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  3. Sorry, no. I'd rather sell it as one package. I apologise for the inconvenience.
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  6. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: G36c Accessories: Various (See below) Condition: Used but good, accessories with slight issues FPS: 280 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Yes/Yes Price/Payment: £160 Posted Pictures: Imgur link Selling my old G36c. Internally, it's fine, not too long ago had a Madbull hop rubber fitted. Previous owner had Large Tamiya connector fitted, Large-small adapter is currently fitted. Externally, it has a STAR/ARES dual-optic carry handle, a G36KV folding stock and a First Factory foregrip. The red dot works, but does not center. The FF foregrip has cracks around the locking pin holes, and the pin is missing its o-ring. A rubber grommet currently holds this in place. Included are the following accessories: 2 Marui locaps. One with painted fake ammo. 1 STAR midcap. 1 Marui hicap. This has a broken locking lug. This was attached to the STAR midcap, which has a different angle on the lugs. 1600maH battery. Works fine. Hornbill large battery foregrip - to replace the First Factory one. G&P locking pin - to replace the stock one if needed. Battle Axe STANAG magwell. Endcap with sling loop. Looking for £160 all in, would prefer straight sale as I'm saving for a new gun. Thanks for looking.
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  13. In my experience, it's not the Bolle goggles that are expensive - it's the lenses that you get made to fit the insert they include. My last pair was £35 for the goggles, and £70 for the insert lenses from Vision Express. My newest pair is £35/£65 respectively. Still, they do the job nicely.
  14. Make: G&G Gun/Model: PDW99 (P90) Accessories: Viper Mag Pouch Condition: Good FPS: 325 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Yes/Yes Price/Payment: £270 posted Pictures: See below. Selling my P90. This has only been skirmished once, comes boxed with all manuals and accessories. The gun has no mechanical issues, and works fine. I should point out that the magazine feed catch on the gun needs extending if you're going to use mags designed for the Marui P90s. The built-in green dot sight had a loose battery contact on the door. This was glued in place and works fine now. The laser works okay, but might need centering. I'm also throwing in a Viper P90 magazine pouch. I'm looking for about £270 inc postage for this gun, but I'd really like to attempt partex towards a Marui SGR12 if anyone's interested. I also have an old Marui G36 and a Warrior L96 that I'm trying to sell if anyone wants a bundle for the SGR12. I can arrange face-to-face in the Edinburgh-Falkirk-Glasgow areas on a Sunday or Monday if interested. UKARA or other proof of exemption required, two-tone not available. Thanks for looking.
  15. Had a strange dream where I was at what looked like a comic convention at Braehead Arena, but the vendors were all selling new and used RIFs. Instead of celebrity signings, they had manufacturers showing off their "coming soon" stuff. Wishful thinking I suppose.