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  1. They’re in there nice and tight, good solid click when engaged and will not wiggle free. As for ammo I’m using zeroone bio 0.25, sadly I’ve got nothing else laying around to test with.
  2. Hi guys sorry to make this post I’ve read through all old posts that I can find but none resolve my issue. My cm16 raider feeds and functions fine using the standard G&g hi cap however I’m looking to use mid caps from now on. I’m using a pro win hop up chamber and a prommy purple bucking and nub as well as this a nuprol air nozzle. I first tried using a ares amoeba mag (140 round) it fit lose and fed horribly if at all, I figured it was the mag so then tried a G&g gr16 mid cap fed slightly better but still unusable for a skirmish. Puzzled I decided to look in my parts bin and dig out an old generic metal hop up unit and a generic soft black bucking and nub I tried with that and same issues I even tried using the pro win with the black bucking etc. As far as I can tell there is a good seal being made between the air nozzle and bucking on all setups, the only way I could get the gun to feed consistently is with the gun turned upside down for some reason, which is leading me to believe possibility mag spring tension has something to do here? I read on some other posts that cm16’s have a reputation for being bad with mid caps so that might be at play as well. Ive also tried the ol give it a wiggle and push forward and back and jam a spacer in the magwell and it was to no prevail. Any help is appreciated. cheers
  3. Hello everyone, Unfortunately for me earlier today my cm16 combat machine outer barrel decided to detach itself from my receiver, during this incident I managed to lose the copper ring that sits in the m4 hop-up chamber to prevent the barrel from moving as well as this I lost the screw from the front of my Pro-Win hop-up unit that pushes the unit up against the gearbox. Does anybody know where I can purchase these individual parts or have any laying about they are willing to sell to me? Cheers Callum.
  4. The E2 is a different design it has a paddle safety on it (you must depress the paddle in order to prime the grenade). Not to sure why you would want one either but I do know they are designed for law enforcement.
  5. I've almost always had a pair of surplus boots, you can get em for about £30 they are sturdy as hell I've never had a pair break I've only grown out of them and had to get a size up.
  6. I'd send it back at least that way your safe as even an easy to fix problem can become tricky and costly.
  7. Hello, When you insert the mag does it make a positive click? When you push it do you push it up and tilt the bottom of the mag forward (toward barrel) or the bottom of the mag backwards (toward you)? Separate your upper and lower receiver and remove barrel and hop. Is there a spring that is attached to the hop unit at all? And finally did this problem occur out of the blue or was it after you messed with anything? Just to clarify I'm no expert I just went through trying to sort feeding issues of my own so have tried about everything in the book and to directly answer your question no a new hop unit probably wont fix your problem but only make it worse (I found out the hard way).
  8. I'd go with a good camera for your head/shoulder POV and a cheaper maybe GoPro hero for your gun cam don't cheep out on your camera as you will instantly regret it and the footage will disappoint you. Your best bet is to save to get both cameras. I can speak from my own experience that a normal play style comes across as very boring in the footage. If you watch popular airsoft you tubers there always in the thick of it rushing and getting "clips" if you will. You will die a lot but the times you survive will result in good footage that's perfect for your video. Another thing is you need plenty of batteries and storage devices you will be recording 1080p at 60fps or 4k for around 4 hours each game day = ALOT of Data you need to store so get ready to stock up on 64GB SD cards and batteries/power packs. I personally gave up trying to make videos as it took the fun out of playing as you become more worried about the footage than actually enjoying yourself. I just use my cameras for dirt biking now to catch ma sick wheelies (I mostly have a good collection of me crashing into things tho )
  9. Okay so I've experimented. Just made my own little shim for my hop unit and installed it and bammm it worked. Well at least until it jammed 15 rounds or so in so at that point I took out the hop to find the bb jammed like this... BB is caught on folded rubber (I'm assuming this will mean new bucking on ma shopping list) Yes, yes I did. Kinda learnt now why the design is crappy but they will do for now.
