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  1. Many thanks. It has had quite a response.
  2. ASG M15 Commission
  3. How much would it be to AOR2 one of these?



    1. GearTech


      Hi. For that scheme on that piece £60.

    2. Sacarathe


      Thanks for that, I'll seriously consider it if I get one.

  4. Tiger stripe in blacks and greys would look pretty cool.
  5. If you use enough coats of clear laqure it should. Ideally it needs finishing in 2k laqure to give it a really tough finish.
  6. Cheers. I need to see if there is a Black Multicam Hydro dip film which would make life easier. Painting it on is so-so. The AA12 are awesome pieces to work on as the strip right down and are lovely big slabs of flat plastic.
  7. Small pots of enamels give you a better range of colours and are cheaper but they do take more time through an airbrush than a rattle can. You could visit your local body spray suppliers and ask if they can make up a litre of colour if its one you are going to use a lot of.