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    Selling this as I never got round to going to an outdoor site to use it. Only been used in my back garden to test, it has never been skirmished. I upgraded the following: Action Army Silver Streak 6.03mm Match Tightbore Precision Inner Barrel Action Army VSR Rifle Replacement Hop Unit - CNC Aluminium Action Army Sniper Barrel Spacers Action Army VSR Scope Rail With the hop off I get 390 FPS on 0.25g BB. It has a few tiny scratches on it, they are so small they don't come up in pictures. Comes with Silencer adaptor, Maple Leaf bucking (never got time to install it), 4 mags and CVLIFE 3-9x40 Air Rifle Gun Optics Sniper Hunting Scope Sight. Will come well packaged. £165 delivered.


    BLACKBURN, Lancashire - GB

  2. Yes, it was on my to-do list but I'm selling it now. I don't go to any outdoor sites anymore so have to part ways Testing it in my back garden sure felt good though!
  3. Got it thanks Chronoed it to make sure its all nice and tight. I got 345 FPS on 0.25g BB (390 FPS with hop off). Is that about right for a stock JG Bar 10 with an action army hop up chamber?
  4. Thanks guys I haven't screwed it all in and aligned it just like madmogga said. The cylinder wasn't going all the way in bcan'tse of a white plastic washer, not sure where this goes though 🤨 Edit: put it all back together and its firing, cant help but wonder where that white plastic washer is supposed to go though
  5. Decided to take my JG Bar 10 down to clean it. When putting it all back together I can't align this screw: I've tried screwing both parts in from different start positions but it won't align, it will if I don't screw it all the way in so its tight but then the piston doesn't slide in fully. Please help.
  6. Did some accuracy and range testing today. My target is a meta pipe about the length of a torso and I placed it at around 130 feet. Out of 10 shots 5 would hit the target. The odd one or two were widely off target an the rest were probably due to me being a noob at sniping. I wasn't proned, I was just holding the sniper stood up and aiming down the scope. The scope seems to be zeroed in already obviously the BBs don't hit at the center of the crosshairs but this is Airsoft not Battlefield 4. Had an issue where the bolt wouldn't lock back into place. Taking it apart it's the pin that keeps slipping down, is there a fix for this? Also what could be causing some shots to go widely of target? Could it be no bbs are too light at 0.3g?
  7. Managed to do some test shots this morning. Using .25g BBs and they fly out straight as an arrow! They go so far that I can't actually see the drop Will be getting some 0.3g and 0.32g BBs soon and will use them to test accuracy and zeroin my scope.
  8. All upgrade parts are in apart from the concave nub which is still in the post. Wasn't too difficult to upgrade using that YouTube video. So FPS has gone up from 330 to 385 which is great. Not sure of accuracy and range as it got dark and I'm using 0.25g bbs. Since my FPS is sub 400 what weight BBs should I use?
  9. Decided to get the parts from a UK based retailer instead. They don't do the two hop rubbers I've sown here but have the Action Army one instead. Im sure I'll get similar results with this one. Also the barrel is an Action Army "silver streak" one, I'm assuming it's the same thing?
  10. Oh yeah I'm getting a whole new unit doh!
  11. Thinking of getting a dangerwax or Airsoft Pro hop lever too
  12. Finally decided on these upgrades. Note I'm not going to increase the FPS just yet, going to try the sniper out in the field with these upgrades. If I like it then I'll go and increase the FPS and relevant parts for that.
  13. I can't find any information on the biro mod
  14. Decided to try fixing it again today, all I did was losen the Alan key screws on the body and it works flawlessly! My next issue is I can't really see a difference between having the hop on or off. Does it need bedding or is there something else I need to check.
  15. I'll dissmantle it and put it together again, but cant see anything obvious. I got the JG bevcasue alot of reviews said they buiild quality is actually pretty good.
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