cause issues with the internals if I go to high? And what about the C rating?
  7. I have placed an order for the CA and forgot about a battery. The site says its 11v ready but I was wondering what one I should get.
  8. I have placed an order for the CA and forgot about a battery. The site says its 11v ready but I was wondering what one I should get.
  9. @Druid799 Very true 😂 Are they worth getting? are any of them a complete no go? Looking at the A&K MK46 and the CA MK46 there's something like a £80 difference.
  10. I'm looking at buying an LMG and I need some pointers on what to go for. I'm mainly looking at M249 variants and I can't seem to work out which one is best because there seems to be a lack of reviews and where I can find one it's at least 10 years old which doesn't fill me with a great deal of confidence... At the moment I'm steering towards the Classic Army MK46 S.P.W. AEG (https://www.defconairsoft.co.uk/product/classic-army-mk46-s-p-w-aeg-with-box-magazine/) Any pointers on what to go for and upgrades after purchase would be much appreciated.
  11. Okay, so I'm dying to go to a big airsoft game like the events Stirling airsoft hold. Unfortunately life can hold me back from certain dates they're on. There is a possibility of being able to attend an upcoming "combat mission". Given that up until now I have only been to pick up games, would this be too big a step? On the site it says "Combat missions are usually hard routine, as real as it gets". Me and my friends don't want to be "those guys" that bring the experience down for everybody else because we haven't been to anything like it before.
  12. Depending on how much you want to spend I'd say have a look at the Noveritch sniper rifle, it's supposed to be the best "out of the box sniper rifle on the market".
  13. Relax your arms at your side and raise your hands perpendicular to your body like you're pretending to be a penguin. Raise your shoulders and drop them down. Keep doing this and It'll send blood into your fingers and warm them up.
  14. @Prisce @Adolf Hamster @EDcase Thank you all very much :)
  15. What kind of hop would you recomend? (Ie, brand and type) I've heard there are different shapes of hop that do different things. What kind of motor too? I've never looked into these so I'd have no idea where to start. And are there different kinds of MosFets? What do they do? As you can tell I know nothing of upgrades. XD
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