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  1. springs

    WeaponCrates is officially gone

    my understanding is that it was sold and since fallen through, they are now rebuilding their site and it's currently in a closed beta state by the looks of it as you can only get access via an invite. They've also said on their FB page that there won't be any paid listings and it will be free as by the looks of it they seem to have some form of 3rd party backing
  2. springs

    Info about The Mall in Reading?

    they have some rules enforced because of previous players taking advantage. I can't use my HPA'd breacher there because in the past they've had player abuse it so much that they banned it. They do allow hpa rifles / pistols tho.
  3. their banding system could do with a little more work. Most sites use tape thats duck tape / parcel tape thick but Bravo 1 was just some standard electrical tape which could be easily covered up
  4. springs

    New players in Reading

    the last private game that they did at the mall not to long ago was great! wasn't big numbers but enough to have fun and when the turned the lights out and filled the floor up with smoke it made it even better! Another private game would be good! i know it's not the easiest to organise tho
  5. springs

    Travelling with airsoft guns.

    normally if you are travelling with any type of firearms you would need to declare it at the airport and it would need to be in an approved locked case. best option would be to speak to both airports about transporting it.
  6. springs

    Airsoft gun availability in the UK

    it would be nice if they had a notice / disclaimer that if it's out of stock to either process the purchase or contact them and they can get it ordered / shipped within X days. i wouldn't be surprised if some of them are just doing drop shipping
  7. springs

    If Carlsberg made an airsofting site.........

    indoors with lots of routes so bottlenecks are kept to a min. as much realism as possible and what H&S allow. aka if you've got shops then have it "kitted" out to look like a real shop. not just chipboard everywhere. i think there is a site in the UK up north somewhere thats similar that has shops, cars and what not inside.
  8. springs

    Tactical Dad needing advice

    worth noting that most sites will require you to pre-book any rentals before hand. can't remember ever seeing anyone rock up on the day and get one without booking or get one after a weapon has issues and stops them playing
  9. springs

    Who's Going SHOT SHOW Las Vegas ??

    would love to go but i've got to work that week
  10. springs

    New change(new to me)

    my understanding is that if they are over the limits stated then they are classed as firearms. Currently they are still classed as imitation firearms. UKARA is still needed and anyone selling RIF's need to make sure that what they are selling fall under these limits
  11. strange on the price difference as i've just re-checked their site for details and this is what it shows: MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES Standard Membership – £10.00 Includes: UKARA registration Enhanced Membership – £50.00 Includes: Membership Card UKARA registration £5.00 discount on each site visit 10% discount on BB’s, gas, pyro and other consumables GOLD Membership – £90.00 Includes: Membership Card UKARA registration £10.00 discount on each site visit 10% discount on BB’s, gas, pyro and other consumables
  12. they have different membership options with different "rewards" but when i registered it wasn't worth the extra ££ for the rewards they gave
  13. mine is at The Mall in Reading. Paid £10 for the years membership and all that really got my is put on the Ukara DB..
  14. springs


    I've got a 2010 yamaha XJ6
  15. springs

    i need help customizing a Spectre M4 RPD

    the stock adapter you can get on shapeways. this will allow you to fit a M4 buffer tube. if you want a silencer or something else on the front then you need to get the echo 1 threaded outer barrel which as far as i can see is only for sale in america. i've found it on airsoftGI i believe. it's cheap but you'll get stung on shipping.