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  1. do you get any email confirmation still once you've been added? i'm waiting for mine to be actioned but i had to take it into my local shop who said they have to email it over to UKARA to be put on the system.
  2. different sites have different rules on both paper and bfg's so for some sites i'd prefer having one over the other. saying that i've got 3 BFG's but in some scenarios it's harder to get the BFG out and use it over a paper one saying that, don't know where you get your paper pyro for £1.50.. cheapest i've seen them is £2.50 online and normally £3.50 on sites
  3. do you know what type of vest you are after? I've got a standard tac vest that fits on the highest settings. currently i'm wearing a Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig which i have no issues wearing although is not as a firm fit as the vest i have
  4. regarding the "ID" cards, an app that you can call up your details with a bar code or QR code on that the retailers / sites can scan you in with would be better. these days most if not all players would have some form of smart phone capable of doing this in some way or another. although the biggest issue with sites would be the potential lack of internet to actively check players. in some way they would need to be able to scan and hold the details until such time as they have a good internet connection and then make it automatically upload once possible.
  5. are you now going to be standing on a corner flashing the red light and inviting people to come into the room
  6. Dropped the mag...!!! i should charge you for dropping my mags
  7. where in hampshire? Ambush Adventures have a small site in aldershot you've got The Mall in reading
  8. cs? which shop is that for the uninformed?
  9. it would be nice if Odin would release all the adapters tho.. like they said they would when it was first announced..
  10. no problem. i was on the yellow team, can't remember who was the "commander" of it tho
  11. well it looks like im on my own tonight.. my mate has just said he can't make it as he's ill... see you there soon...
  12. i messaged Reaper a couple of weeks ago and still not had a response. would be good to see if you get one.
  13. they were when i was there the other weekend
  14. i would love one but it's finding somewhere in the UK that you could actually use it without any issues
  15. thanks. yer i can see that they are about £20 each