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  1. could try one of these: http://www.ammodrop.co.uk/store/p520/Tippmann_Molle_Tank_pouch_Black.html
  2. me personally would go for a G17 sized one. the one you've posted is rather small and fitting it with the bigger mags will just make it look even smaller
  3. hi all, thought i would give my view on the SRU 3d Printed Glock carbine kit. I've not seen much information around on forums or youtube about it. so i got this from ehobby as it was the cheapest place i could find it. I was going to get it from uk supplier but it was out of stock when i can round to getting it. the whole body is pretty sturdy and doesn't fill cheap / flimsy at all. with it being 3d printer you can see it clearly but it looks like it's been printed on a high quality printer and not a DIY kit at home, also on one of the other info leaflets you get it does advise to keep it out of direct sunlight for long periods of time as it could warp / melt which although i couldn't see any specific information i would guess it was printed in PLA filiment and not ABS but i could be wrong. So they do 2 versions, one for TM and one for WE glocks. They initially state that this will only fit G17 / G18 models although i think it would fit any of the models that are around the same size / same internals. my base gun was a WE g18C, although mine worked, the slide was bad so i replaced it with a WE tech one as per the pictures which then turned out i got send a G35 slide but it fits and works, although i do need to find a new inner barrel for it to work properly. Fitting is straight forward. the instructions they provide is just a single A4 picture of what to keep and what needs changing over etc. when swapping the kit over, you remove the OEM trigger and fit the one provided in the kit as well you don't need to move over the safety catch thats on the bottom front of the lower receiver which has the "serial" number on. Remove the 2 body screws and 2 body pins and then just one pin in the trigger, take it out of the old body and into the new one. tbh other than that jobs done in about 20 mins or so if that. i've fired it a couple times but not yet skirmished it yet. you do have to be careful of the slide hitting you in the face but you shouldn't have an issue with it so much. Con wise, can't really say much at the moment as i haven't been able to fully test it. off the top of my head, it would of been nice if there was a sling mount on the body and even if the rail could be moved further back towards the back of the gun. another thing is that you do notice the stock when it's folded in as it sits above your hand just like the MP9 does and rubs a little Once i get round to finding a new inner barrel for it, i'll probably bring it along to the forum game in april to have a small play
  4. any airsoft shop should be able to do it or point you in the right direction. even the online stores should be able to assist
  5. ah ok.. i guess that must be a minority of people that ruined it for the rest. Mine can use either gas or HPA. when i've had it chrono'd elsewhere it read at under 300fps. but then again i've never adjusted the regulator either and generally never will.. oh well.. if i decide to bring it i'll bring the gas mag with me thanks for confirming
  6. so not having been to the mall for some time i had a look on their website for their rules.. noticed that they now don't allow HPA'd shotguns or shotguns with mag adapters do they still allow HPA rifles?
  7. i've got a vector with a reaper mag (not a drum mag tho) and the recoil kit / torch that i'm looking to get rid off.
  8. unless your dad holds a UKARA Membership or another form of defence then he wouldn't be able to purchase the weapon either.
  9. i've actually ordered one of them so will see how it goes.. from my understanding they have only released about 2 - 3 of the adapters which is a pain. i've asked on their FB page but never had a reply. Bingo Airsoft have their own adapters but probably not cheap once you've got them into the uk..
  10. no bangs this makes me sad but understandable
  11. April 8th
  12. Anyone have one second hand or know where i can get a new one?
  13. it does seem that tactical opticians has stopped trading.. his fb has gone and my previous messages have all changed. the other option which ive just had but for other reasons is laser eye surgery and get rid of the glasses.. not a cheap option tho
  14. Hi all, i'm looking for a G18c slide as mines cracked. if anyone knows where i can get a standard one or even a 2nd hand one that would be great.
  15. with shot show being last week i believe. has anyone heard of anything new thats not gun related coming out? some of the videos i've seen on youtube show all the guns but nothing relating to new gear etc