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  1. it's got to be the way Redwolf are importing the items into the UK via their courier. they must not be declaring it correctly so it just gets flagged up and customs.
  2. yer the angel customs one is the one i'm after over the ICS one. will have to look at getting one from the US at some point
  3. i've seen the tappairsoft ones before and i want to get them, only i can't stand the dual ICS mag and want the single drum mag but will have to import one from the USA
  4. depending on what defence is given. if it's UKARA then you can either try getting in contact with UKARA directly to check or contact your local airsoft shop and ask if they can verify their number. you use to be able to do this manually but since their DB issue this feature isn't available. If they give their site as a defence then it's the same as above in that you would need to contact the site to confirm they play there regularly
  5. ive done a couple of mid week games on my own. it all depends on what sort of person you are and how you interact with others. when i last went it was a pretty quiet night so although i spoke to some during the games i just kept to myself for most of it.
  6. i did enjoy the site when i visited. my main gripe was that there was hardly anything going on inside the buildings. would of been nice for some of the games to be pushed inside a bit more. They did use one of the buildings but ended up having 95% of the action outside and a few people going through the buildings. will be back there at some point to give it another go.
  7. i end up going to different sites all over the place at the moment as i go with @warlord who's based further up north. I've been to The Mall in reading multiple times as you're close to eversley you might want to look at Ambush Adventures "The Billet" site in Aldershot
  8. as mentioned before the biggest issue is getting people to commit on a regular basis. as well as getting enough people to cover the costs of the site. although i live close to eversley i've not played there as it's not my sort of field, which will be another issue for some people. if you could get 2 - 3 sites then you could rotate and hopefully get more people attending
  9. not sure yet. haven't really thought that far ahead. I was told the place i'm doing the training at use Yamaha XJ600's which don't seem to bad from what i can find. I'm not really built for sports bikes so will be looking at more of a cruiser style bike. once i've completed everything i'll go looking and see what i can get on with
  10. i've started recently to watch a couple only as i'll be doing my DAS in a few weeks.
  11. just remember if you are ordering from them directly you will get import / custom charges etc.. if it's wolverine stuff you are looking at, take a look at highpressureairsoft.co.uk their prices aren't too bad and they've just had a lot of stock come in which is where i got my new parts from
  12. for me it depends if i'm using a remote switch or not. if i am using the button on the back of the light then i will have it on the left as i am right handed. if i am using a remote switch it will go on the right so it stays out of the way
  13. do you get any email confirmation still once you've been added? i'm waiting for mine to be actioned but i had to take it into my local shop who said they have to email it over to UKARA to be put on the system.
  14. different sites have different rules on both paper and bfg's so for some sites i'd prefer having one over the other. saying that i've got 3 BFG's but in some scenarios it's harder to get the BFG out and use it over a paper one saying that, don't know where you get your paper pyro for £1.50.. cheapest i've seen them is £2.50 online and normally £3.50 on sites
  15. do you know what type of vest you are after? I've got a standard tac vest that fits on the highest settings. currently i'm wearing a Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig which i have no issues wearing although is not as a firm fit as the vest i have