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Hi guys, 


New to this forum and after around 5-6 years out alot has changed, used to come with my brother and my dad as a team but slowly my dad is now unable to come as often and same with my brother so is there any sites to join people (teams around the Derbyshire area) want to get back into it and go different places in UK. 


Good to be back

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Hi bud and welcome back.👍


It's a shame that your pa and bro have tapered off.Its great to make it a family thing.


Yeah a lot has changed but the principal is the same. Throw plastic balls at people and run! 🙂


Enjoy your return and good luck with finding some more battle buddies 😉




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  • Head Moderator

Welcome :).

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Thanks guys! 

Yeah was great to make it a family/team thing but I'm sure I'll find new fwiends haha. 


I'm usually phoenix in Nottinghamshire but looking at going to HQ Airsoft, patrolbase proven grounds, also thinking maybe next year to do the AI event and Davy island ?



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