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  1. Just to add, it's only the recievers that are polymer. The front ends are all metal .
  2. We are the UK distributors for Specna along with Airshooters. We have been supplying the CORE range to a lot of sites that are slowly replacing their existing hire guns with them. That to us speaks volumes for the quality and reliability. Some of the prices on certain models seem a little high and are up there with all metal versions but the most popular models offer trouble free airsofting at an affordable price.
  3. KWC Luger is a gorgeous bit of kit. Nice and smooth. Lovely shooters. Wish I'd kept one.
  4. Still available?
  5. Lol. The customer laud down the idea. Government issue grenade launcher that has found its way into the hands of a Sacario. He's then painted it. On one side it says "Do unto others" and on the other the cartel he was affiliated with. Whole thing heavily weathered
  6. Just drop me a message
  7. It's a Specna Arms model we had in.
  8. Many thanks
  9. Another custom helmet finished in the popular worn tan with red stripe.
  10. G&P based on pics of the SAS during the first Gulf War.
  11. I'll be sure to give you a shout lol. To be honest I get that many enquiries from the States I could probably start up over there.
  12. G&P based on pics of the SAS during the first Gulf War.
  13. The matching Halo rifle to the pistol.