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    Looking for a MK18 9.5 inch rail preferably DE but black is also fine. Seller must be willing to post item.


  2. Ive seen people use all sorts. Sticks, stones, m4 mags.... just about anything will work. Don't use it to often tho or people will wise up
  3. I guess if you already shoot real steal then you’d hold your airsoft weapons correctly allowing you to do drills and stuff in your house and not have to be at the range all the time.
  4. Nope like I said I’ve been doing it for 5 years and never once had an issue it’s really only for the purchase of the gun.
  5. @Lozart that’s what I meant when I said about the grey area 😂 I just can’t word things as well as rogerborg can.
  6. Not owning them nope. Only at the point of sale there is an age requirement. As others have said be responsible get some kind of gun case / bag for transportation and have a good time.
  7. Now that is a tricky one. I’d say it’s situational if your in a engagement and a teammate hits you intentionally or not your out. If your not actually “in” the gunfight eg it’s a bigger game and your defining a compound and your mate whips out his pistol and shoots u in the nuts id laugh and not take it. If that makes sense.
  8. Every website I’ve ever seen has notices stating you must be 18 to purchase the product. If an under 18 then proceeds to purchase that item after being informed they must be 18 or over they have committed fraud which is a criminal offence. I just say it’s illegal coz it’s quicker than writing that all the time 😂. Your stopped by the police and asked about why your carrying a RIF you just shrug and say why not... that’s not gonna end well for you. It’s a grey area but if you have a RIF it’s always a good idea to have a valid reason as to why you have one. Eg I skirmish on a regular basis.
  9. If you purchased this box you’ve broken the law. If your parent / guardian purchased it your all good. As far as the RIF goes you can use it no problem PROVIDING you use it for skirmishes meaning you have a valid defence for owning it. If your going to plink in the back garden with it you best convert it into a IF with some neon spray paint. Im under 18 and own 3 RIF’s never had an issue I obtained all of them legally and use them responsibly. It’s really nothing to worry about.
  10. I agree very much with George and DrAlexander, this does sound good and something I’d be willing to travel and maybe even practice for. I think the best way too accomplish this is by replicating the games you originally mentioned. As far as your site goes I’d recommend sectioning small parts off because if you play the whole site it will just be an utter mess. Personally I’m totally against the hit system it’s limiting players to a speedsoft style of belt rig and weird lights on them... doesn’t sound great to me. I like the term George used calling it a “mini milsim” and that’s exactly what it is players are probably naturally gonna gravitate towards special forces / swat loadouts which are more suited to cqb then your standard infantrymen. Study a lot of military cqb training videos as well as real missions and see what sort of environment they was in the objectives they had replicate it as best as you can. Experiment I’m sure you’ll soon find the sweet spot.
  11. Very true bbs bounce off 99% of surfaces bullets bounce off 1% however the bullets would penetrate nearly all walls in a cqb environment so having ricochets count may not be the worst thing. Makes it easier to Marshall as well, as a hit is just a hit no questions asked. Adding too my earlier comment I want to touch on grenades. Grenades are going to have to be exactly what they are bang grenades are just that, distraction devices. Pea grenades or bb grenades would be “kill grenades” but that presents another problem. In an competitive environment where the only objective is to win grenades become very overpowered. Chuck one in a window for a 100% kill rate in that room... not very fun or interesting gameplay is it 😂 it would be abused and you’d just end up playing grenade wars. Why would anyone risk exposing themselves to enemy fire when u could just lob a nade? Now there are two ways to get around this inevitable outcome, ban “kill” grenades or make it so they are not always a viable option. For example in a hostage rescue mission when the hostage is in an undisclosed location on the map you can’t just lob a grenade into every building because if you kill the hostage you’ve automatically lost. This would require players too atleast get a visual on the room to verify what subjects are inside it and wether it’s cleared hot for a “kill” nade. As well as this in a bomb refusal game the grenade could detonate the bomb resulting in a loss. For the best realistic environment you have to give the players the most options too them but you have to subconsciously condition them to play a certain way. Place heavy emphasis on the importance of staying alive this forces a player to work more tactically as they want to survive but also want to win the objective. I would say 5 should be enough place them in important parts of the game zone so they see the most action as well place heavy consequences for any player / team caught cheating to encourage fair play.
  12. Hmm okay, so you want tactics and realism in small 5v5 games. The first issue is that it’s 5v5, minimal players results in intense, fast and over in two seconds kinda engagements regardless of playing tactical or not. As for game modes you cannot have both teams on the offensive, one team needs to be the clear defenders (or objective holders eg. Flag holders or hostage takers) and the other the attackers (this could be swapped so each team gets a turn). This promotes slower gameplay and teamwork allowing attack and defence plans can be conversed over and executed. Maps would have to follow closely to the ones of the games you mentioned, they need a main building or compound with a small amount of “street” or woodland surrounding to allow the attackers to make a dynamic entry (tactical af I know) having an alleyway approach like in cod soon gets stale and very speedsoft like. I don’t see the need for the hit detectors or the load out rules, just a good marshalling team and a sort of milsim style of load out rules eg real cap mags and so on.
  13. Agreed, alot of the time your "upgrade" can make your gun perform worse or potentially mess it all up (I've learnt the hard way). With a nice healthy budget like that most guns in the price range are going too be cracking bits of kit as well as plenty of reviews online to help you chose but the Tokyo Marui is defiantly a solid choice.
  14. Looks like I’ll be getting a couple titans then 😂
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