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  1. JG G36C From Taiwangun says it all 65 quid but I wouldn't go cheaper than that. Solid gun for a beginner I used to have one and you can upgrade them easily to with the v3 gearbox.
  2. Digi flora Russian army loadout. Digi flora trousers and shirt 6sh112 6b7 helmet E&l aks74 (Borrowed someone's spare gloves as I'd lost mine for the day)
  3. DIGI FLORA CAP GORKA 3 SSO SMERSH E&L AKS74U Simple Effective Russian loadout. Not 100% accurate but good enough.
  4. Just sold my 6b7 russian helmet so I can upgrade it to a 6b26 helmet. I don't wear a helmet for all loadouts though. Fast helmets theres no such thing as that when you do russian stuff.
  5. The one about bags. I just put other and In the comments I put huh?
  6. Some weird questions but I answered anyway.
  7. If we were to start up our own social network just for airsoft what would it be called airbook? Just find Facebook convenient because of the app. And the fact I can check people's profiles before I buy off them.
  8. These are ridiculously hard to get hold of as they never have stock. Anyone up for 3d printing them if I can get the dimensions?
  9. Being into Russian gear and being In a Russian team it can get quite expensive to buy the gear in the first place but once you have it you don't need to buy it again. I like playing just as much as I do collecting and wearing kit. Love being a sneaky bastard and proper tactics.
  10. It's a complicated issue. I'd rather just stick my boot up his ass at 100 mph. Thankfully the site he goes to won't allow him to wear it anymore and another local site has banned him completely.
  11. That signal he was doing with his hand is offensive and incites racial hatred I've spoken to 2 people who work in the law proffession. I won't actually report him though as I can't be arsed.
  12. I told him I have grounds to report him to the police for inciting racial hatred. He's gone quiet now and so has his dad.
  13. Merry Christmas All. Santa didn't bring me a new aeg but I but I got my self one which I'm getting Sunday.
  14. Absolutely raging that this kid has done this after all our abuse last time. Then his dad came came on the black ops page defending him. I just gave his dad some abuse to for bringing up such a terrible human being. Merry Christmas
  15. Don't bother get a Forcecore much more solid externally.
  16. Forcecore Aks are made by E&L and are basically Gen 1 E&l with a standard motor.
  17. Yeah your welcome to tag along any time. I live in Kingswood Bristol so the bath side sort of. If you go on Facebook and search for Rus.for.you you will find a UK importer for Russian military surplus. He's the cheapest and best I've found out there if you know what you're looking for for.
  18. Come and join the Russian revolution. There's so many patterns to choose from. Digi flora is my current loadout but will be getting SS leto gorka soon. As that matches the Woodland around here pretty well.
  19. I use blue kitchen cloth cut into strips for cleaning my barrel and always had good results with silicon oil.
  20. Ah sorry misunderstood I didn't see the other posts replies before it all got deleted.
  21. I did use the report button but just thought I'd open a thread up to have a moan and see if there's anything else that could be done about it.
  22. I did use the report button but just thought I'd open a thread up to have a moan and see if there's anything else that could be done about it.
  23. It seemed more recent than that but that's probably just because they annoy me so much.
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