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  1. I might get chance to. It's quicker just to message me and sort it there Mr B
  2. Ours are cheaper too at £110 posted out. Plus we now have versions with mesh lenses and front plates to help with fogging issues.
  3. There are a couple in the North East. NSC, Ntac and a fairly new indoor site at Middlesbrough. I know the Middlesbrough one does mid week games but think it's usually a Wednesday.
  4. I assume for that budget you're looking for a pps or G&G
  5. chrisjohn.hobbs Just need to remember how to upload now....christ I feel old
  6. I think I have an instagram account....just can't remember it
  7. If there is something you are after drop me a PM . I run GearTech which is part of the Airshooters group.
  8. Do you mean a clone of tge VFC model? If so I can't really say as I haven't seen the VFC version. I do think someone did a review of the 2 makes though. Can't remember if it was on youtube or just a photo review online.
  9. Lots of new Specna Arms models due in this week. More models due in the week after. Give me a shout if any catch your eye.