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    Tanith Ghost Loadout (Black fatigues and Viper vest and belt, DA58 and customised Flectarn poncho)
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    Looking for a solid stock for a Cyma 870. I have the standard length, folding stock model and am looking for the original-style stock for options. I'd need all mounting screws etc also. Thanks for looking.


  2. I bought mine for various guns from games and movies I wanted, or as close as I could get. G&G TR16 Short - Bought for a Halloween Game costume from Fallout New Vegas. Now upgraded into an "All-American" homage. CA SA58 - Based my black loadout on Tanith Ghosts, it looked like a good lasgun analog. G&G P90 (now sold) - Halloween again, went as Chief Tyrol from BSG. G&G TR4 Viper - MGS Patriot homage. Used a G&P frontend. TM SGR12 - "Abomination" from Monster Hunter novels.
  3. Same thing happened a couple of years ago at section 8. New guy got out of a taxi at the gate and walked up with a rifle slung to his back. Presumably waited on/got in the taxi with it uncovered too. Worst bit was there was a good few of the Glasgow ARU playing that day. Don't know if he was banned, but the marshals and site staff were pissed.
  4. Depends on the loadout. My green gear has a Blackhawk vest with a cross-draw holster. Fits most of my pistols up to the Beretta and the AW HX2002. My black gear has a Viper molle belt with one of their adjustable holsters. Fits near anything except the DL-44. Occasionally I'll add the black belt to the green gear and pack two pistols for the hell of it, usually if I know there's an assault game on that day.
  5. Hi guys, it seems I only really post if I'm having issues, sorry about that. I bought a G&G M4 Viper a few weeks ago, intending to install a G&P Patriot front end and make something partially resembling a MGS3 Patriot. The problem is, I have no idea how the front RIS is meant to come off. I've looked around online, but there's no disassembly guides for the Viper or the Cannon (Which IIRC uses the same rail system). Anyone modded one of these before who can help? Thanks for your time.
  6. Thanks. I've tried my Nuprol batteries in other guns with the same result. At this point, I think I should try and get another brand. Can anyone recommend a battery that will fit the SGR?
  7. Definately this, I love the look of the P7. If money was really no object though, I wonder if I could convince WE or somebody to make it their next release...
  8. Hi guys, I had a game a couple of weeks ago where I brought my new SGR12. Given the limited battery space, I bought two Nuprol 1100mAH Lipos, and charged them with a Nuprol charger. The thing is, I barely made it through the warmup, as the battery ran out of charge about 2/3 of the way though a drum. I saved the other battery for the last game, and it ran out about the same time. The charger instructions said that the lights on it would go green when charging is complete, which was less than an hour. This doesn't sound right, as it's a 800mA charger. Is it a hardware issue, or have I bought the wrong battery? Thanks for the help.
  9. I usually go through 1 bottle or just under, but I usually don't default to full auto. Went through a bottle and a half last time I played. Would have been more, but the DA58 battery went flat. Just got a SGR12, so I might be using a lot more next game.😀
  10. Hi guys, didn't know if this was the right place for this, it's a gas gun but not a GBB. A few years back, I bought a Tanaka M500 10.5 inch on impulse. I haven't used it since first getting it. I was thinking of using this in a "pistols only" game, but want to upgrade the inner barrel for better range. The gun has what looks like a 4 inch inner barrel, and I was thinking of putting in a 8 or 10 inch tightbore. Does anyone know what barrels are compatible with a Tanaka revolver, or perhaps other upgrades? I couldn't find many Tanaka mods. Are there guides to pulling a M500 apart? I couldn't find much on the subject. Thanks for the help.
  11. I use a Helikon jacket and trousers for both my loadouts. Very comfortable and it holds up in any weather. Affordable too. I definately think they're worth a look.
  12. In my experience, it's not the Bolle goggles that are expensive - it's the lenses that you get made to fit the insert they include. My last pair was £35 for the goggles, and £70 for the insert lenses from Vision Express. My newest pair is £35/£65 respectively. Still, they do the job nicely.
  13. Had a strange dream where I was at what looked like a comic convention at Braehead Arena, but the vendors were all selling new and used RIFs. Instead of celebrity signings, they had manufacturers showing off their "coming soon" stuff. Wishful thinking I suppose.
  14. Yeah, I went by the book description of black fatigues and camo-cloak. Cut a Flecktarn poncho down the middle for a cloak, since it blends in well at S8. Got some Helikon BDUs and a Viper Special Ops vest for a flak vest, mainly for the shoulderpads to look like Guardsman armour. Used a DA58 for a lasgun and a G18c for an autopistol. Turned out pretty well, IMHO. Here's a pic that was on the S8 Facebook page - can't really see the outfit, but it's the only pic I have.
  15. Hi guys, Just realised I hadn't introduced myself before posting on the sales - that was quite rude of me. Been playing a while now, was a member of the now-gone UKAN, ASCUK and Airsofters forums. Hope I can contribute a little to these forums with my posts as well. Thanks for having me.
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