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  3. In my experience, it's not the Bolle goggles that are expensive - it's the lenses that you get made to fit the insert they include. My last pair was £35 for the goggles, and £70 for the insert lenses from Vision Express. My newest pair is £35/£65 respectively. Still, they do the job nicely.
  4. Sure thing - forum won't let me post more than 19 meg worth, so I put them all on an imgur link, hope that's okay. https://imgur.com/a/sbRiy
  5. Make: Warrior Gun/Model: L96 Accessories: Bipod (faulty), scope, 2 mags and gun bag Condition: Good FPS: 460-470 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/Maybe Price/Payment: £100 posted Pictures: Selling my Warrior L96. This has been previously owned but unused by me, except for the scope which went on my MP5 for a few games. The gun fires about 460-470. Used to be a little over 520, I got the spring snipped before the new laws came in. Shoots straight, but the scope may need rezeroing. Bipod has one faulty thread which has tape on it to keep grip on the leg, you can see this in the picture. Gun case is real, toggles on the zips are broken but still work. Looking for About £100 posted, can do face to face in the Edinburgh-Falkirk-Glasgow area on a Sunday or Monday. Not really looking for trades or partex, trying to raise funds and space towards a SGR12. If possible, I will consider partex of this and any of my other guns on sale with money towards a SGR12. Thanks for looking.
  6. Make: G&G Gun/Model: PDW99 (P90) Accessories: Viper Mag Pouch Condition: Good FPS: 325 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Yes/Yes Price/Payment: £270 posted Pictures: See below. Selling my P90. This has only been skirmished once, comes boxed with all manuals and accessories. The gun has no mechanical issues, and works fine. I should point out that the magazine feed catch on the gun needs extending if you're going to use mags designed for the Marui P90s. The built-in green dot sight had a loose battery contact on the door. This was glued in place and works fine now. The laser works okay, but might need centering. I'm also throwing in a Viper P90 magazine pouch. I'm looking for about £270 inc postage for this gun, but I'd really like to attempt partex towards a Marui SGR12 if anyone's interested. I also have an old Marui G36 and a Warrior L96 that I'm trying to sell if anyone wants a bundle for the SGR12. I can arrange face-to-face in the Edinburgh-Falkirk-Glasgow areas on a Sunday or Monday if interested. UKARA or other proof of exemption required, two-tone not available. Thanks for looking.
  7. Had a strange dream where I was at what looked like a comic convention at Braehead Arena, but the vendors were all selling new and used RIFs. Instead of celebrity signings, they had manufacturers showing off their "coming soon" stuff. Wishful thinking I suppose.
  8. Drop to £190 posted, open to trade/partex offers. Mainly interested in smaller subguns or similar.
  9. Yeah, I went by the book description of black fatigues and camo-cloak. Cut a Flecktarn poncho down the middle for a cloak, since it blends in well at S8. Got some Helikon BDUs and a Viper Special Ops vest for a flak vest, mainly for the shoulderpads to look like Guardsman armour. Used a DA58 for a lasgun and a G18c for an autopistol. Turned out pretty well, IMHO. Here's a pic that was on the S8 Facebook page - can't really see the outfit, but it's the only pic I have.
  10. Hi guys, Just realised I hadn't introduced myself before posting on the sales - that was quite rude of me. Been playing a while now, was a member of the now-gone UKAN, ASCUK and Airsofters forums. Hope I can contribute a little to these forums with my posts as well. Thanks for having me.
  11. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: G36c Accessories: See below Condition: Working, some cosmetic issues (see below) FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Yes/Offers Price/Payment: £200 posted Pictures: See below I'm selling an old TM G36c. This has been pretty much unused since I got it, other than a few plinks and testing at my local site. The gun has attached a First Factory large battery foregrip, an ARES/Star dual-optic carry handle, and the longer KE stock. A Madbull hop rubber has been installed. There are a few issues with this gun, but AFAIK, they're mostly cosmetic. I had my local Airsoft shop give it a checkup to make sure it was in working order. - The previous owner replaced the Tamiya Small battery connector with a Tamiya Large connector. A Large to Small adaptor is included. - The red dot on the carry handle will not center - from what I was told, it's a common fault. - The TM locking pin for the foregrip is missing an O-ring, and is currently held on by a rubber grommet (see pic above). A G&P springloaded locking pin is included as replacement. - The foregrip has cracks from use (see above). A replacement is included. - The TM hicap is missing a locking lug. This was broken when attached to the STAR magazine, as it has a slightly different angle. I am also adding in all parts that I either got with the gun, or have bought over time. - Large battery foregrip (to replace damaged one on gun) - G&P locking pin (to replace one on gun) - 2x Marui Locaps (1 with painted fake rounds) - 1x Marui Hicap - 1x STAR Midcap - 1x Battery - Marui G36c Manual - STANAG Magwell - Tactical Endcap (replaces stock, not pictured) I'm asking £200 posted, but I'm also interested in trades or part-ex towards another gun.. Ideally, I'd like to part-ex this towards a G&G Gen2 Viper, but I realise that's asking a bit much. I cannot two-tone, so UKARA or similar proof of VCRA defense/exemption will be required. Thanks for looking.