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  1. Had a strange dream where I was at what looked like a comic convention at Braehead Arena, but the vendors were all selling new and used RIFs. Instead of celebrity signings, they had manufacturers showing off their "coming soon" stuff. Wishful thinking I suppose.
  2. Drop to £190 posted, open to trade/partex offers. Mainly interested in smaller subguns or similar.
  3. Yeah, I went by the book description of black fatigues and camo-cloak. Cut a Flecktarn poncho down the middle for a cloak, since it blends in well at S8. Got some Helikon BDUs and a Viper Special Ops vest for a flak vest, mainly for the shoulderpads to look like Guardsman armour. Used a DA58 for a lasgun and a G18c for an autopistol. Turned out pretty well, IMHO. Here's a pic that was on the S8 Facebook page - can't really see the outfit, but it's the only pic I have.
  4. Hi guys, Just realised I hadn't introduced myself before posting on the sales - that was quite rude of me. Been playing a while now, was a member of the now-gone UKAN, ASCUK and Airsofters forums. Hope I can contribute a little to these forums with my posts as well. Thanks for having me.
  5. Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: G36c Accessories: See below Condition: Working, some cosmetic issues (see below) FPS: Stock Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Yes/Offers Price/Payment: £200 posted Pictures: See below I'm selling an old TM G36c. This has been pretty much unused since I got it, other than a few plinks and testing at my local site. The gun has attached a First Factory large battery foregrip, an ARES/Star dual-optic carry handle, and the longer KE stock. A Madbull hop rubber has been installed. There are a few issues with this gun, but AFAIK, they're mostly cosmetic. I had my local Airsoft shop give it a checkup to make sure it was in working order. - The previous owner replaced the Tamiya Small battery connector with a Tamiya Large connector. A Large to Small adaptor is included. - The red dot on the carry handle will not center - from what I was told, it's a common fault. - The TM locking pin for the foregrip is missing an O-ring, and is currently held on by a rubber grommet (see pic above). A G&P springloaded locking pin is included as replacement. - The foregrip has cracks from use (see above). A replacement is included. - The TM hicap is missing a locking lug. This was broken when attached to the STAR magazine, as it has a slightly different angle. I am also adding in all parts that I either got with the gun, or have bought over time. - Large battery foregrip (to replace damaged one on gun) - G&P locking pin (to replace one on gun) - 2x Marui Locaps (1 with painted fake rounds) - 1x Marui Hicap - 1x STAR Midcap - 1x Battery - Marui G36c Manual - STANAG Magwell - Tactical Endcap (replaces stock, not pictured) I'm asking £200 posted, but I'm also interested in trades or part-ex towards another gun.. Ideally, I'd like to part-ex this towards a G&G Gen2 Viper, but I realise that's asking a bit much. I cannot two-tone, so UKARA or similar proof of VCRA defense/exemption will be required. Thanks for looking.