  10. That’s sounds like it may be the root of the issue. I’m still running the stock g&g bushings which protrude into the gearbox about 0.5 mm my shin job is decent but as you say just coz the gears are sitting and meshing happy doesn’t mean the tappet is. I shall take a look tonight and return with an update thanks for the help.
  11. First off I'm sorry for making this topic as I'm sure you have all seen and answered similar questions a thousand times before, but after a forum search I couldn't find anything that gave me enough of an answer to be confident in diagnosing the problem. As some of you may remember a couple weeks ago I had issues with my v2 gearbox not functioning. That's all fixed and the gearbox works fine now but I'm getting horrid feeding issues. Some bb's will fire fine others double feed some dribble out the end and at points the gun just jams. I have a feeling this problem is originating from one of two places. One being the gearbox mods I did which are as follows: nuprol 16:1 gears, nuprol hs motor, zci cylinder head, nuprol air nozzle. I have a sneaky suspicion that this new setup is causing the nozzle timing to go out the window but because of the hideous design of the nuprol gear set it will not accommodate a delay chip. The second being the hop. After inspection of the now 4 year old unit I noticed a tear in my hop rubber right on the nub and thought that must be the problem so being on a tight budget I decided to shave the nub and line thingy off and do a flat hop as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbK167v_8Pg Now to my surprise I did a pretty solid job here and the new hop setup had a perfect straight line of rubber exposed when the hop up was applied. Great not only did I fix my problem but got a cheeky diy upgrade at the same time.... Nope ran the gun with the new hop setup and was just the same as before some fired fine some double feeds some dribbles and some jams. Here is where it gets really weird you would assume this means that the gearbox is the issue but in my frustration to find a fix before running here for help I decided to run the gun without the hop rubber (just barrel clipped into hop unit) and the gun ran as smooth as a whistle firing a 300 round high cap with no miss feeds, obviously the bb's where only going 30 feet or so due to no hop but they were consistent in there flight. When the gun did jam the jammed bb came out looking like this: The black mark is what appears to be a light scratch with a black discolouration. So at this point I'm so lost and with a limited budget don't want to waste what little money I have spare on parts I don't need. Thanks in advance for any help, Cheers Callum
  12. Definitely sounds like trigger spring. I had the exact same problem my trigger spring snapped. In full auto the gun functioned fine but semi I had to manually pull the trigger forward as it was not resetting. Needless to say there is a certain frustrated feeling one gets when you have to spend £7 in my case for a single spring but o well
  13. In my experience mate a lot of people including me rarely aim down sights /optics properly while using an AEG at medium / longish ranges. Primarily because a lot of us don't have our optics zeroed properly or are guns are simply not accurate enough to aim and fire a single shot for a hit, instead I often just keep both eyes open with my rifle shouldered and fire watch the bb fly then adjust to hit the target without looking down a sight. I assume it would be possible for you to do the same with your rifle in your dominant hand and let your left eye trace the bb through the air then adjust your aim accordingly. The only time I can see you having a real problem would be if u want a DMR or sniper rifle that requires you to use a magnified optic to make full use of the rifle, but its your first gun i'd say an AEG is the way to go.
  14. Just to alert you mate you will pay a lot a lot extra to fully overhaul your gun than you would to buy a high end gun. I have a cm16 just like you and I’ve just poured £150 odd into it on gearbox internals and I still have a titan mosfet on the shopping list and that’s just looking at the gearbox. Without looking at the hop and barrel or all external work I want to do. It depends what you want, I know what I want and I’m willing to spend anything to get it but if you just want a better performing gun with nice externals you may be better just buying a high end gun. I’d recommend going onto websites finding all the parts you want for your gun in the long run and seeing how much it will cost you will be supprised and may decide a whole new gun is a more wallet friendly option.
  15. Callum Hornsby

    Sale of RIF

    Legally speaking he only needs a defence for the RIF the fact he has previously had a UKARA and has instagram post of him playing shows he is an airsofter. At the end of the day tho if your not happy don’t sell better safe than sorry.
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