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  1. I do love playing the rain. One time I slipped in the mud and I got my gun covered in the stuff. It looked so cool. But I did have to clean everything afterwards.
  2. Money wise that costs a bit but now I don't have to modify my current rifle and I'll have an AEG sidearm that lasts longer than those crappy AEPs. I did not even know G&G made that!
  3. Paintball is way too expensive and Airsoft is the only sport where I can look cool. I do like the tactical aspect of Airsoft but only in bigger areas in smaller tighter maps I feel like I need to be a lot faster and sneakier instead of a head on frontline role that I take in the bigger games. This is why I'm still kinda waiting to get a Real Sword AK before I take the stock off my M4. It'll act as more of a side arm in the big battles.
  4. But we are talking about Airsoft here. Where most guns including mine have absolutely no recoil and the fact that my life isn't exactly in danger. This means I can start playing Quake style except replace jumping with super cool slide maneuvers! And like I said when it comes to guns without stocks. Aiming goes out the window. If I wanted to aim I would keep the bloody stock on.
  5. Well it'd be easier for me to carry around in small environment but I care about my speed and flow more than my accuracy. From a movement standpoint a folding stock would work fine in CQB but also considering the fact that it is CQB we are talking about... well I hardly doubt accuracy is many people's priority.
  6. He has a point but I play airsoft to have fun and look cool. I'm not exactly the kinda guy who prioritizes winning and/or practicality. I wanna look cool and have nice and less rigid flow when playing.
  7. Lol I never use my sights. Any face pro I wear raises my bloody face above the actual sights themself so I never bother. I'd rather have a stock-less m4 with a one point sling. I'm hoping to get a Real Sword AK in the future anyway.
  8. Lol don't listen to 'em! Just Paint it Black like that Rolling Stones song. My dream project is to rewire my M4 to the front so that I can use a stock-less M4. It'd be a great CQB weapon but I don't have any experience with gearboxes and such.
  9. Lol last year was kinda cool. Although I missed out on the Sunday game as I lost my eye and face pro after finishing the Saturday game. It was fun though. But seriously I'm not going again till I have my own car because public transport and taxis are fucking useless and I had to be driven back to the coach stop by Rick.
  10. A blowback Tokarev by KWA for only that much? That's great! I want one now!
  11. Get a Makarov dude! Or a Tokarev!
  12. Yo tac look at the first pic of the gun... You're bloody right there isn't at least not on the side of the weapon where it should be.
  13. Yes it's legal if you have a defence. And even if you don't nobody is gonna know or harass you about it.
  14. Why is my sarcasm detector going off the charts here?
  15. Alrighty another London venue! London has the closest sites to me. I live in bloody Eastbourne and there aren't any bloody sites here so I have to travel to London whenever I want to play. But yeah another venue.
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